They inadvertently caused a commotion

at T in the Park but it hasn't put TRAVIS off the idea of playing to the local masses. Words: Hannah McGill Photograph: Anna Isola Crolla

THEY'RE WEE GLASGOW LADS MADE GOOD, therr album went to number one and frankly, the world IS therr wetsuit. But even though they forsook Scotland for London In pursuit of therr rock ’n’ roll dreams, they still give their all when they play In their homeland,

’I don’t think you can regret movung; I think it's Important to move about and experience different thrngs,’ phrlosophrses bassist Dougie Payne. Besides, the support that we’ve felt from everyone In Scotland has been absolutely amazung. When we go and play In Scotland, rt's Irke the crowd has as much rrght to srng the songs as Franny does.’

Yet all that support almost turned to savagery when the band‘s T m the Park set was delayed by technical hitches. The small and farnthearted among us feared for our Irves, as the Trav-starved crowd borled over wnh rage.

'You were afrardl? My God, we were Shllllflg ourselves We were sitting backstage for about half an hour JUSI IISlefllllg to thrs norse that sounded like a Jet taking off. We were Irke "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” , . and then we left our passes m the dressing room and the security guard wouldn’t let us on, He didn’t b€l|€V€ that we were the band Our manager



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