Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a man of light. The Icelandic artist, who once created a rainbow using a lamp and a perforated hose, is to employ numerous light bulbs and a lot of wattage to transform the gallery at Dundee Contemporary Arts. In his first solo UK show, Eliasson will work in an interior space but draw inspiration from the landscape beyond. Currently showing at the Venice Biennale, Eliasson is fast being viewed as an artist who is going places.

O/a fur Eliasson: Your Position Surrounded And Your Surroundings Positioned is exhibited at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Sat 78 Sep—Sun 7 NOV.

The Third Man

He may have had a girl's name but Carol Reed was all man. So much so that he insisted on sticking the word ’man’ into several of his films: A Man Between, Odd Man Out, Our Man In Havana and The Third Man. The last of those is zithering its way back onto big screens to mark its half century. And it’s also a good way to learn that not everything that Orson Welles appeared in was simply an Orson Welles production.

The Third Man is re-re/eased on Fri 70 Sep. See film review, page 20.

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9—23 Sep 1999 THE “ST 5