I Friendly, outgoing 23-year- I Attractive. wacky charming friendly and easy-going. Take a

old postgrad seeks large, sunny gent, 30s, seeks potential female chance and tell me about room in student flat, ideally in wooing material within the yourself. Edinburgh. Box No Marchmont/Bruntsfield area, Edinburgh locality. l enjoy - 369/8. ' starting from end Sep/beg Oct. larging it big-time of an I Good guy to know 31, a (ii ' Please call Claire on 01382 evening, exotic travel, atttractive, friendly, sincere, 5 Q '~ 1:} I 667331. percussion, playing nifty lead affectionate seeks nice female '-" . breaks on my electric guitar, recipient for my loyal adoration l) pERSONAL languages, a spot of soccer, and luv/lust thing. Likes nights a I , - ' turning down lucrative out/in, music, art, city, ' [rum "mmm 'mmmm 'mmmm modelling contracts and highlands, cats, camping, - checking that l have the correct sleeping, snogging, giving long CHOOSE YOUR MAN BY REGION on “m size of fuse attached to my massages, are yer up for it? Box domestic appliances. Box No No 369/9. 0 368/7.h k I We might dick we might I Got ic pun man (35, 6ft not!! But it’s worth taking the UL Box 5306. wow 3xx. calls cost lip/min m ran, as"... peak Then, an, m, mm lins), veggie, train-driving chance to find out! Optimistic, me °' “a” ca“ “'9‘” Wm" “mg a “3‘9 be “'8 3"" WW9 We 63"5 $002190 anarchist, isolated in Edinburgh, realistic, attractive, chatty seeks mistress of the dark to Glaswegian musician, 305, share interests in music, WLTM, happy positive woman. photography, politics and Your letter gets mine. Box No culture. You photo for mine. 369/ 10. ALA. Box No 368/11. I Genuine, classy, I Attractive. successful imaginative creative, well- professional guy, 35. Positive sorted male, 40, very attractive, , I Fit. bright, semi-retired gg’glfiifnég’gmfifigfifiyd gifiiflfmw” mvo'vmg being LIVE l-Z-l MEN CALL: graduate PYOfCSSlonal male. 50. literate, interested in ideas, used/submissive/exhibitionistic, s " I


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seeks 809d compaf‘iomv 0,“ or talking, listening, being weeks advantage-seeking female ' 03 form‘dfwc“ hm‘wf‘u‘mg serious/frivolous, dynamic and for friendship, exploration, F‘fev 1'0""an PcnhShm' Box driven and quiet times, style, but fantasy fulfillment. Age etc

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and Pam“, “’"h ammo" for eating out/in. Looking to meet rescue curvacious wee lassie of

“’99 Choco'aw’ “man”, attractive, emotionally mature, Sassenach origin from plight

WLTM woman, 26-37, ‘0 Sham secure woman, 30 plus, to prove and loneliness of single life.

",me and talk, (“t “aShO’CSt men and women can be good Professional, warm-hearted,

mgms 0‘“ and mt films, . friends. Glasgow/Edinburgh. hapless romantic, with desirable

common an,“ new groPndt and ‘f Box No 369/1. qualities to share, in new

summer Sim“, a mung I Edinburgh, early 40: male, millenium. Enjoys clubs, pubs,

relat'}'P' Box No 363/14' looking for stunning, intelligent, restaurants, comedy, cinema,

I sensmve' sensual curvacious, stimulating, sensual swimming, gym, beautiful

ad"°"‘,“'°“‘ handsome, passionate, charismatic female scenery, conversation and Scots SWITCHBOARD pmfcss‘onal malct la“ 305’ to enjoy films, food, wine and accents! ln desperate need of

sec“ 3“ amac‘ivc CUWY female wicked one to one pursuits. Free TLC from right man in caring mm M L...“ 5mm

for an aulumn fling» Wilh a View drinks to all who reply. Box No relationship to bring out wilder

to a longer term relationship. 1369/2. side! Openmindcd, wmy’

Box No 365/}. . sensitive, sincere and cultured - s I H &

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gircli to estjoy pubs, kitty kats, ITalI slim intelligent, 31:21?;:nfirg?l§$d?rwfigng and a“ matters relat'ng to an out oors. bring in the new handsome, creative male ' ' ' millennium in style(?) Central. looking for soulmate/muse. A at: $103313: 3163/23“! “mg to the Gay and LeSblan communlty Once in a lifetime. Box No gently, sensual and lively I Glasgow ma|e 23 .pospgj-ad

366/1. woman talented in music or the imemgem'ck with

I Presentable. professional arts required for friendship and GSOH mic cinema music

male, young 30, something possibly further. Age 25-35. concert}, food travél a“ “1’6

seeks pleasant female soulmate Box No 369/3. usual sniff, see’ks ime’mgner,

‘0 PanlC‘Palc {'1 me 8"“! . wafmt aflm'P'latea . attractive female for whatever. SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN LINE adventure of life. I enjoy musrc, Intelligent creative professronal photo c001 Box No 369/14

cinema, socialising. Letter and male, family-minded but without ' ° 4049 557 0751 photograph appreciated. Box No a family, seeks like female. Do

366/4. not wish (as often advertised), 7'30pm'10pm 7'30pm'10pm

I Female, 32: into music ‘tactile, voluptuous, sensuous’ etc Every "’9’" Monday & Thumday (punk/indie), clubs, style, woman, but instead someone

people, cheap wine, cats and who is seriously seeking a A Scottish Charity ,NO- 500 03403-

exploring. Seeks straight female committed relationship and is away“ as a C°mpany umnedsby Guarantee No' 16449

palls for sholpping, clubbing, open to the honesties, hiccups, Damned by mnmwhmmmman'm

gir ie type t ings and mischief! growing together and stead

Edinburgh. Box No F/367/1. good humour which impliez. Box N D E

ISensual. curvacious fun, No 369/4. Information ' Education ' Support female, 33, seeks male, n/s, I Hi! I’m a 40-something, GAY PROFESSIONAL GUY

37-48, sense of humour, attractive female in the prime of 40, intelligent, solvent, good life .

honesty, Sincerity, essential to my life, and I’m dying to meet a style, seeks younger, handsome, man’ tan’ daik an?! qune . proverelationships can be cuddly guy with a wicked SOH masculine man for partnership. handsome wnh Wldespread Ve’y “men”: but can’t lfumnlsguanil excitliililg. Setnd to share some magic moments. Detailed letter preferred. Photo 22:35:“?ng $;:?5:c’possibly find the right one? ong c a y etter. oto i Box No 369/5. 0 tional. . . .

brave! Box No 367/7. I Glasgow West End woman, Box iio 363/52. "/5, ‘0’ mm“? f"e‘.‘dsh‘P and I at“ assmfisicnt. caring. I Attractive, intelligent very early thirties wants more hqpefuuy relauonsmp' scml'mlu’om’m m my la“ petite, blonde, hedonistic female male mates to share good times I Are you shy discreet, cute, D'scm'o" assured and expecwd' 205- 6ft t3” and masombl)’ seeks, fit, attractive, leftish with. Write with ingredients for under 35 and a genuinely nice 3°; N°f369/I52- . good looking (so my mum male, 45-55, for cafes, currys, perfect day and night in the guy? Do you value tenderness I ay ema 9136’ a"? and says). I want to meet an conversation etc. Must be honest metropolis. Box No 369/6. and passion in equal measure? "on?" we?" 0?. kactlory h intelligent, Chrisdan lady, and intellectually challenging I Think you know Glasgow? Then write to this 305, slim, wot c" Sim es’ m 5’ aug 5’ aged 20—35.

With zest for life. Edinburgh Shy, 28 year old with massive attractive, sincere, non-scene Limb"? for. real IOVF and To find out mom about me area. Box No 367/10. sense of humour and crazy man. Box No 367/51. 8 emonpw'tfh m.“ genumc call 0131 657 9594

I Leather clad male biker media job just moved from I Glasgow lanafkfliil‘e gay wog‘an' rojssmnals an: “mil. davc d@v,'rgin no“ or (28), seeks n/s, biker babe, Edinburgh seeks pub and club male. 33. straight acting. n/s. 5‘" ""5 n“ "°' apply' °" - ' 14 '3 - h '1»; 20-30. f9! pinion/riding partner expert, (18-30 lass) for laughs tall, well built, honest, sincere 369/53' Wm? ‘0 “3 ‘0“ a“ and possible relationship. likes and more. Box No 369/7. into music, footabll, WLTM, Edinburgh EH15 ILU- include motor racing, books, I Young 33 year old male male, 25-40, for friendship, fun, It’s-got to be worth a fly. travel and laughter. Photo seeks female soulmate for hopefully relationship. Looks l d apprecrated but not neccessary. laughs, conversation and unimportant, genuine replies Myguamm“ ' Box No 368/1. companionship. I’m quiet, only please. Box No 369/51. WWW/ml! be Immed-

82 TIIE U81 9-23 Sep 1999