O I saw you Viva Mexico, Mon 13 Sep. You looked sexy and sophisticated. Why did you make eyes at Iain Banks? Can I nurse your cough? Box No U/370/1.

O I saw you Martin, Waterloo Bar, 9/9/99. Never run after anyone before and don’t make a habit of upsetting them first either. Second chance to say sorry? Leap of faith, I know. A. Box No U/370/2.

v I saw you Craig (electrician), outside the Polo, Fri 27. The river’s nice at night (ha ha). Where were you last Saturday? Let’s try agian! Robert. Box No U/370/3.

O I saw you ‘Ricky Martin’ @ The Subway, Cowgate on Sat 21 Aug. Me: smiley, guttered, pink and silver. You: very handsome. Want to live la vida loca? Box No U/370/4.

O I saw you you’re right I was looking! That was sweet of you. Thanks for making me smile all day. Joanne. Box No U/370/5.

O I saw you at the student’s union, you introduced me to Sauza and cranberry and real- ly educated me. Lets see what else we can teach other!

Q I saw you working at Oblomov in the west end, 3 Sep, around 6pm. You - very handsome with dark hair and a good taste goatee. Mmmmm . . . gimme a call . . . Box No U/370/6.

O I saw you at the cul-de-sac on Sat 4, whilst at the bar you passed me ‘I saw you Card’ Me: tall, blond mess - You: dark eyed lady. Let’s rock. Box No U/370/7.

O I saw you at Traverse Theatre end of Festival party and like most of the people placing an advert in I Saw You I was just too shy to talk to you that night. You have been there with two friends (one had red bag, other had blond hair and left early). You were the nice looking girl with short, black hair. I was the black dressed boy with short, black hair who looked up to you before you left. Would like to see you again! See you at the Hogmanay Street Party 2000? Box No U/370/8.


98 THE U37 23 Sep—7 OCt 1999

U I saw you dopey, dopey sexy tart. it world have been three years on the 29/7/99. It was really the 15/12/95, when ‘you touched my heart’ and ‘I got all excited’. Now ‘You’ve torn it apart’ and left me to finish this song on my own! We could always find another! Box No U/370/9.

O I saw you stitching my face at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, 29/8/99, thanks, and sony for being a nightmare patient. See you next Festival! Box No U/370/10.

O I saw you Barry & George from Penicuik. Kings of the Queue for Mahler. Rob & Lu cy wish to meet you for a meal, but who will cook? Box No U/370/11.

v I saw you Stuart, manning the Meadows tennis court this summr, l was your eager student. You seemed to have disappeared. Get in touch. Box No U/370/12.

v I saw you in the King’s Bar, 10/9/99. You, tall, dashing Guiness-drinking Hearts man, me, giggly wee blonde. Buy me a G&T or just call me a lush! Box No U/370/13.


O I saw you malingering around Glasgow. Hopefully we’ll see you as the next Florence Nightingale! from you queer peer. Box No U/370/ 14. O I saw you sexy blonde, early one morning, about 10am. In a real rush along Drummond Place. You looked at me as I looked at you, and we both turned our heads as you rushed off. You look lovely. Please get in touch. Box No U/370/15.

v I saw you Electra, CCA, 16/9/99, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you; passionate, tenacious, fiercely beautiful Queen of Revenge. Man, 3rd row, can’t stop thinking about you. Box No U/370/16

O I saw you crossing the road twice in Queensferry Road at abut 1.30pm Thu 16 Sep. you were tall, dark, handsome and wearing a blue shirt, you gave me palpitations. Fancy going for a drink sometime? Box No U/370/17

. I saw you David, Tue 14/9/99, at Penelope’s. You Redbull and vodka. We talked, then kissed, you ‘disappeared’? let’s meet again? Redbull on ice, already! Box No U/370/l8.

O I saw you pondering over a quesh

I thought two grizzly bears and a big stringy vest,

heading out of the city and into the sticks,

diddy bag, mint cake and a family sized twix,

all of that reen stuff and

fresh air I fear,

would have me gagging for warm pub and beer,

civilized accommodation, now that makes me cheer,

and keep all that bollocks for the demented Tom Weir.

Warm Leanings signed Savage McSavage. Box No U/370/l9.


9 I saw you alluring airline hostess at the venue, Pures 9th birthday. I kissed your neck allnight, walked it home. Your number got smugged. Can I kiss your neck somemore? Hmmmm I’m in love! Box No U/370/20. v I saw you Bryan at no 23. Interesting habitat. I would have preferred some performance art in bedroom 1 as opposed to the conceptual sort. Thanks for the tea. Drop me a line if you’d like to meet for somthing stronger. Me, tall, dark, needing a shave, blue shirt, black jeans. Box No U/370/21.

O I saw you once again, John & Luvely, 4/9, your still mad, see you again, love ya always. xxxxhehe. Box No U/370/22. C I saw you looking feline and sexy in the West End. Despite your knees you are still the most beautiful girl I know. how about a repeat performance? I’ll maybe even head over to the south side next time. Box No U/370/23.

O I saw you packed lunch boy, sat beside me for Pleasantville, Cameo, 5/9/99. i left before you ate your apple. Was it tasty? Box No U/370/24.

V I saw you chunky blond, white shirt, Planet Out - Mon 13/9. You in mixed group. Me: tall, blue shirt alone. Wish I’d spoken but too shy. Please get in touch, you are beautiful. Box No U/370/25.

Q I saw you Meadowbank, 7/9/99. You about to play squash: tall, dirty blond (I hope), you wore blue shirt, grey trousers; I wore nought but a goatee and a smile. Let’s meet. Box No U/370/26.

O I saw you Thu 2/9 in the Odeon , you were wearing a green parker, had red curly hair and a big bag of Doritos. Just wanted to say, next time don’t eat so noisely. Box No U/370/27.

0 I saw you Granton-upon- Spey, enticing three ladies down the river, and eating all the pies. Box No U/370/28.

O I saw you last night (Wed 8/9) in Cul de Sac. You funky mother - yes you with fun Duncan and nice James and two tops-drinking sexy ladies. Box No U/370/29.

O I saw you with lovely eyes wandering around Stockbridge in shorts. I want you homeboy. Box No U/370/30.

Q I saw you primate boy. Spin those tunes although they ain’t much cop, mate. Don’t fancy yours much Freak Feet. Box No U/370/31.

V I saw you groovin’ to yer tunes on a Friday night, slinking to yer decks and drinking too much ale, yer lard head Iguana. Box No U/370/32.

O I saw you across the table in Est Est Est, tucking into some bruschetto. Little did I know the San Francisco would beckon four months later and you would become a junglist! Box No U/370/33.

v I saw you Rhona? at the Bongo club. Monday a few weeks ago. Had a laugh with you you stayed loonger Let’s get drunk and enjoy nonsense. Cinderella! Box No U/370/34. Q I saw you sticky Vikki in the pink. I’ll miss you loads! Have a cosmic time in Brighton. Love you, Lois. X Box No U/370/35. O I saw you rugby heads come techno heads. Who’d have thought huh? Young lady, willy nilly, yeah sweet, choice, Scotland’s yours . . .Dunny Ken? Box No U/370/36.

O I saw you George, you sexy thing. You’ll make me turn you big movie star hey, where’s my theme music. Teh Kiwi’s who adore you, yup we do! Box No U/370/37.

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