homelands competition

Win VIP tickets to homelands

The List has teamed up with Ericsson to provide two exciting prizes for our lucky readers.

We have one pair of VIP tickets to the event at The Royal Highland Centre, allowing you and your favourite partner in crime to enjoy eighteen hours of banging sets from the best DJs.

Also, we have a VIP trip for two to London where a very lucky reader will visit Home, the brand new superclub run by Darren Hughs, the bloke behind homelands. We have two return flights to London (leave Thu, return Sun, September dates to be confirmed), a hotel room for three nights and a pair of VIP tickets to the spanking new club.

Without question, homelands boasts one of the most impressive line-ups of DJs and producers in many a year. The entire event is sponsored by Ericsson, makers of some of the coolest mobile phones since they became an essential item way back when. They have also created their own technology space with the Ericsson Zone, a communications centre at homelands allowing the clubbers on site to free UK phone calls, e-mail and Internet access, as well as massages and free recharging of "mu your Ericsson batteries.

To win the pair of VIP tickets to

homelands, just tell us the name of The Chemicals Brothers latest album. Answers on a postcard to reach us by Wed 1 Sep.

To win the VIP trip to Home in London, just tell us the name of Justin Robertson's new label. Answers on a postcard by

Wed 7 Sep.

Send answers to: homelands, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Ericsson @ hOITIEIOFIdS seam BS‘SS‘n scotlonct


Mojo-Mickybo Traverse Theatre

A rip roaring, fast paced journey into the world of Mojo and Mickybo - two boys from different sides of the bridge who develop a friendship influenced by their heroes, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

31 August / 1 September at 10.00pm 3 pairs

Science International Book Festival

Ian Wilmut and Brian Appleyard on the Genetic Future. Join them for a discussion on where technology will lead in the future and the ethical issues which have been raised about animal and, ultimately, human cloning

29 August at 3.00pm 5 pairs Scottish Writers for Breakfast International Book Festival

Hear Toni Davidson and Luke sutherland reading from their work. Wake up to the sound of Scotland's powerful new voices with a bit of breakfast thrown in to boot!

29 August at 10.30am 2 pairs

Missing the Millennium Hill Street theatre

Are we right to assume the Millennium is imminent - if so, should we be celebrating? 3 characters separated by 2000 years meet in mid-1999. Their conflicting views of truth seem humorous but have startling consequences for everyone.

26 August at 4.55pm 2 pairs

Sleeping Beauty - Culberg Ballet Edinburgh International Festival

One of the world’s leading ballet companies perform Mats Ek's witty, irreverent and touching Sleeping Beauty to Tchaikovsky's gorgeous score.

31 Aug / 1 & 2 September at 7.30pm 5 pairs

Please note that for the Edinburgh International The Hub Ticket Centre is open 9.003m - 8.00pm

0 Salsa Celtica The Queens Hall

With South American rhythms fired by the Celtic muse, Salsa Celtica are one of Scotland's most popular live bands. Joined by Venezuelan Carlos Pena and Cuba's A Capella sensations Vocal sampling and Group Folclorico Cutumba.

Try saying that when your drunk!

26 August at 11.00pm 3 pairs

0 Carlton Comedy Warehouse Observer Assembly

For the first time ever, Carlton is taking a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Stand-up comedians, Mitchell Anderson, Hal Cruttenden and Mitch Benn will be performing. All got their TV break on the Warehouse, Carlton's regional television showcase for untapped talent.

28 Aug at 10.30pm 15 pairs

Win a case of lguazu

If you couldn't get tickets, don't worry, we've got a case of lguazu to give away. Simply answer the following question.

Which year did Argentina host the world cup?

Answers on a postcard to: lguazu comp, The List Ltd, 14 High St, Edinburgh EH1 lTE by 8 September 1999.


o Traverse Theatre 10.00am-7.00pm o Guilded Balloon at the Palladiumd.00pm-11.00pm 0 Edinburgh Int. Club festival 10.00pm-2.00am 0 George Square Theatre 10.003m-10.00pm 0 Edinburgh Int. Book Festival 9.303m-9.00pm 0 Continental Shifts at St.Brides10.00am-10.00pm 0 Edinburgh Int. Festival 9.00amo10.00pm o The Bongo Club 10.25pm o The Pleasance 10.003m-1.00am All tickets must be collected at least one

o The Observer Assembly 10.30am-midnight hour prior to performance

26 Aug—9 sep 1999 THE lIST 23