O I saw you Mark, looking smadhing in your white top and blue jeans, see you again. Box No U/369/46.

O I saw you schmoozing gracefully with everyone but me. i was pleased with the festive glances that passed between us at the Granada Awards reception. Monday 23/8/99 at the Havens Blue Cafe. Please call. Box No U/369/47.

v I saw you Ozzie press officer. I like your glasses and my pants are wet. Marry me in CC Blooms. Love Barbarella. Box No U/369/48.

O I saw you on the 8.15 train to the Gyle - cool suit, smart shirt and oh, that long, dark hair in a pony. Did you used to pull pints? Please pull me! Box No U/369/49.

Q I saw you Mairi, Mairi, will you marry me. We will meet again in Cyprus. From luv is in the air. Box No U/369/50.

v I saw you Steve - nice smile! See you next year - don’t stare, come and say hello! Box No U/369/51.

O I saw you Danni Minogue in Graffiti Cafe, wanted to chat you up but didn’t have the balls, literally! I was the drunk but shy chick with yellow shades. Box No U/369/52.

,0 I saw you Flipper. . . Would you like to share a bath? From the womble in Graffiti without a bra. Box No U/369/53.

O I saw you Ryans, 23/7, girl with a Polish surname - nice nose stud - real? lFA man is no Britannia! MA (Hons) - I like you! Write! Call! Now! Box No U/369/S4.

O I saw you shopping for cars with blonde girl - I’ll cry if you’re together. Black clothes, fudged hair. Box No U/369/55. O I saw you sexy man in black, cheeky grin, burgundy hair around Edinburgh. I’m in love. Take me on your bike. Box No U/367/56.

OlsawyouinEHl,sogoodl had to send it twice. To my green eyed temptress. my pepperrnill is at the ready. Box No U/369/57.

. I saw you with your light butt, pressed over the pool table! Eyes that sparkled and lips that said Yes! Please! I had to have you, so I took you to be mine, forever and a day. Love You, Homer. Box No U/369/58.

O I saw you Digitiszer - share with us the secrets of the soiled middle finger nail. Covered in vegetable oil! Box No U/369/59.

v I saw you looking vulnerable and lost to my left side on 26/8. You had eyes that spoke of magic. Box No U/369/60.

0 I saw you Fiz fondling shazza’s hair. I was watching wearing only a gypsy skirt. Box No U/369/61.

O I saw you Mr Clooney at the Gandolfi. We can’t go on together with suspicious minds. Big baguette boy. Box No U/369/62.

0 I saw you at the Traverse, and I’d traverse to the stars to see you again. Be my JuJu boy! Box No U/369/63.

O I saw you in drag at Theatre Workshop on the street outside the Traverse. Helen and Claire, thank you for the pizza - and the show! Box No U/369/64. O I saw you with one exposed buttock! Oh, such memories of youth - in front of the mirror, stroking yourself. One more time, I implore you! Box No U/369/65.

Q I saw you I have a poisoned Merkin. Can you please cum around and brush it up? The codename is ‘Ronnie’. Box No U/369/66.

v I saw you Ian - Mark Kevan, ‘Ect’ Suite, Aug 99. How about some personal shock therapy for me, you make me electric. Can you cure my white coat syndrome? AKA ‘Sunrise’! Box No U/369/67.

O I saw you Moira, sexy, black new jacket, get it on! Hop on baby! Yeah baby! Steve. Box No U/369/68.

O I saw you man with a torch, at Traverse 1, Saturday afternoon. Production of Dntmmers. Can we compare notes? Box No U/369/61.

O I saw you in Noa, you look like Rachel in Friends. Call me. Box No U/369/70.

O I saw you music box girl. Up and down the ‘mile’ through the Festival. You stopped my heart and made my eyes like saucers. Box No U/369/71.

Q I saw you Susan, and I was overwhelmed. I still am. I miss you and I love you. I probably always will. PS. Cassandrs does too!! Box No U/369/72.

O I saw you Edinburgh Book Festival staff. You’re all STARS! You wow’d me and exceeded my expectations - then I lost my voice! Love you all. Box No U/369f73.

O I saw you perform in CC Blooms. Hosting Karaoke. You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Pleasse be mine Sheila! Box No U/369/74.

O I saw you through the bars, you were bent over, Big Jack was standing proud. I was

shocked, you were pleased! Box No U/369/75.


O I saw you at the clinic. you had an itch. I had a scratch, we both got a scrub, so let’s get together and help each other out! Box No U/369f76.

v I saw you at the Dome at the ‘Big Tease’ after show party - Isaac, give us a call sometime. Box No U/369/77.

O I saw you you were Jamie, I was Donna, I’ll fill your night with pleasure, just give me a chance. Box No U/369/78.

O I saw you in the outhouse, you - sexy, young man - friend of ‘Fred Flinstone’, you set my heart alight! Barney, you make my knees turn to rubble. Come and play in my cave! Box No U/369/79.

v I saw you through your window across the Pleasance, you ginger-haired temptress. i love you and your kitty. Write soon. Box No U/369/80.

O I saw you in Tesoo (the bridges), your trolley touched mine. Your cousin is Andrew and his friend is mine. See you in CC’s next Tuesday. Box No U/369/81.

v I saw you Geraldine at EH1. J’ai Jean-Paul. Tu est gorgeous! Voulez vouz . . You know the rest! Box No U/369/82.

O I saw you nugaty ginger girl, how many times have you been camping this year? Box No U/369/83.

O I saw you fishing cowboy. Let’s strip the willow! you said your name was ‘lan’. Did you use to be in ‘Flock of Seagulls’? Box No U/369/84.

v I saw you thin scouser, in the ‘Hub’, looking literary. Write me a sonnet, I love slight Liverpudlians with attitude. Box No U/369/8S.

O I saw you shaved head in the Outhouse - You call youself Duncan but I know you prefer Mandy. Box No U/369/86.

Q I saw you wilecting glasses in the baseball hat in the Outhouse - I’m the sexy girl, blonde hair, blue eyes etc - You know who it is. Box No U/369/87.

O I saw you blonde haired rhythm machine at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Friday night. Want to keep rhythm with me? Box No U/369/88.

O I saw you old girl, behind

the cloakroom in Noa. What a

star! You looked after my jacket. Now let me look after you! Box No U/369/89.

O I saw you my gorgeous nutter! I do forever and ever, but grow your hair! Box No U/369/90.

. I saw you while we were all dropping out and moaning, whatever the problem, sea breeze and sangria saves the day darling, keep on keeping on. Love Nik. Box No U/369/91.

O I saw you you were wearing a white t shirt, sexy blue Levi 501’s, your hair all fluffy and cute, a quirky NE accent. You’re all I’ve ever dreamed of. Will you marry me? Box No U/369/92.


O I saw you in the Tron. Jesus! you were sexy. You’re name was Dave I think, well you can mow me anytime. Box No U/369/93. O I saw you haven a wee beavie in the Tron. Beautiful grey eyes and deep black hair. Principezza! Be my love for ever. Box No U/369/94.

Q I saw you crossing the finish line - 1 hour, 35 mins. Fantastic my wee splodgarian. XX. Box No U/369/95.

O I saw you tall, cute, ginger boy laughing with friends , losing me in Blue, but my orange gear may compliment you yet, even vested air heros need fans. Box No U/369/96.

O I saw you In fact I see you everywhere; in all the stylish places, looking exciting, long and refreshing. I wish I was you Sauza.

O I saw you Polly Philips, Polly Philips, Polly Philips at the Tron when can we see you again and view life through a screen. PS. I wish I had your life. From Sharleen Speteri! Box No U/369/97.

0 I saw you busking and you gave me the horn, let’s get together and make some porn! I think your name is Mags. Box No U/369/98.

v I saw you lovely woman in grey behind the bar at Pure, asking me who I saw. lt’s refreshing to have a smile and a twinkle at today’s clubs. Yeehah to you! Box No U/369/99.

O I saw you with your green bag of pants. You can strangle my cello anytime, sexy bum. (City Cafe). Box No U/369/ 100. U I saw you Hi baldy! My eight out of tenner! Fancy meeting at Harhill? We’d have a ball! Box No U/369/101.

O I saw you Hi long locks. Aqua marina at the Budha Bar. Please god, make you be single because I want to have your wanes. Let’s get it on, baby! Box No U/369/102.

O I saw you in June on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train. You are one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen. dark hair blue eyes. You were wearing khaki trousers and navy t shirt with a cap and a huge blue bag. Our eyes kept meeting. Box No U/369/103. O I saw you the gorgeous swinger babee, Thu 5 Aug, at the Garage - Austin Powers Nile! Yeah babee! Box No U/369/104.

9-23 Sep 1999 III! LIST .5