Andrew Testa

Some of the most powerful and endurrng rmages of the 20th century have been captured by photographers workrng rn war-torn regrons, Earlrer thrs year, Andrew Testa was rn the thrck of the actron rn Prrstrna, Kosovo, coverrng the frghtrng between the KLA and the Serbran Army untri he was expelled by Serbran paramrlrtarres on the second day of the NATO bombrngs. Srnce then he’s been coverrng the refugee crrsrs rn Macedonra and Albanra. Wrnner of a World Press Photo Award for hrs work on hunt sabateurs, Testa’s Edrnburgh exhrbrtron rs remarkable and movrng

Andrew Testa, Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 226 4366, daily 9,30am--9.30pm, until 37 Aug, free. See review

My Best Fiend

Look carefully at thrs photo, snapped on locatron rn the Andes durrng the frlmrng of Aguirre, Wrath Of God. The locals look on amused as drrector Werner Herzog and the frlm’s star, Klaus Krnskr, apparently play-frght. But check out Herzog's expressron. Thrs rs a man who’s not convrnced that the rnfarnously volatrle actor wrll exert restrarnt wrth that machete. Herzog documents rn full hrs love/hate relatronshrp wrth Krnskr -— whose lrbrdo was, allegedly, brgger than those of James Bond and Austrn Powers combrned -— rn My Best Fiend (no, that's not a typrng mrstake).

My Best Fiend (Film Festival) Fi/mhouse l, 623 8030, 27 Aug, 7.30pm, 28 Aug, 5pm, [7 (£4.50).


Jarvrs Cocker's slrnky moves wrll be rn evrdence when he and hrs Pulp mates play a specral grg therr only UK appearance thrs year - at the closrng nrght of the Flux Festrval. The 50- mrnute show, trtled The Ouret Revolution, wrll showcase new materral alongsrde old favourrtes. If you're gorng to have a trump card hrdden up your sleeve, lrke Flux rt’s best to make sure rt’s an ace.

Pulp (Fringe/Flux) Queen’s Hall, 220 4349/668 2079/0870 9070999, 37 Aug, 8pm, [72.50.

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