KIDS REVIEW Three Little Pigs at * 1k

A new twist in Krazy Kat's tale

Krazy Kat Theatre Company makes a return to the Fringe after a fifteen year absence. The two actors, Kinny and Alastair, with help from a puppet or two, give a new twist to a familiar tale. With Playschoo/ overtones, this 45- minute-long show will keep your pre- schooler entertained. But with a plot that tends to wander (dancing scarecrow routine followed by singing chickens), it is not guaranteed to keep the parents in the audience altogether gripped with its sophistication. (Moira McFarlane) a Three Little Pigs (Fringe) Krazy Kat Theatre Company, Komedia @ Southside (Venue 82) 667 2272, until 29 Aug, 70.30am, £3.50.


The Visit To Picasso is: ** The third play in this company's trilogy about great artists presents a hypothetical meeting of opposites. One man represents freedom of expression and the other represents suppression and censorship. Although this meeting between Pablo Picasso-and Joseph Goebbels in 1944 is entirely fictional, it's known that the Gestapo did visit the artist in his Paris studio. Written in collaboration between Gary Taylor the actor playing Picasso and writ Phillip Hitchens, the play gainc .uc

credibility from Taylor’.c n" J skills. Taylor renders the .‘~ ...esence of the Spanish ar" .antly, while

Andrew Heat.. I) quite terrifying as the Minister of Propaganda. A wonderful introduction to the work of Picasso and an absorbing piece of theatre. (Catherine Bromley)

a The Visit To Picasso (Fringe) Great Lives Theatre, Komedia @ Southside (Venue 82) 667 2272, until 29 Aug, 77.45am, £6 (£5).

COMEDY REVIEW The Smiling Assassins at

This bunch have a real nerve taking the piss out of improv comedy, when even the very worst Whose Line Is It

Anyway? would be ten times better than this. Nil point for the Eurovision Song Contest sketch (this is 1999 isn't it?) The only sign of originality came with a sketch about a dog getting sex therapy. Minnie and Mickey Mouse auditioning for Gone With The Wind nearly worked, although they would’ve done better to play it straight.

This show certainly didn't live up to its promising writing credits: it barely raises a smile, although it has a good stab at assassinating comedy.

(Gabe Stewart)

a The Smiling Assassins (Fringe) Cackophonics, C Too (Venue 4) 225 5705, until 30 Aug, 72. 75pm, £6 (£5).

THEATRE REVIEW The Directing Exam at it it

This show comprises fifteen short scenes and sketches, some from plays, but mostly improvised. Performed by an assorted cast of seventeen actors, it ebbs and flows with some pieces perhaps ’failing' the exam. But on the occasions when these experimental sketches enter the heights of the surreal and the absurd, this company comes into its own.

Alison Lewis’s Parachute is built on a marvellous use of the theatrical imagination and Steve Jackson’s Passengers cleverly re-creates the jolting experience of a bus journey. The sound Quality made the musical aspects somewhat disappointing, but hopefully that will be rectified. A worthwhile jaunt for those unafraid of entering the world of rough and ready theatre. (Davie Archibald)

a The Directing Exam (Fringe) S of A Productions, The Attic ( Venue 56) 226 5738, until 28 Aug, 77.30am, £5 (£3).

THEATRE REVIEW Sweet As You Are k it it

Jenny is vegetarian, tidy and devoted to her environmentalist boyfriend. Andy is into Star Trek, eats meat and is in the process of getting a divorce. This three-hander asks why we want to change the ones we love. When feelings are strong, is it possible to have reasoned discussions about politics or emotions?

This play was commissioned to promote debate about genetic modification of foods, and while its educational intent shows, the emphasis on seeing both sides of the story and the need for open dicussion in many areas of life is a welcome perspective. (Moira Jeffrey)

% Sweet As You Are (Fringe) Y Touring Theatre Company, Theatre Workshop, 226 5425, until 30 Aug (not 29) 70am, £5.50 (£3.50).

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