Date: Sat 11 Sep Place: Pivo bar, Edinburgh

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Snapshots of City life

Name: Cilfi: Name: Dan. Name: Felix.

Occupation: Mobile phone salesman: Occupation: Textile designer. Occupation; |n my own opinion? Mugimn, What's been the best thing about What's been the best thing about What's been the best thing about summer? Not forgetting most of it. summer? Malcolm! summer? Being able to let go.

Name? LOU'Se- Name: Natasha and Cleve Name: Ciav

Occupation: carer for YOUng Offenders: Occupation: Travellers. Occupation: Designer.

What's been the be“ thing abOUt What's been the best thing about What's been the best thing about summer? Meet'ng YOU. def'n'le'Y- summer? Becoming an alcoholic. summer? Designing for C4.

Name: Vicky. Name; Robb.e_ Name: Lucy.

Occupation: Website designer. Occupation: Cameo cinema, Occupation: I work at Odd One Out.

What's been the best thing about What's been the best thing about What's been the be“ "13"!) abem

summer? Movmg to Edinburgh. summer? Going to all the Film Festival summe'? Getting P'Cked Up by the parties. Gumboots men.


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