T h I As The List went to press, times for each act at homelands had not been finalised. But to give 6 I n e U you an idea of when to dance, when to chill, here's the latest running order for each of the arenas. Arena 1 home arena Arena 2 Tunnel/ Arena 3 - The End Arena 4 - Tenaglia 12.30pm—6am Renaissance arena 1Pm—53m- 1pm4am Innerself 1pm-6am Murray Richardson yogl Haughton Colin Hamilton Dave Hill Terry Francis Domenic Dot Allison Rennie Pilgrem Derrick Carter Steve Lawler Dave Beer Steven McCreery Pure Science Danny Tenaglia Afro Celt Sound System DaVe Ralph Funk D'VOIO Ham Jengaheads Paul Oakenfold DJ Die Celeda All Seeing | Danny Rampling Breakbeat Era Layo & Bushwacka Ian Ossia Roni Size & Dynamite MC Liam Prodigy Colin Tevendale Carl Cox Pete Tong Pete Tong Mr C Carl Cox Nick Warren The Chemical Brothers Nigel Dé3WSOn Sasha DJ Dan Hybnd

Craig Richards Justin Robertson

Pete Tong Suoerstar DJ, man behind it'rr Retords, Radio is tssentia. Seletboe oresenter and uted by Mil/1k magazine to be the most 'inoortant person r." dance wuszt

Carl Cox DJ' Proodter' 'lV Presentev" Flif“ star' The Big Man can do no wrong and we don't (are t the three—(letks—in-dante-music innovator has been absouitely everywhere of rate The more, the better The Chemical Brothers The boys benind the ext'e"‘e\,/

noon Surrender album, whit n (a'ne out lure a'v‘tl a storm oi hype, Radio 1 A lzsts aod 'naoa/m = (overs

When Ed and Torn drop 'Hey Boy Hey Cmt', the roof v; it surely bow of‘

Sasha Adored by legions of clubbers right at ross the

globe, Sasha pioneered the Italian l‘ouse soano before regularly teaming uo wzth John quweed to DJ (3".(1

p"()du(e His latest so!o release, the Xpander liP, was a"

epic take in trante territory He is also renowned for week-long benders and \‘Vlli no doubt lead the may ‘or

the party animal people Ct)r‘t:'\;e:: o‘.'e' wage p

Liam Prodigy I 2 Pete Tong The Chemical Brothers