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STAR WARS Trilogy in 30 Minutes Aug. 7-14-21-28 GU 11:00am 8: 11:30 pm Aug. 8-11-13-15-18-20-22-25-27 GD 11:30 pm at 3 X Steve Martin

Aug. 10-12-17-19-24-26 6L 11:30 pm


Nunsense Aug. 8-14-15-21-22-28 @- 9:30 pm

Workin Studs Terkel Aug. 10- 2-17-19-24-26 GD 9:30 pm

* TEA & CRUMPETS Aug. 6-11-13-18-20-25-27 (iv 9:30 pm “YOU’RE A GOOD MAN

CHARLIE BROWN” Aug. 7-14-21-28 (to Noon


THE PRICE Aug. 8-12-15-19-22-26 GD 4:00 pm

* DRACULA Aug. 7-1 1-14-18-21-25-28 o 4:00 pm

6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION Aug. 11-14-18-21-25-28 CD 7:00 pm

BAD SEED Aug. 10-13-17-20-24-27 Q!) 7:00 pm


Aug. 6-10-13-17—20-24-27 (iv 4:00 pm * MODIGLIANI

Aug. 8-12-15-19-22-26 6v 7:00 pm (* U.K Premiere) '

RESERVATIONS 0131 558 9695 All Tickets £5.00

Drummond Community High School 41 Bellevue Place Venue 25

School of Theatre University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

38 THE LIST 26 Aug-9 Sep 1999


FESTIVAL 6—8pm continued


African Experience

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Africa's troubled history interpreted through dance doesn’t instantly suggest a feast of festival fun. But the passionate, celebratory nature of this piece makes for an exhilarating event. The brightly costumed dancers and musicians stomp, spin and gyrate their way through a staggering display of traditional and contemporary dance styles, with everyone from toddler to granny shimmying delightedly along. The energy and genuine enjoyment of the performers leave even the spectators sweating in exhaustion. This show creates a thrilling atmosphere threatening to blow the roof off the Big Top. Highly recommended. (Allan Radcliffe)

I African Experience (Fringe) The Meadows Theatre Big Top (Venue 789) 667 0202, until 28 Aug, 7pm,

£8—£ 72.50 (ES—£70).

COMEDY REVIEW The Leisure Virus * ink

The movement from stand-up towards other kinds of comedy over the last couple of years might be exemplified by this group of young performers, who've chosen sketch comedy as a showcase of considerable talent. Linked by the device of a grotesque suburban practical joker who describes a succession of at times rather nasty japes, this cast of five present a series of vignette. At times, as when two women discuss the pros and cons of marriage to an obviously psychotic boyfriend, the piece is comically inspired, but there are a few longueurs where the material is a little thin. (Steve Cramer)

I The Leisure Virus (Fringe) Malign Communications, Holyrood Tavern (Venue 84) 557 4972, until 29 Aug, 7.40pm, £5 (£4).




1 Forever Plaid .****

A Forever Plaid are like an American,

19603 Boyzone, but instead of pop balladry, they deal in socal haunt rues This dose of feelgood entertainrrient tells the tale of four high school irurltires desirous of emulating the successes of the honey-voiced groups they ltioilSO A tongue-in-cheek homage to the skill of these combos, much of this musicals humour comes from innuendo and the acknowledgement of the fact that their neat little dance routines ts ere corny The acting in this productions every hit as polished as the singing (which is excellent) and there’s even the opportunity for an audience member to strut their stuff on-stage. Class. ([).2‘.'.’ri Kofie) I forever Plaid (fringe) Hill Street Theatre (Venue 4 7) 220‘ 5522, until RU Aug, 6pm, £8 (£5).

THEATRE REVIEW Be Carna, Women Of The Flesh


This superb play confronts the life of Dublin prostitutes Without squeamish- ness, moralising or voyeurism In a series of five interwoven rrioiioloriirr_w,, we learn the accidents of history, the home miseries and the economic necessities that drive women on to the street. We also meet, though never in person, the male figures who keep them there.

Beautifully written, gently performed, dramatic but never melodramatic, this simple and sometimes funny production is unflinching. Based on the lives and stories of countless real women it should be compulsory viewing for any screenwriter who has ever written the part of a tart wrth a heart of gold. (Moira Jeffrey)

I Be Carna, Women 0/ The Hush (Fringe) Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 226 5425, until 30 Aug, 0‘ 3(l/Nll, £7.50 (£6.50).

Is she experienced?: African Experience