The index lists every show appearing in this week's Festival coverage alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.


About Face: Mark L'Anson And Shelagh Atkinson Reynolds Gallery

Agnes Martin And John McLaughlin Inverlerth HOUSE

Andrew Testa Theatre WOrkshop Callum Innes lngleby Gallery Construction St Regent Street

The Dialogues The Matthew Gallery Festival 99 Edrnburgh College Of Art Gary Hume: New Work Dean Gallery

65 4. 64 65 64 64 64

64, 65

The Henry Wade Royal College Of SurgeOns 65 In Memory Of HP. Lovecraft Collectrve Galleny 64 John Stezaker P0rtfolro Gallery 64 Kiki Smith Frwtmarket Gallery 64 Lackadaisical Contemporary Art Howe Street 65 Unknown Gallery St Bernard's Crescent 65 BOOKS

Anne Michaels Varr0us Venues 62 Events For Children VarlOuS Venues 63 Grace Paley Gap Studro Theatre 63 Iain Banks Post Offrce Theatre 63 Jay Mclnerney Post Offrce Theatre 4, 1B, 62 Jimmy Boyle Spregeltent 62 Kate Atkinson Post Office Theatre 62 Mary Daly Gap Studso Theatre 63 Nicholas Evans Post Offrce Theatre 62 Patricia Duncker Spregeltent 63 Roy Hattersley And Buster Varr0us Venues 63 Ruth Rendell Post Offrce Theatre 4, 62 Sandi Toksvig Spregeltent 63 Toni Davidson And Luke Sutherland

Spregeltent 4, 62

40, 42 4, 40

Cinderella Turbozone Excentricus CerUe El0rze

Anything At The Honeycomb Blarr Street 57 Colours Dance Festival Room At The Top 57 Platinum The Vaults S7 Rebel Waltz Crty Cafe 57 Streetlife The Honeycomb 57 True Colours Room At The Top 57 Twisted The Venue S7 COMEDY A Star Is Tom JacQUelrne Pearce 30

Al Murray The Pub Landlord - And A Glass Of Wine For The Lady Pleasance At Last! lt's War Famine Death And Pestilence

4. 43

The Four Horsemen 36 Baby Wants Candy Grlded Ba||00n 39 Barbara Nice Grlded BaIIOOn At TarIors Hall Hotel 14 Big Stink Trckled Prnk Productrons 43 Big Value Comedy Show . . . Early

Screamrng Blue Murder C0medy 42 Big Word Performance Poetry

Chrrstre's COmedy Cellar 36

The Bootlegs Grlded Balloon At The Honeycomb 34 The Brian Appleton’s History Of Rock 'n' Roll

Pleasance 34 Coffee With Dave Williams Grlded Balloon 30 Colin Murphy Pleasance 36 Cookin' Observer Assembly 46 Dave Fulton Observer Assembly 45

Don‘t Look At My Sister... Innit! One Natron 42 Ed Byme Queen's Hall 4, 45 Fluffy Brothers/Michael Tombs Grlded Balloon II 46

Four Gimps And A Pimp Valentrne Flyguy 48 Friday Night At The End Of The World Grlded Balloon II 33

Geraldine McNulty In Betty Geraldrne McNulty 33 Geraldine McNulty: Greatest Hits Grlded Balloon 36 Half Of What You See Collectrve Unconscr0us 33 Kissing The Goldfish Pleasance 48 The Leisure Virus Mallgn Communrcatrons 38

The Lennie And Morris Show

Komedra @ SOuthsrde 39 Mallory And Mr Flute

Off The Back Of A Truck Comedy 48 Mitch Benn Grlded Ball00n 41 Navelgazing Pleasance 34 Newsrevue C too 42 Paper Son Byron Yee 39 Phil Kay Grlded Ball00n 45

Psycho Babble On Unknown Theatre Company 48 Reg And Joe's Christmas Special

Grlded Balloon ll 46 The Right Size - Do You Come Here Often?

Obsenrer Assembly 35, 37 Scott Capurro's Fowl Play Pleasance 42 Smiling Assassins Cackophonrcs 27 Supergirly World! Grlded BalI00h 40 Sweeny And Steen In Danny's Wake

Grlded Balloon 34 They Shoot Cowboys. . . Don't They? Lrppy 28 Tina C. In Leaving On A Jetplane Pleasance 47 Tubular Hells Purple Productrons 36 Two Fingers Of Scotch Grlded Balloon II 47 Viagra Falls (Hoo-Ha!) Steven Alan Green 46 WeHo Frantrc Redhead ProduCtrons 48 Wil Anderson: Willennium

Grlded Balloon O The Honeycomb 46

African Experience

The Meadows Theatre Brg Top 35, 38 Cuerpo De Sombra Y Lu: Lanonlma Imperral 9 Homelands Scotland ROyal Hrghland Centre 22,57 Leiken Loppu In The Tailors

Fam0us Gr0use Home 29 Made Of Clay The Elements 47 Mats Ek Triple Bill Cullberg Ballet 35,36 Mimi La Sardine

Wendy BuOnaventura And Company 47 The Most Dangerous Room In The House

Susan Marshall And Company 4, 35 Sleeping Beauty Cullberg Ballet 4. 36 Swan Lake Shaktr 46 A Room For Romeo Brass Cameo 4,49 Best Of The Fest Varrous Venues 4, 49 Buster Keaton With The Blue Grassy Knoll Observer Assembly 45 Eric Styles Dreamrng Of Joseph Lees 14 Felicia's Journey Frlmh0use 49 Five Senses Frlmh0use $1 Gregory's Two Girls UCl 50 I Could Read The Sky Cameo 50 In The House Of Angels Frlmh0use 51 Let It Come Down: The Live Of Paul Bowles Frlmh0use 49 Milestones Glasgow Frlm Theatre 49 My BBS! Fiend Frlmh0use 10 Peau Neuve Frlmh0use 49 Run Lola Run Cameo 49 Shane Meadows

A Room For Romeo Brass 16 Siam Sunset Cameo 51 Skin Flick Frlmh0use 50 Taxi Cameo 51

Victor . . . Pendant Qu'il Est Trop Tard Frlmh0use 50 The Wounds Frlmh0use 49, 50

Arabian Nights The Y0ung VIC 30 Events For Children Varrous Venues 63 Pooh And Piglet Meet The Heffalump Again

chhard Medrrngtons Puppets 26 Romeo And Juliet Shakespeare 4 Krdz 30

Three Little Pigs KraZy Kay Theatre Company 27

Black Umfolosi Beck's Spregeltent S3 Ceol Chalumchille Gaelrc Graffrtr 56 Fly, Fly, My Sadness Huun Huur Tu/Angelrte 53 Ken Kesey And The Magic Bus

Queen's Hall 54 Kurtag: The Sayings Of Peter Bomemisza Rosemary Hardy And Prerre-Laurent Armard Macbeth Festrval Theatre

Mainpoint Organrsed by the Cas Rock


Marc Almond Flax @ Queen's Ha-L 53 Nick Cave P'rnces Street Gardens 4,53 Old Blind Dogs Sp egeltent SS Orient Express Moving Schnorers Soegeiteh'. 55 Paul Kelly Sprege‘1ent 56 Planet Pop: Week Four Var‘oras Venues 54 Polly Phillips The Twp 55 Pulp Queen's Hal? 10,53 Soile Isokoski Queen's Hall 56

Terry Neason - Love Bites! OOSQNG' Assembly 41

Tindersticks Oueen's Hal 4,53 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Usher Hall 4 Forever Plaid Hrll Street Theatre 38 Millennium Musical

Reduced Shakespeare Company 26 Tea And Crumpets ~ A New Musical

Festrvar Theatre 42


An Englishman, Irishman And A Welshman Aah 46 Be Carna, Women Of The Flesh

Theatre kashop 38 The Bedsit Observer Assembly 26 Begin Again KtC 26 Berkoff‘s Women Guy MastersOh ProductrOns 29 Beverley Utopra's WhOres 31 Bleach DOIlelhOuSe/TFOUO‘G 32 Bodies Unbound GOne WrLd Productrons 34 Bond Generally Better Productrons 29

Buzz Stop Negatrve Equrly Theatre Cornpany 43 Caledonia Dreaming 7 84 Theat'e Company 32 The Caribbean Tempest Theatrum Botanrcum

In AssocratrOn W'th Holder's Season 36 Cooking With Elvis Lrve Theatre Cornpany 32 Curse Of Iain Banks G:ideo Balloort 30 Deadly No Ordrnary Angels 26

Desperate Remedies NatrOnal Student Theatre 28 Devil And Billy Markham

SugarmOGth Theatre Company 28 Directing Exam S Of A ProductrOns 27 Drink Vinegar Gentlemen Teatr Bruro Podr02y 29 Face 2 Face The Other Tongue 30 Fanny Hill Afterth0ugh'. Productr0ns 4,45 Faustus Op‘naboom Theatre 31 Feuergesicht Deutsches Schausprelhaus 37 Fisticuffs The Freaks 46 Five O’Clock Angel Cafe ROyal 28

Half Of What You See C0llect=ve Unconscr0us 33 Hello Dali . . .Atomic

Whrsperrng Eyes Theatre Company 35, 39 The House Of Pootsie Plunket Catalyst Theatre 43

Huge Pleasance 30 India Song Het Zurdeler 35 Jason Freeman - Shiny Side Up. Dirty Side Down

Pleasance 41

The Kaos Importance Of Being Earnest

Kaos Theatre 4, 40 Land Of Igor Companre Le Pu:ts 37 Laodamia Mellln Internatronal 4, 43 Lionheart Solent Pepple‘s Theatre 26 Little Women Tangled Web 28

The Lyrebird: Tales Of Helpmann Tyler Copprn 29 Mainstream Suspect Culture 32 Mark O'Rowe Home The Rookre 14 Ministry Of Biscuits Qulrk Theatre And Frlm 34 Mojo Mickybo Kabosh 45 Mr Single £er 34 Murder Of Sherlock Holmes TNT Theatre And

The Amerlcan Theatre GrOup L0ndon 32 My Night With Reg Wrsepart Productrons 48 Nixon's Nixon Observer Assembly 32 Othello Augustrne‘s 31

Paul Zenon: Turning Tricks Beck's Spregeltent 40

Pickled Onions Theatre Project

Hrll Street Theatre 41 Politica Erotica Brrstol Experrmenlal Theatre 47 Reunion metro-b0ulot-dodo 34 Riddance Parnes Pl0ugh 32 Shaft Flyrng Plg Theatre Company 31 Shylock Observer Assembly 26 Simply Barbara Steven Brlnberg 36

Sisters Of The Seasons Cra Irmas Do Tempo 34

Six Degrees Of Separation Moonbun Mathrlda 33 Speed The Plow Brrmlngham Stage Company 29 Square Shrbboleth 31 Street Level Presents Duck Variations

Street Level 42

Sweet As You Are Y Towhg Theatre Company 27

Tennesse Williams EDT Company 34 Tropical Tree Theatre So.e 28 Ubu Group 5'. 48 Visit To Picasso G'ea'. Lures Theat'e 27 Whoredom 519187.35 Re.enge Theatre COT-Dd") 34 Wreck The Airline Barrier The R 0'. Group 4 Written Off Observer Assembly 30 Zoo Story Domle Edge Drama 30

Star Studded

Over the past four weeks, The List's team of reviewers has been scouring the Festival and Fringe to track down the talent, vision and genius for which 1999 will be remembered. Hundreds of acts, plays, films and exhibitions have been seen, reviewed and given a star rating for quick reference.

A full list is included in the Festival Listings supplement. Here is an update for shows reviewed after the supplement went to press.


Al Murray The Pub Landlord - And A

Glass Of Wine For The Lady Pleasance The Right Size - Do You Come Here Often? Observer Assembly


African Experience The Meadows Theatre Brg Top


Hello Dali . . .Atomic Whrsperrng Eyes Theatre COmpany Laodamia Merlln Internatronal


Baby Wants Candy Grlded BalIOOn The Bootlegs

Grlded 8al|00n At The HOneyCOmb Brian Appleton's History Of Rock 'n' Roll Pleasance

Colin Murphy Pleasance

Don‘t Look At My Sister . . . Innit! One Natron

Mallory And Mr Flute

Off The Back Of A Truck Comedy Scott Capurro's Fowl Play Pleasance Tubular Hells Purple Productrons WeHo Frantrc Redhead Productrons

Music Polly Phillips The Tron


Forever Plaid HI“ Street Theatre


Be Carna, Women Of The Flesh

Theatre Workshop

Buzz Stop Negatrve Equly Theatre Company The Caribbean Tempest

Theatrum Botanrcum In AssocratrOn Wrth Holder's Season

Five O'Clock Angel Cafe Royal

The House Of Pootsie Plunket

Catalyst Theatre

Lionheart Solent PeOple's Theatre

My Night With Reg Wrsepart Productrons Simply Barbara Steven Brrnberg

Sisters Of The Seasons Cra Irmas Do Tempo Tennesse Williams EDT Company

Ubu Group 51

Visit To Picasso Great Lives Theatre

See also Listings supplement, page S.

26 Aug—9 Sep 1999 THE US" 3