0 I saw you lan from Glasgow, in the corridor of the Three Sisters. You took your friend home early. Kiss me again and I won’t pull away. Sarah. xx. Box No U/369/1

O I saw you tall, cute guy from Papyrus in the Polo Lounge, 21/8/99. I am shorter, shyer guy with messy hair. You’re invited to bite me, just a wee nibble? Grrr. Box No U/369/2.

O I saw you Barry, cute bar guy in Dels. Me, young and crazy. Too shy to say hello, can I buy you a drink? Box No U/369/3.

O I saw you The Lanterns, ktwwh, 18/8/99, You Sylvia, me blue-hooded boy perfecting that 3rd harmony, forget passionate and sustaining love, come taste sweet infidelity, come out for booze and I’ll sing for you. Box No U/369/4.

O I saw you big killed man in Three Sisters, 20/8/99. I was big, blonde in black leather who ran away. Do you still want not to be gentle with me? Box No U/369/5.

v I saw you sitting outside EH1. You looked hot and in need of a refreshing drink. Why not try a long, tall Sauza with lemonade, a slice of lime and lots of ice?

O I saw you sexy blonde. So very orange, you handed me a leaflet at The Assembly and I hear you’re amazing . . ! Feed me your love. Box No U/369/7. v I saw you Vicky at

Fruitfly, 21/8 and Inside Out, 28/8. Also Sunday morning, 10am alarm call! I’ve got you in my head, I think a rendezvous . . . @ Colours. Go on, you know you want to. Box- No U/369/8. O I saw you ‘Layla from Musselburgh’ (!?) at Legends, Sat 28/8, we spoke Italian, I really would like to see you again. Box No U/369/9.

O I saw you at the Book Festival, Sandi Toksvig reading. You: short, dark hair, white top and trousers, dark jacket, red pattern, brought book to get signed. Me: fairish hair, jeans, white top, mustard shirt, stood behind you in queue. Can we meet? Box No U/369/10.

O I saw you at the Crime Writers’ Night in the Tron. You were sitting in the bar at the end of the night between two suspicious looking women. The Authorities request that you get in touch with me, ASAP. Box No U/369/ll.

v I saw you at Fruitfly at The Arches on Sat 21/8/99. You said your name was Anthony and you blatantly kissed me on the dance floor. What a great snog! Get in touch - I need another one . . . U/369/12.

Q I saw you ‘Best of Scottish Comedy’ Wed 25/8. We walked to Waverley. I didn’t see you next day in ‘Stand-Up Scotland’. Have you enjoyed Barcelona? I’d like to see you again, lovely girl. Box No U/369/l3.

v I saw you Hugh, reading Livy last term with Tin Tin on your back. No-one got me so hot and bothered. Come and spray me, cool me down. Box No U/369/14.

O I saw you medical student at ERI A&E, 23/8. You were baffled by my puffy eye: I was enchanted by yours. Box No U/369/15.

O I saw you ‘re advert and I have got the message. Get in touch. Carlo. Box No U/369/16. O I saw you ESMI. You were the cute blonde babe at Girls on Top next to stage when Jackie Clune on. I was standing next to you, eyes only for you. Date? BB. Box No U/369/l7.

O I saw you at a wedding in Broughty Ferry. You made my day and night. I promise you more dances next time. When can I see you again, Jedi Knight? Box No U/369/l8.

O I saw you my Sleeping Beauty, 31/8/99. I’ll be there when you awake. J. Box No U/369/19.

O I saw you Andy, as the sun was setting over Belhaven. I was sitting on the fence not knowing what to say. You took me inside and showed me how much you’d missed me. I wouldn’t put my contact lenses in tap water for anybody else. Love from Julie. XX Box No U/369/20.

O I saw you at Archaos, Fri 20/8. You: Mike, policeman, living in Edinburgh, working in Glasgow. Me: Australian with pigtails and a really rude friend. You never returned. . . U/369/21.

V I saw you Ben at Bennetts, dancing with Jack. Alan wants to get together for soapy bathtime fun. And maybe more . . ! Box No U/369/22.

O I saw you blonde, goatee boy, surprising me loitering near the I Saw You box in the blue. I can be more than a small, bright, orange boy. Box No U/369/23. O I saw you in the Strathclyde Union, in Cessnock and steaming milk in Borders Cafe. Your short and sweet. Hey girl, can I be your superstar DJ. Box

No U/369/24. 0]

Q I saw you in El Gringos, You, dark, handsome and lovely. Me: brown hair, blue eyes, wanting a way good boarding partner! Let’s get some air together. Box No U/369/25.

O I saw you Neil MacDonald, l’m wee Jocky Wilson and I’ll give you one hundred and eighty anytime. Box No U/369/26.

O I saw you Nina, looking beautiful as ever, with a Laurent Garnier beat in your head, thinking about your future. We love you Kochana. . . Box No U/369/27.

O I saw you large, Jonnie, dancing your last dance in the capital - Kia Ora Bro. Box No U/369/28.

Q I saw you Vicki, cheer up babes. The sun will come. Peace, love and mungbeans. Chat. Box No U/369/29.

O I saw you at The Attic, Amphetameanies gig. You were dressed in white and l in black. you are the lemon for my gin bottle. Box No U/369/30.

O I saw you Paul, in your cool threads in Motherfunk, whilst on leave, 18/8. I luv you. Box No U/369/31.

O I saw you drummer boy, with sister soul. Come and beat my stick - you got rhythm! Box No U/369/32.

9 I saw you Chilean Princess at Cafe Grafitti on Sat 23/8. Estoy loco por ti! Box No U/369/33.

v I saw you dark-bobbed hair, blue shirt. Behind the bar at Iguana. You made my beer bubble. Wold you like to bubble my bath? Box No U/369/34.

O I saw you and now you’ve met an American girl, who gave me her address and took it back. Box No U/369/35.

O I saw you sexy and stylish Wendy’s friend. City Cafe, Thu 21/8. Me: tall, fair, watching you. Get in touch. Love to meet you. Box No U/369/36.

O I saw you Pie in the Sky, sexy, blonde bombshell. On drugs? High to U!! Let’s spliff up the night together. Guess who? Box No U/369/37.

O I saw you

smoking away your Chanel Mascara fund. We shall be beaching ourselves in Venezuela; the losers win and join us. Box No U/369/38.

O I saw you Chas, room for two in those trews? Are they your little brothers? Love Wendy. Box No U/369/39.

O I saw you with a racoon on your head. Bad hair what are you thinking? The barman is going to kill you. Box No U/367/40.

O I saw you

sweet, sexy boy. Attacking the air conditioner at Pu-Na-Na . . . Miss you. See you in Espanél? Box No U/369/4l.

O I saw you in Tinderbox, faces on the wall. You want to be noticed don’t you? Well I’ve seen the lot. Mmmm - tasty! Box No U/369/42.

O I saw you in Noa, 101/2 stone, blonde hair, one tooth longer than the other. Call me! Box No U/369/43.

O I saw you swaying about in the BBC SSO viola section, hopelessly. Do you want some lessons, after all you're No. 2. Box No U/369/44.

0 I saw you Simon in your smooth suit and fish tie. How about we get together and do kedgeree? FB. Box No U/369/45.

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