Openings And Closings

We've not seen such a shake up in Clubland as has happened this August for a long, long time. Both sides of Scotland have been under seige as clubs and venues open and close faster than a revolving door at Harrods.

First up, shock waves are still rolling in Edinburgh after managing director Warren Deighan announced that he had sold The Honeycomb to Festival Inns (owners of The Three Sisters amongst others) and that the venue would be closing on Mon 13 Sep. After literally creating the venue and turning it into Edinburgh's prime space, Deighan feels ready for a fresh challenge and is currently looking about town for a new space/venue. Although rumours abound that he will be up and running by Hogmanay, he flatly denies that it will be the case: ‘If it

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And not a tissue in sight: Craig Wood and Warren Deighton at Substance's last

night at the Honeycomb

were open for Hogmanay. it wouldn't be of the quality I'm used to giving people. It would be more typical of the shit club ownership that unfortunately goes on in Edinburgh and I won't operate like that.’ The closure has left the clubs that were in residence homeless. At the time of going to press, Taste had moved to Wilkie House (as of Sun 19 Sep). Black Projects to La Belle Angele, Higher Ground will go nomadic while both Substance and Atomic Baby were still considering their options but hope to be settled shortly.

Eden opened in mid-August after extensive renovations and soundproofing to the venue. The lusth decorated venue is still working on a final club rota, although Barry Cabanas has moved there (monthly from Fri 17 Sep) and Craig Burger Queen hosts the Saturday nights. Vegas, the kitsch showtune affair. is also there monthly. The actual name had to be changed from Abaco after it transpired that King City Leisure already owned the rights to that particular name. The change has stepped on the toes of the local Celtic dance club Eden who are responsible for putting on varied world/dance bands. Eden the club would like to point out that they are in no way

Dingy venue The Jaffacake was closed in July for major renovations (to the tune of over £1.5 million) and will reopen on Fri 1 Oct as Gaia. Still owned by Albatross Leisure, the venue will have three floors: the top being a VIP style lounge. the middle a dance floor (with a combined capacity of 800) while the basement will be a 300 capacity separate venue (not due to be ready until December). Manager David Campbell hopes that the overall result will 'push the limits of the Edinburgh market with more of a bar/club fusion' and to capturing the university student and over-21s market with a mix of mainstream and commercial dance nights.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, GZ on Sauchiehall street has ditched all the nights it was running and will go with a music policy along the lines of a slightly older Garage. This means Traxx and Bughouse are now homeless, but the latter still has a pub gig at Balsa on Friday nights.

The Slam crew announced a new night at Alaska called Freelance which'll see the duo taking the first Saturday of each month. Hey, isn't that when Love Boutique is meant to be on? We’ll keep you posted.

connected with Eden the venue.

(Simone Baird and Rory Weller)

Trunk call: Roger Howison gives good phone

Wilkie House

What was once a church and then a miner’s social club became a club venue some ten years ago. The past few years has seen Wilkie House claw its way up the credible venue ladder to the stage where it can today lay claim to housing the likes of Luvely, Joy, Sublime, Taste and Fire Island. It might not be the plushest of venues, but Wilkie still manages to retain a rota of long- standing quality clubs. Its strengths lie in its large, centralised capacity and prime location, and manager Roger Howison is keen to get the venue back on track after this year's Fringe - which saw the venue become the Gilded Balloon during the month of August - and continue its reputation as 'a banging place to dance your arse off’. Manager for four years (on and off),

‘- in between stints at the Catwalk Cafe,

Howison describes his role as 'cultural spindoctor’ to owner of both Wilkie and the Cafe, Ellis Johnston. His most recent task was to deal with the heating problem after noise complaints

from local residents resulted in the unwise decision to block off the ventilation systems. Clubbers will have noticed decreased oxygen levels in the building but the problem has recently been resolved after a cool £10,000 was spent on ventilation.

Specifically, Sublime will cOntinue in its fortnightly Friday residency; this popular trance and techno club will also be rocking the venue for its Hogmanay celebrations. Saturdays will continue to alternate between

techno/house night Joy, featuring

Roger's ’favourite backroom DJ' Trendy Wendy, hard house club Fire Island , all- girl DJ night Shebang and superpopular, gay friendy hard house night Luvely. Sunday nights will be home to Taste as of Sun 19 Sep after the closure of The Honeycomb, one of the greatest coups for any club in Edinburgh for quite a while.

(Catherine Bromley)

. Wilkie House is at 207 Cowgate. Edinburgh. Check listings for all other club details.

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HOMELANDS SCOTLAND only attracted some 9000 punters, a third of the event's capacity. Still, the weather was suitably hot and casualites were aplenty in the early hours. Paul Oakenfold had his records stolen but Uber Disko's Barry stepped in to save the day, sending a taxi full of vinyl to the event. Good thing, too, as Oakey had to fly out immediately after his set for another gig. Pete Tong brought his whole family for a Scottish day out which was sweet. Danny Tenaglia is officially the doyan of 015 after his brilliant six hour set, during which he was seen wielding both a spotlight and a glowstick. Far too many people were climbing the scaffolding during The Chemical Brothers set but no-one cared when they opened with 'Hey Boy Hey Girl'. Roni Size and MC Dynamite closed their DJing set with ‘a history of drum 8: bass', reminding everyone of the days, then Carl Cox came on to play a banging techno set which included Joey Beltram's ‘Energy Flash', being played at what must have been +8.

MEANWHILE IN MAJORCA, the festival that Mish Mash's Oscar Fullone was talent booker for, was cancelled only eight days before it was supposed to take place, the company citing technical problems with the site being the problem. However, Fullone says he's managed to salvage the situation by putting on 95% of the acts over here and in Barcelona in the coming months.

LUCKY DOMENIC CAPPELLO met the Spice Girls when he was DJing on a radio show with Ralph Lawson. Mel B demanded he play some 'garage' and he dutifully told her where she could stick it.

APOLOGIES TO PEOPLE who came over from Edinburgh for Goodfoot when we said it was going to be on, but if the venue can't get the date right. then how the hell are we supposed to?

IT SHOULD BE NOTED that when Harri couldn't make his Higher Ground gig on Fri 3 Sep. DJ Q stepped up to rock the place with Domenic. By all accounts a marvellous night was had.

Mel B

9—23 Sep 1999 THE US! 57