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Dillons Author Events

TUE 24/8 7pm WED


Scott Capurro Fowl Play Unveiling his first novel at The Polo Lounge in

his only Glasgow date this year Tickets free fmm Dilltms

Lynn Truss Going Loco “The funniest novel you could ever hope to read about cloning. alter egos and ...ABBA"

7pm Tickets free. wine served WED Trevor Bayliss Clock This The inventor of the clockwork radio presents an interactive evening and tells of his invention's 7pm worldwide success.

Tickets free, wine served WED


7pm THU



Sandy Toksvig Whistling For The Elephants Comedian. presenter, writer and general household

name discusses her wonderful first novel. Tickets free. wine served

jake Arnott The Long Firm Nicholas Blincoe The Dope Priest

Sharp and cool crime fiction from two of Britain's brightest young novelists.

Tickets free. wine served

Dillons The Bookstore

l74—l 76 Argyle Street Glasgow '5‘ 0|4| 248 48|4


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Scottish Crime Evening

Whoever first said that crime doesn’t pay must have been regularly dipping into Sherlock Holmes' snuff box. The writing of crime has come a long way from the days of Conan Doyle through to Agatha Christie, when there was some warped honour in clubbing someone with a candlestick or setting the hounds onto some poor unfortunate. Grit and psychology have replaced nailing the dastardly deed on the butler and, as Waterstone's event at The Tron Will show, Scottish novelists are at the forefront of the genre. Radio Scotland’s Brian Morton Will chair a debate With Denise Mina, Val McDermid, Douglas Lindsay, Joyce Holms and Christopher Brookmyre. Scottish Crime Evening is at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 23 Aug, 7pm.

The Vengaboys

With their catchy refrains, The Vengaboys have highlighted the homogenous nature of modern Western society by subtly re-working a formulaic sequence of notes. NOW, The Vengas return With ’We’re Going To Ibiza’, archly pointing out the ubiquity of commercial dance music by subverting that very medium. Not since the days of The KLF have the charts been graced by such thought-provoking anarcho-art terrorists. What is the secret of The Vengaboys' success?

We make party music, and people all over the world love to party! We don't really care so much about Number is and stuff, we are into havmg funll

Do you have any input into the songs?

No, our producers deal with all of that. We sing and dance! We Just get to party around the world!! What can we expect on the new album?

We can’t really say. We Will give you one clue: it Will be the Vengasound! The party sound!!

The Vengaboys’ new single ’We’re Going To Ibiza’ is released by Positi‘va on Mon 30 Aug.