Out of the mouths of little children . . . come some of the filthiest obscenities you've ever heard on film. TREY PARKER and MATT STONE, creators of South Park, dish the dirt on their movie

creation. Words: Barry Mann/IPA & Hannah McGill


THE LIST 26 Aug—9 Sep 1999


SOUTHPARK: BIGGER, LONGER And Uncut. . . is rude. In fact. in terms of sheer gruesome. gutter-mouthed obscenity. it's probably the rudest film you’ll see all year. The constant stream of expletives leaves you lightheaded; your standard Anglo- Saxon four-letter jobs begin to sound absurd through repetition. Parents. priests and prudes are going to be very upset by it. They'd probably be just as upset by a couple of hours spent unobserved in the company of a group of real eight-year-olds but it’s hardly surprising that Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s idiosyncratic vision of Childhood has proved less than palatable to the powers-that-be.

‘Someone asked us if we were going to make a director’s cut that had everything in it,‘ says Stone. ‘The honest answer is. there is no previous cut of this movie that’s any more nasty than this one is.‘

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). who impose ratings. insisted upon changes to one scene, Parker recalls. ‘And just to piss them off. we made the scene ten times worse and five times longer, because we knew they‘d have to watch it again.‘

‘Because we hate the MPAA.’

‘Yes. we hate them.‘

‘So we sent it. and we got this letter back saying “Thank you for changing it. That’s fine.“ And we were like, “What?”

One wouldn’t wish to spoil any of the movie‘s many surprises, but suffice to say that the scene in question concerns some of the more outre hobbies practised by Cartman‘s infamous mom. and it ain’t the kind of fun you‘d expect to see in a cartoon.

‘So what the MPAA did.‘ Parker concludes. ‘was make us cut and we ended up with something much more shocking and much funnier.‘

Parker and Stone also got the last laugh over the movie‘s title. ‘It was originally 50th Park: All Hell Breaks Loose.‘ Parker explains. ‘They said. “You can’t put Hell in the title of a movie any more. There‘s a new rule.“ So we came back Southpark: Bigger: Longer And Uncut and they didn’t get it. They were like: “OK.m

‘Then they phoned back a week later and said, “Wait a minute! We just got it! You can’t use that title!” And we were like. “Too late. You approved it.”

So did they meet their enemies?

‘We know names,’ says Stone. ‘We don‘t know addresses yet.‘