Bruce Lee

There was something ineVitable about Bruce Lee’s iconic status. Born in both the hour and the year of the dragon on 27 November 1940, Lee made his cinema debut aged three months and had featured in twenty Cantonese mowes by the age of eighteen. Soon after his move to the USA, kids all over the world were mimicking the One Inch Punch and the Way Of The lntercepting Fist. His mysterious death aged 33 brought him the legendary status he craved in life. And then along came his son Brandon, also born in the year of the dragon (1965) and also fated to meet his maker on a film set, sending conspiracy theorists Wild. Which goes to show that it’s not just the Kennedys over whom some strange celebrity curse hangs.

Bruce Lee Weekend on Channe/ 4 starts Sat 27 Aug, 70pm.

Croc 2

The cheeky, one-toothed grin of everyone’s tav0urite crocodile is back. This time the young reptilian wl'iipper-snapper is searching the magical 3D land of the Gobbos for his long-lost parents, encountering evrl pirates, WICde squid and the infamous EViI Baron Dante along the way. Cute characters, cartoon graphics and great gameplay gained the first title sales of one million units and Croc 2 could very well exceed that. A cracking little game for kids and adults alike. Snap it up now.

C roc‘ 2 on PlayStation is released by Fox Interactive, Fri 20 Aug, [39.99.


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