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Comedy: Ed Byrne His 0" The Roan show u as class\ e"0u<_t"10‘wi" a the-star atto‘ade from. The L st during t'w Eu i‘tmo't Festsal, non ".es (wars 0," the road, doubt} that charm s a tow ‘ettei mod 6 asooi'. Corrie." Tntfliyt) S(): 7' (2 Sn" 7: Sen Raise; Arts Centre Klee '3 See String

fat Raoert, Tue 74 5’00

999.?“ Film: Stop Making Sense Das‘o Byi‘rte's big suit fills the ‘rame as Talking Heads take to the stage in this \ei'y weitome cinema ie-release

A text. nears t)etoie he hit the DU I‘lYlt‘ ‘.\'Ill SUP/MU The Lambs, onertor Jonathan Demme tut'ted ll‘» one of the best concert inoties exei See "exiew page 20 Selected i't'VkQJhC) ‘rorh Fri l0 Sen Music: Leftfield After a break of four years, the duo release their second album, Rn}, (fl/7‘ And Stealth 7- and it seems the wait was worth

Never eaSily categorised, Gomez return with a new album Liquid Skin, that further dew-tops the ele( tro-rotk blues pioneered on their Mercury Prize-nabbing debut Bring It On. Their cover art is suitably stimulat l‘.(}, the (il‘silllt tixe sleeves deSIgned and painted by 27-year-old London artist Reggie Pedro. ’My work .s based, either d:re( tiy or loosely .1 Dark, 51“de bad,

on people and places,' says Pedro. ’Although the setting is often urban, I try to depict a variety of human emotions muswldr dame mum at Its ranging from anger, aggre55ion, torment and laughter, through to love or Just boredom ' be,“ See [mam] page 36 Liquid Skin is re/eased by Hut on Mon 13 Sep. See music review, page 36. rte/905w 0,, MW, 20 50,)

Clubs: Colours Sasha, the progressive house/trance DJ, plays an extended set followmg his well-received 'Xpander' EP Yet another of Colours big name guests to grace Scottish sOil See prexiew, page 59. Glasgow. The Arches, Sat ll Sep Theatre: Private Lives Juliet Stevenson, one of Britain’s greatest actresses, stars opposite Anton Lesser in this Royal National Theatre production of the play by Noel Coward, whose centenary is celebrated this year See preview, page 48 Edinburgh. King ’5 Theatre, Tue 2 l--Sat 25 Sep.

Books: Bad Night Is Falling Crime-writer Gary Phillips's third novel brings private investigator Ivan Monk to a Los Angeles housrng protect where racial tensions are set to explode Not jUSI a tight thriller, but a glimpse into the social abyss that is America's future. See revrew, page 87 Out now Video: Cathy Come Home Frequently namechec‘ked as a landmark in British TV history, Ken Loach’s docu-drama loses none of its power as it receives its first ever video release The first of a series of early Loach works planned for home consumption See review, page 91 Released on Mon 73 Sep

ngsrde Not only did he float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, but Muhammad Ali was a photographer's dream, as Ringside proves. The pugilist formerly known as Cassius Clay also had a knack of attracting America’s literary heavyweights, who fell over themselves to cultivate some sparkling prose in his name. Alex Haley, Joyce Carol Oates, Toni Morrison and Norman Mailer are among those who have contributed here to his legend, and even in his later battle With Parkinson’s, Ali has retained dignity and charm. Ringside is pub/isned by Virgin on Thu 76 Sep, priced £74.99.

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