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80TH LYRICALLY POLITICAL AND MUSICALLY INNOVATIVE, Asian Duh lioundation are a peculiar article in the ‘)()s. Rarely in this pap-pop heavy decade have hoth elements fused so successfully.

Their new alhum. ('onmumirv .l/Itts‘it' is complete. hitt won‘t now he released until March 2()()(). "l'here's some tweaking to he done. hiit that’s ahout it.‘ reveals guitarist (‘handrasonie "l‘here‘s some more melodic stitff that people won‘t expect. hut it‘s got a fair share of extreme stuff too.‘

A sense of progression will hopefully he apparent in their new material when they premier new tracks at


Breakbeat Era The .-\t'ches. 7.30pm. Ell) from 20-1 SIS I. .-\ night of hard-edged hut funky \ocal-lcd drum & hass. featuring llreakheat lira with Mercury .\liisic l’ri/e w inner Roni Si/e.

Pressure The .'\rches.

10.30pm 4am. U350. 'l‘he .v\rches' highly respected house and teclmo cluh residents Slam presents the Parisian genius himself. l.aurcnt (iarnier. Sec preview page (ll).

Michael Shelley The lierry.

FuncT Listings

Glasgow's funkiest new festival takes place Fri 24 Sep-Sun 17 Oct. Tickets and information for all events are available from The Arches, Midland Street


their forthcoming l’unc'f appearance. 'l‘heir pioneering hlend of hreak heats. liastern-inflitenced duh hasslines and slahs of guitar howl won them huge critical acclaim and a Mercury Music l’ri/e nomination for their alhitm Rut/"v Revenge. (‘handrasonic goes to great pains to point oitt that this was not their dehut. as many had helieved. '()iir dehiit was l'tl('l\ .-lm/ l't't‘lt'uns. Rtt/i's Ix’i't't'ngi' was our Inn/m dehut. liy en ifyoii tell journalists this. it’s not in their frame (ll. l'clcl‘cllcc.‘

l‘or the moment. .-\l)l-"s heef is not with movers and shakers in politics. as it has heen on previous occasions. hiit tnore simply with journalists in general and music journalists in particular. liighteen months ago they were in every magazine. and darlings of the inkies. This is a long time in the contrary world of pop journalism and they are. to say the least. mistriistfiil of those who once lauded them. hut now hype the likes of(ia_\' l)ad.

‘.-\ny hyped indie group are inevitahly' a disappointment hccattsc the sound is second place lo the cltal.‘ declares

(‘h'indr'isonie ‘lt‘s easv to hvpe 'i 1A - - .‘ , ' v - n h ed Indie hand like (my Dad hecause they y yp

have all the right references for group are music journalists to write ahout. mevrtably a hill that's not enough. .\lusie has disappointment

to exist otttside these postttiodcrn reference points.‘

It is this apparent favouring of fashion that grates with the hand. ‘When we started in I‘M}. we were the only hand using jungle

because the soundissecond place to the chat. Music has to exist outside these

c y/ loops with hass and guitar and postmodern '- even when we were reviewed no f . t , one picked tip on it.' he adds. re erence pom 5' Chandrasonic

"l‘hat‘s what we‘re ahout: more innovation. more hyhrids. positivity and music representing reality?

lior all their obvious political edge. it‘s reassuring to note that .-\l)l" are not merely politics set to music hitt. ntore accurately. musicians with a political message. 'l‘heir stitff is not overshadowed hy their message hence a recent commission to rework an instrumental film theme.

‘We just finished a version of the original (int/:t'llu theme tune for a Japanese remake.‘ he laughs. ‘We just took the string section frotn the original and played ahout with it and we‘re happy with it. I hope this will he a film like the original and not like that American film. That was horrible..

lt's gratifying to note that even political activists and musical pioneers ease off now and again.

Asian Dub Foundation play The Arches on Wed 6 Oct.


Inside Out The :\t'cltcs. Illfillpiii Jam. flhfill. .\ truly heavyweight night. with Radio l's Judge Jules and (iatccrasher's Scott I’mnd joining residents .\lichael Kilkic. [ammo atid Simon l-oy.

SUNDAY 26 Streetrave 10th Birthday Party'l’he .-\t'ches. l lptti Jam. HUSH. \\'hat is now ('oloiiis was once Streetrave. Join them for their hirtliday celehralions with (‘arl (‘o\ playing a tour hour set. w ltile (‘ream resident

on 0141 221 4001. Tickets are also available from other outlets where indicated. See next issue for later events.

22 TIIE lIST 23 899—7 Oct 1999

9pm late. l-‘ree. .\'ew York guitar

popster Shelley promotes his dchut alhitm [lit/I'lzitit/ttv'. Sec preview ahove. Support comes from ramshackle indie heartrenders llefner.yeterans of two lovelorn alhiims and less aeclaitn than they" deserve.

Sch l’ontaine tltlL'\ his sltll'l in Room ll.\\().

Never Get Out The Boat 'l‘hc l‘erry. 0.30pm. fit) from 553 tlhllo and EH7 55l l. Slatii's hoat party estraiirdinatrc. with residents Stuart and ()rde.

Sister India