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A batch of games will be available on Dreamcast launch day. The List decides which ones score and which ones suck. Words: Iain Davidson

Sega Rally 2 (Sega) The follow-up to the first, and arguably the best, rally game ever. Much the same as its predecessor, Sega Rally 2 has improved graphics and sound, but the ba3ic gameplay remains the same. Not that it could have been improved much anyway. A solid racer that looks lovely, if not astonishing. Virtua Fighter 3th (Sega) A perfect conversion of the arcade classic which, although a little old now, is still a Joy to play. Powerstone and Soul Caliber will steal its thunder but, if this is the worst the Dreamcast offers the console pugilist, beat-em- up fans Will be a happy bunch Indeed.

Sonic Adventure (Sega) The ring- hungry, spike—Wielding blue boy is back, and this time in three dimensions. Dizzyingly fast, Sonic Adventure Just gets better and better the more you play it. There are handfuls of extra games and VMS options, extending the life of this already massive title even further. Blue Stinger (ActiVision) Another of these Metal Gear Solid/Syphon Filter sneakabouts. A disappomting Japanese version Will have been tweaked for release here but, Without a big change in the nature of the storytelling, Blue Stinger Will only continue flattering to deceive. Wait for Resident Evil 3. Expendable (Infogrames) Another of the direct imports from PC, Expendable is much to look at but not much to play. There are only so many explosions you can enjoy before the limitations of this top-down isometric combat adventure start to grate. Fun for a couple of hours.

Monaco Grand Prix Simulation 2 (Ubisoft) Every machine needs its Formula 1 Simulation. Unfortunately Monaco Grand Prix Simulation 2 isn’t the one to get. Very arcade in style and does nothing to show off the power of the Dreamcast, it is only for those who want a Fl game now. Powerstone (Capcom) This really is a must-have title. Powerstone takes the beat-em-up to a whole new level, offering complete interaction With the scenery and the game-changing power crystal. This IS the standard that all Dreamcast games have to reach in the future. Big punch perfection. Ready 2 Rumble (Midway) Boxmg games are rarely big sellers, but Midway’s Ready 2 Rumble is the exception that proves the rule. Superb gameplay, intUitive and responswe control and the cheekiest characters to leap the ropes all make Ready 2 Rumble a cracking title. This Will be a massive hit.

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Casting the net: from top clockwise: Virtua Fighter 3th, Sega Rally 2 and Sonic Adventure

Trick Style (Acclaim) Combining the anti-graVity raCIng of Wipeout With the hang-ten trickery of a myriad of snowboarding titles, Trick Style is horrifically addictive. The cool boarders, street courses and exhibition arenas are all beautifully created, truly showmg off the potential of Sega’s new machine. As good a reason as any to buy a Dreamcast.

Incoming (Rage) This is a strange chOice for a Dreamcast release. When it appeared years ago on the PC, it was critiCised for sacrificing gameplay for beautiful graphics. Now the aerial combat game Just looks dated and is still a donkey to play. With so much better to follow, Incoming is one to duck.

All games are available from Thu 74 Oct. Further Dreamcast game reviews will appear regularly in The List’s Scanner section.

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