One of the biggest dance music line-ups of the festival season comes in the shape of HOMELANDS SCOTLAND. Not only will you get a chance to experience sets by some of the best international names, but many of our favourite local 015 have also made the bill. Whatever your fancy be it progressive house and trance, break beats and old skool hip hop, US house and nu skool breaks, or all of the above you're sure to be impressed by this one.

“.VO'CSi Simone Baird

Justin Robertson

Arena 1, Sat 4 Sep

Justin Roberston is beyond question one of the most respected names in the British music industry. As a leader of the new skool and the man behind Lionrock amongst other projects. he has a healthy appetite for groundbreaking ideas and talent. .Vlaster Detective. the brand new label he has under his wing. will enable him to release the music he feels should be out there. so he‘ll be even more of a name to watch over the forthcoming year.

“I think that what‘s going on around the country is really fresh .‘ Robertson proclaims. ‘There seems to be a new generation of people coming through. I like the way that there‘s this kind of cross-pollination between styles and that people don‘t seem interested in pigeonholing their tastes any more. That‘s a good thing as it leads to interesting hybrids coming along.‘

Master Detective already has quite a buzz. about it. not only because of Robertson‘s name

r but the range of material awaiting release. ' : ‘There‘s no hard and fast agenda or anything like that.‘ he explains. ‘I just wanted to put out some of the weirder projects of my own and the kind of music that I like. to bring these people forward. It's not a house label. or a break beat label. or even a techno thing. Just as long as the music‘s got some sort of passion or vision or it's descriptive. you know. as long as it sounds melodic or panoramic even.‘

And does Robertson consider himself to be a fan of the dance festival circuit? ‘Er. I don’t like being to close to nature.‘ he laughs. What's more his type of scene? ‘City dwelling urban environment. [just think that dance music sounds really good in urban environments rather than the countryside. Don‘t mind the country side. though. Nice place to visit.”

'We Generate Love’ by Gentlemen Thief on Master Detective is out now. The new Lionrock album will be out next spring.

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Arena 1 - Home

Home is Darren Hugh ’5 first club project since leaving Cream. The brand new, five-floor club is set to open in London the week after next and can boast Paul Oakenfold, Justin Robertson, Danny Rampling and Steve Lawler among its residents.

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