Those saintly types at Channel 4 are allowing List readers, a chance to get an early glimpse of the station’s latest flagship comedy series. Spaced stars Simon Big Train Pegg and Jessica The Roy/e Family Stevenson as a platonic couple who lie about their relationship to get a swanky North London flat. Will they get it on eventually or will their idiosyncratic friends drive them insane first? No one yet has described it as a Just Good Friends for Y2K, so we'll be the first. There will be room for 80 viewers, so get in early by making a call on 0141568 7100.

The exclusive List screening

of Spaced is being shown at

The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Fri 70 Sep, 6pm. The series begins on Channel 4 in September.


’Afrika Shox' marks Leftfield's first release since their defining Leftism album which landed with a splash back in 1995 (not counting all the bootlegs of ’Phat Planet’ from that Guinness ad, of course, because bootlegging is bad). Featuring the godfather of hip hop Afrika Bambaataa on vocals, the electro track comes with two remixes, one by Leftfield and the other by Jedi. Also causing a stir is Chris Cunningham’s accompanying video which, due to its content, will only be shown on TV after 11pm. It is also said to be his last ever music promo before he concentrates on TV adverts and feature-length films.

Afrika Shox by Leftfield featuring Afrika Bambaataa is out on Hard Hands/Higher Ground on Mon 6 Sep.

The Thin Red Line

It took Terrence Malick a whole twenty years to get round to run: making his third feature film. Shame then, that his venture into the territory of World War Il should be gaZumped by the boy Spielberg and Saving Private Ryan. Yet, Malick's take on the trenches stands up for itself as a mowe which prefers to concentrate on the things that war destroys rather than the war itself. And if your film-watching depends on the star count, how about this for a who's who of male modern Cinema Penn, Clooney, Harrelson, Travolta and Nolte to name but five. The Thin Red Line is available to rent on Mon 30 Aug.

26 Aug—9 Sep 1999 THE “ST 118