Vic Reeves

The mind of Vic Reeves is a place you wouldn't want to be but ever since the mid-805 when he and his chum Bob Mortimer decided to re-evaluate the way we think about entertainment, it has been hard to escape it. Novelty islands, men with sticks, doves from above, men with bras - all have

the nation's comedy-loving heart. With a new book of i "" nonsense in the form of drawings, fables, diaries, ,, ramblings and Elvis- fixations, Reeves is taking :3; " it one step beyond. Dare you follow? . Sun Boiled Onions is 9 published by Michael Joseph on Thu 30 Sep,

priced £12. 99.

Dougal And The Blue Cat

Drsused treacle factories, a world slowly turning blue, burning nrghtres, a chorus-line of French lollrpops. Errc Thompson's scrrpt to the 1968 Magic Roundabout feature frlm makes the antrcs of Cartman and Kenny seem posmvely lucrd Wrth an rntroductron from Bruce Robrnson, the story follows our shaggy hero’s attempts to convrnce Dylan, Florence, Zebedee and the gang that an evrl felrne rs plannrng world domrnatron. Or, perhaps, Just armrng to control the Beautrful Wood’s sugar level. 'Keep off the grass!’ exclarms Dougal at one pornt. Well, gurte

Dougal And The Blue Cat screenplay rs published by Bloomsbury on Thu 23 Sep, priced f5. 99.


I O ' O ' . It mm What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead.

Festivals: Fund A hugely crrwrse and :nnox'atrve programme of club nrgnts, 111. e musrc, book exents and spoken word at a number of drfferent venues See feature, page .72 G/asgo'.'. In 3.1 Sep Sun 3 Oct

Film: Election Matthevc Broderrck and Reese Wrtherspoon star rn thrs raxor- sharp satrre of the 1992 presrderrt;al electron set rr‘. a Mrd-West Amerrca hrgh school See prexrcm, page 27 arru' TOVIOW, page 31 Se/ec ted release from FH 24 Sep

Music: Global Underground ll‘e thirteenth offering rn the rmrnenseiy popular Global Underground serres sees Sasha both recreate the atmosphere of the legendary Ibr/a club Space and prove to all and sundry that he rs wrthout doubt back on form Out now

Clubs: Pressure The master of funky Gallic techno, Laurent Garnrer, makes a rare apr_)earance at Pressure, apparently the demands of the studro are to blame for hrs all-too-few appearances over the past fev.‘ years He hopes to make amends by playrng a four-hour set See prevrew, page 69 Glasgow The Arches, Fr/ 24 Sep

Theatre: Filth Adapted from lrvrne Welsh's novel, Tam Dean Burn's creation of the yrie and corrupt poirc e detectrve rs both engagrng and revoltrng rn thrs one-man show See revrew, page 64 Glasgow (rt/xens’ Theatre, untr/ Sat 9 Oct.

TV: Spaced Channel 4's new flagshrp comedy rs a popular culture—spotters delight, rrddled as rt rs Wrth references from Evr/ Dead 2 to Scooby Doo Srmor‘ 'Brg Trarn' Pegg and Jessica ’The Royle Famrly' Stevenson star as flatmates brought together by decert See prewew, page 106 Channel 4, F1124 Sep

Books: William Gibson The orrgrnal cybergeek completes hrs post-Net trilogy wrth All Tomorrow’s Part/es, which rnsrsts that the future rs yet to happen but when rt does, you'll need to be rn 'Frrsco to experrence rt, See revrew, page 100 and Book events, page 103, Pub/rshed on Thu 7 Oct Music: Travis Arguably the nrcest men rn rock return tO therr homeland rrdrng hrgh on the back of a Number One album, The Man Who, wrth support from the hotly trpped Remy Zero Glasgow. «177:5... K Barrow/and, ' Tue 5 Oct.