; ISAW vou



O I saw you John (‘Iark. dattctttg with ltet a finely“ vaults. 7/3/90. She

wotc st|\et' nail polish. l.o\'c always. (il’hchchc. Hm No

[7303/ I.

V I saw you (iyles Hrattdt'cth IUIIIs'iIIIIsL‘ (0 III“~ L'iiltlL'L‘II. .\IL‘I eyes like saucepan litls w earmg mildly atlltesne gttti. You: stripy'.

\cloured sternum and r\.I).S.

attitude. sitting aside grey -hait'ed. Mac holftti III culnttcs. Box No


V I saw you cute girl. 1-" (ilasgnw central station. you dark coat-red aids i'thhnit and dark

liatt tslinttshi looking at the hig tlepattttres hoard nti 30/7/90. Yoti kcpt Innkmg met me. tall girl

w itli short dark hair. was with

litettd. fancy a drink snittetittie'.’

l)nii't know what tram you got

on bill you had your newspaper

nttt straight away. (iet III touch! IIo\ No [7303/1

V I saw you at (ittttihoots. (an we go lor a repeat per- ItillllitllCL” I will he at the ('atwalk at ‘lptti witlt a Sail/a .‘mtl I.cttioiiatlc exactly two weeks after I saw yott last.

V I saw you Salttt'tlay .tItcttinnii. 7 .-\ttg. ltttltgo Yattl. You colleeiitg with friend. pale

gtecit Ilcece. I‘L'ullllIIII blue eyes.

; sit-

tnn shy to speak. htit capttyalctl. Hm \o l'/ I03“. V I saw you hehmd tltc

g I’Ieasattcc ('ahctel llar. Ytilld‘k‘

Nina. I'm iint. yntt't‘c neyet' hete

; etiotigli' (‘haigc me lor the next ' .»\sa|ti eh" llig ltttg. ayalott and

on and on

IIti\ Ni) [7303/5

V I saw you lilttchoy. iii the . .-\Ille lIIt‘ (IIIIL‘I \MIL' HI lIlt‘ t'L‘I||\\L'.

.\Ic. ilased. you. concerned. Yntt'te sltll watching. 3( )( ).\'" Hm No I'/ {03/0

V I saw you .Inatitte. I know you're looking this time? I‘m teally sorry we missed our chance. come attd Iind me if things ey er change. Ho\ \o l‘,’ 103/-

0 I saw you limiters s‘ev en.

wltete .ttc )ou .tll" Tlte cafes not the satttc. (‘otiic l‘ack' (‘ottlc

INCI“ I‘IU\ NH [7303/3

71THE usr 26 Aug-0 sep t999

V I saw you pretty in purple in Tinderbox. Byres Road. Mon. lo/X after work. You were reading when your phone rang. Turn a new page attd let me be your genuine caller. Box No U/3(i8/‘).

V I saw you Borders cafe clearing tables. suggesting I take a magazine. Thanks very much. Box No U/303/Il).

V I saw you BBC knowledge. I'm iit hot pursuit. you're my l'irebird. let's exchange silver headphones. U/368/l l.

V I saw you Leslie -- what a big hump. Why are you leaving tlte West lind'.’ We'll miss yott. The Barllys. Box No U/3(i8/I2.

V I saw you you were staring down my hatclt iii ()hlnmoy. West lind. I attt your West lind hahe . . . drink Absinth on me . . . lf/3(i3/I 3. V I saw you I‘riday 30 July. (ipm. Sainshury"s. Meadow hank gorgeous guy. green hat. lotig hair. heatttiful dark eyes -- l have "vivid" hair. remember! Yoti walked down l.ottdoii Road/Hillside Ci'es. Wish I'd spoken? Box No U/3(i(i/2.


V I saw you Kenny. poster King of Glasgow. iii the Variety Bar getting your photo taken. Thanks for helping me -— you're a mate! Box No 13/363714.

V I saw you Swany. sitting on my couclt eating my chocolate orange. Thought of any more sandwich filliitgs recently -- apart from vodka'.’ Box No li/303/I5.

V I saw you Robert. standing III the kitchen at 3am wearing your iammies and a sleepy facefl‘he Bttltott wouldn't lake her ttttlk htit the Pie was fast asleep l tltiitk yo needed a beer. You can come to tlte next party ‘cos we missed you. Box No [l/303/l0.

V I saw you waiting for me Ill central station. Yott took the ottt and got me drunk let‘s do it all again in Paris. You hig. gorgeous. sexy heast. Box No [7303/ l 7.

V I saw you ho\ office httitk at the (‘(‘.-\. I'll miss you when you go. You will need to keep me tip to date oti all your gossip -yott lat'll Box No [7303/I3. V I saw you carpet monster. asleep on the lounge lIonr. Thanks for ptittitig up with me behaving like a random. It's only cause I love you. and tny hormones. Box No li/3(i3/l‘). V I saw you at The /.f.\l party. How many Becks did yott have‘.’ You ititist have heett slightly squtffy the next day. Thanks for letting me stay all the tttne ~- Ally McBeal just wouldn't he the same. Box No U/303/3l).

V I saw you at the Rl-ltsl concert. Stirling Castle. Tue 20 July. You were standing near the entrance. dancing and talking to an older woman. I had on the leather jacket. stealing glances - did you see me'.’ Box No [7368/2 l.

K K.

V I saw you Troll hilt'. Ions/9‘). Me funky African queen. You: fit jttiu man. Wanna soca'.’ Box No xii/363723.

V I saw you Chaucer. at the Tray. I loved your hig ntatttrap. You were hot and sweaty. Me too? love and kisses. Betty. XX Box No [3/303/23.

V I saw you working hehind the bar at the Traverse. You are the ultimate .lttlian l.loyd~-\vet'ewolf. Yottrs Iony'IIIleg. I‘II I‘I. Box No [7303/35.

0 I saw you at llte Theatre Workshop on Wed. Yott loitg- legged. stunning beauty. ushering. III your black t-shit't with white trim. showing off your tail. Box .\'o L‘/3(ib’/2(i.

0 I saw you Its/amt) at Traverse bar. You were from ‘l-Iast'. Let me he your hike this time and ride the to heaven arid hack? Your hlottde puppy. Box No l’/303/37.

V I saw you Traverse har. me funky Scottish chick with hed head. you Godfrey of ‘Speculator'. fancy a romp iii the heather‘.’ . . . Box No [1/368/23.

V I saw you boy with blue shirt iii Traverse. You looked arid heard my movement. I was iii stripey shirt. Contact me! Box No ll/3o8/2‘).

V I saw you girl with raven hair. on the heaclt at l’locktoii. You were beautiful. share my stlIisIIllIL'I’ Hm No [l/303/3l). V I saw you your name I\ Peter. I tlititk. You work iii l.e Sept and (‘orniche and Black Ho's. I love your walk and your talk. I‘m a htgli lIyer and would Io\ e to cash III your air miles! Box No l'/3(i.\’/3l.

V I saw you flirting with your man iii the Fringe office. He's gorgeous. he's worth it. go. Don't hold back. Go. go. go. Box No U/308/33.

V I saw you our sexy ‘Big' star. hanging off the window- ledge. Will miss you when you leave its to go to Africa. Love you loads. X. Box No U/303/33.

V I saw you steamin' in the kitchen I want you steamin iii my bedroom caratnalise my titties! Woof. Box No U/368/3-I. V I saw you at Orbital. You were wearing a turqiose and white hawaiian shirt and looked

gorgeous iii the gardens to the left of the bandstattd. You looked perfect and very .-\ustralian. Fancy getting international with me'.’ . . . Box No U/303/75.

V I saw you iii the City Cafe with a girl called Angela and you were wearing black top and trousers. Please be mine. Box No U/368/7o.

O I saw you John (Cult). what happened'.’ l)rooping eye‘s. grey hair attd writtkles'.’ Too much guiness pet'haps'.’ Are well

other fish etc. Box No U/3()8/77.

V I saw you Lowlife in high heels. You were high. your throat was deep. Shadie Sadie. Call me. Box No U/368/78.

V I saw you John. it‘s me again. I'll meet you iii CULT changing rooms Monday. first week in August. RS. I’ll be naked. Box No U/3()8/79.

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