Memorabilia 1

99 Take a walk down the lane of memories With Memorabilia ’99 and find out if that piece of Irma you are hoarding in your attic is worth more than Just nostalgic value. Anyone with a passion for mUSIC, TV, films, comics and football will be in merchandise heaven with everything from Thunderbirds posters, 1960s football programmes, meccano models and Man From UNCLE jigsaw puzzles filling the stands. Memorabilia ’99 is at the SECC, Glasgow, Sat 28 & Sun 29 Aug, 70am—5pm, f4 (£2.50).

John Robb

For many, the decade we are abOut to complete was a bit of a non-event Major social change, cultural revolutions and weird clothing -- all those things seem to he'ong to other eras But John Robb, ioornalist and author of books on The Stone Roses and The Charlatans, believes differently So much so that he has collected his many thoughts on the 90s and concluded that 't 'pisses all over the much hyped and fabled 60s ' Here is a mere sample of his musings

0n boy bands

Their dumb, too clean, pop faces are strutting vapid stuff Weak ballads sung by votalists that are the pop equivalent of Alan Shearer boasting the same sort of square blankness

0n drugs

lhe fact that Tony Biair apparently listened to Genesis in his ’wild' youth irrithout ever takii‘g any drugs at all is totally terrifying

On Pete Waterman

Disto Pete, 1'10 great Satan 0" the musacpress-chomping, furroi.‘./-bro\.'-.Iec irid'e ('(“.‘., the anti-Christ of the beer stained Uni boys, the hoofed destroyer of pop l‘TtlS'( to the obsessive guitar freak is, perhaps, the one true pop genius of modem times, armed With a fistful of :nfuriating nursery rhymes

The Nineties What The Fttk Was That A// ADOi/t? is published by Ebur/ Press

on Thu 2 Sty), {Jr/(ed [9 99

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Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Where on earth do Scotland's artists and designers end up when they leave art school7 Well, many of tnem iOin Glasgow Sculpture Studios, the country's largest open access sculpture workshop. And it gets even more open with this chance for you to wander, view and chat. Pictured is a work by Kenny Hunter who hosts the day and there \VIH be talks and presentations by the likes of Joe Ingleby, Toby Webster, Shauna lvlclvlullan and David Shrigley while DJ Nice ‘.‘.'l|| be on the decks from 6pm, G/asgow SCu/pture Stud/OS Open Day, Crargmont Street, G/ang'.'/, is on Fri 27 Aug, 7 7am, For detai/s ca// 0747 945 7988


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