Date: Fri 13 Aug Place: The Variety Bar, Glasgow

we saw

Snapshots of City life


Name: Charlie. Name: Gordon. Name: lain.

Occupation: Photographer. Occupation: Musroan. Occupation: Owner of Cake Clothes Shop. What's your superstition? Salutrng What’s your superstition? Putting shoes What’s your superstition? Looking for magpres. on a table. ladders to walk under.

Name: EVG- Name: Michael Name: Maria. occupatiom Wd'I'Y’SS Occupation: I work Ill the land of dark sorts. Occupation: Artist. What's VOW SUPGVStitiON? BUUOIIS- What's your superstition? Drinking beer What’s your superstition? Banshees.

wrth strangers

Name: Iain Name; Kent Name: D.

Occupation: Sales assistant Occupation: Chefs Occupation: Photographer.

What's your superstition? Walking What's your superstition? Superstitions What's your SUPGYStitiO"? Don't DUI Wider ladders are for old men and hippies. umbrellas Up In the house, don't DUI

shoes on the table


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EDITORIAL: Assistant Editors Snow- 8a'11, £3! a" I)<:"a ::s::'\ $.11»? v :10', Mama" H: (3 Research lit-rm" Monaoiran, Keliy Amer, Abigail B'Orrzner, Pippa \‘t’right, Loom Pmer SALES AND MARKETING: Director Sa ‘. 3’)" Sales Executives 5m gal 8_.'(;t'33, ("w stonWr F": as Sales and Marketing Executive Amanda Mungall Circulation So'gt' Omit) ADMINISTRATION: Accounts Manager (wortwtto Row. (A Accounts Assistant Sw-“a I m" Reception Betty Oit’ovrnan Glasgow Office Jane Harmle

ART DIRECTOR: Sit-ow" (""osw PRODUCTION: Production Manager Simmer: Clivsfi” Deputy Production Manager Srrnon Arrnrr‘.

Production Assistants Mo 'a ltltFm-a'w,"::{. l)o"o‘.a" DTP N aw Tower Camera E0 :‘:);.'(;.'1 Llano-gr) 80".!“ 0s

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Itlathvso" Kids How" I.lo~a<:'~ar: Music lla'ma" l‘.lt (3' Rock l on: S"t‘{)"t'f(}, Room” Eva's Scanner la " [)a‘.'.(ls()'1 StyleList Simone Barrd Television Brian Donaldson Theatre 520m C'a"‘0' Videos 8' a" [)ooatrzso". \Vll‘l‘m l"t*l s'. lit: Rt‘1)7l)(l_.t'.(l". " '.'."o'o o' r‘ :Ja't s 't)'()‘()()t"‘ 9‘03. f"t> Tie." 00'" ss 0" o‘ the Dab'tshors TN: L st does "0'. artopf 1051):)”Si) 1‘» ‘or J‘st) '( for: "‘aterra P"Iit‘(l!)‘,'S(()°.:$’IC()Ll"1‘,’P'(‘SS, St‘e'wood Industrral Estate, Bovmyrlgq, lrlidlotliian Tel 0131 663 2404

19—26 Aug 1999 THE “ST 122