Thu, Fri & Sat 8pm. £6 (£3.50). Robert Rae directs the true story of twelve-year-old gypsy Evelyn Gilhaney’s move from a traveller’s site in Dumbarton to a ‘real’ house in Roseneath. The play is a result of Gilhaney’s winning entry to the Theatre Workshop’s ‘Written Without Prejudice’ competition.


Cambridge Street, 228 1404. [P, H, Tl‘, WC, WA]

Stellar Quines Theatre Company Fri 24 Sep. 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50). Un Reel Ben Beau Ben Triste (A Braw Sad Reel), a modern classic in Quebec, makes its Scottish debut at this rehearsed reading. Translated into Scots by Bill Findlay and Martin Bowman, the play looks at abuse and dependency within the family and in relationships.

Stellar Quines Theatre Company Sun 26 Sep. 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50). The company perform a rehearsed reading of Emma 's Child by American playwright Kristen Thatcher. The piece centres round an adoption agreement which falls through when the child is born severely handicapped, and current Private Lives star Juliet Stevenson joins the cast for the reading.

Turn In The Fall Fri 1 Oct. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). A performed reading of Linda Marshall Griffiths’ new play about the loss of language and lifestyle, as the inevitable march of time changes a rural Welsh community.

Monday Lizzard Mon 4 Oct. 8pm. Free. The Traverse continues its monthly platform for new theatre and performance. Dr Faustus Thu 7—Fri 8 Oct. 7.30pm. £9 (£4.50). Tag Theatre Company perform Edwin Morgan’s adaptation of Marlowe’s classic, in which a gifted scholar, desperate for power, sells his soul to the devil.



Greenock Road, Largs, 01475 689777. Hamlet: First Cut Fri 24 Sep. 7.30pm. £8 (£7). Dressed in Red Or Dead clothing and drawing its inspiration from Tire Godfather, acclaimed theatre company Red Shift present their thoroughly modern version of Shakespeare’s classic. See review.


93 North Street, St Andrews, 01334 474610. [P, WA]

Agamemnon Thu 23 Sep. 8pm. £8.50 (£6). York~based classical specialists Actors of Dionysus present their take on one of the earliest and most dramatic Greek tragedies. The first episode in Aeschylus’ Oresteia, this visually stunning production features all the necessary components: adultery, assassination and revenge.


Kildrum, Cumbernauld, 01236 732887. [P, H, TT, WC, WA]

Conflict And The Macraes Fri 1-Sat 2 Oct. 7.45pm. £6 (£4). Pool Theatre Company perform Harry Glass’s play exploring the highs and lows of a Scottish family shortly before the outbreak of World War 11.

Millennium Bargains Thu 7—Sat 9 Oct. 7.45pm. £5 (£3). No Mean Co present Brian John Miller’s play in which a group of women find sisterhood as they wait for the onslaught of Harrod’s millennium sale.

perform Tony Roper’s Hogmanay wash- house comedy.


Bennochy Road, Kirkcaldy, 01592 412929. [P, H, WC, WA]

Werewolves Wed 29 Sep. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£4—£5). The first touring production from Theatre Archipelago (formally Communicado) under the leadership of new Artistic Director Helena Kaut-Howson. Written by Teresa Lubkiewicz and adapted by Bill Findlay, Werewolves tells of a

rural community scarred by wars and stifled by buried resentment, until they arrive. Adam Smith Theatre Centenary Gala Thu 7—Sat 9 Oct. 7.30pm. £7.50—£8 (£5). Gala performance by local amateur groups to celebrate one hundred years of the Adam Smith.


Civic Centre, Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, 01698 267515. [P, WC, WA] Hamlet: First Cut Thu 23 Sep. 8pm. £7 (£3.50). See Barrfields Theatre and review.


East Port, Dunferrnline, 01383 314127. [P, H, WC, WA]

Bold Girls Mon 27-Tue 28 Sep. 7.30pm. £4-£6. Rona Munro’s humorous look at four women battling the odds in war-torn Belfast. See review.


Old Coach Road, 01355 261000. [P, H, WC, WA]

Do You Wanna Talk About It 8: Romyo And Joolyet Sat 25 Sep. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). An adults only double-bill of farce, featuring social workers and the work of the bard respectively.

Once A Catholic Thu 30 Sep. 7pm. £4 (£2.50). See Napier Hall, Glasgow.


Howden, Livingston, 01506 433634. [P, WC, WA

Bold Git s Tue 5 Oct. 7.30pm. £7 (£4.50). Rona Munro’s humorous look at four women battling the odds in war-tom Belfast. See review.


Harbourside, Irvine, 01294 278381.

The Steamie Thu 30 Sep—Fri 1 Oct. 7.30pm. £8 (£7). Arkeen Theatre Company


University of Stirling, 01786 461081. [P, H,


Dr Faustus Tue 28 Sep. 7.30pm. £7

£8.50). See Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. omeone Who'll Watch Over Me Wed

6—Fri 8 Oct. 7.45pm. £6 (£3). An

emotionally-engaging piece which captures

the hopes and fears of three hostages

imprisoned in Lebanon.



Civic Centre, Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, 01698 267515. [P, WC, WA] Twelth Night Wed 6 Oct. 8-10pm. £8 (£6). Welsh Ballet present their new full- length version of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy of love and mistaken identity.


University of Stirling, 01786 461081. [P, H, WC, WA]

Diversions Fri 24 Sep. 7.30pm. £7 (£3.50). No new pieces from Wales’ national contemporary dance company: ‘Metropolis’, inspired by the work of German artist Otto Dix, and ‘Nowhere But Here’, by the very wonderful American choreographer Bill T Jones.

listings THEATRE

‘h season f fScottish theatre

Travels With My Aunt Giles Havergal’s adaptation of Graham Greene’s light comic novel is an ever popular entertainment. The quiet living and reserved former bank manager Harry meets his Aunt Augusta, and is whisked off on a succession of adventures, encountering an endless succession of eccentrics on his journey. Edinburgh: Brunton Theatre, from Friday 24 Sep.

Filth Tam Dean Burn’s stunning one- man show asks us to reappraise the nature of our police force, bringing to stage a memorable portrayal of a corrupt authority figure. Glasgow: Citizens’ Theatre, until Sat 9 Oct. Lovers Brian Friel's moving drama, whose second half reverses the usual journey of tragi-comedy by becoming a good natured farce, should bring in numbers to the Lyceum. Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum, until Sat 2 Oct

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 30 Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 Monday 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 Jerry Sadowitz Jerry Sadowitz reny Sadowitz —- ~ ~ - - Arches _ _ _ - _ - .- Zbang Dance Co Pygmalion Pygmallon Pygmalion -. ~ _ Pygmalion Pygmallon Pygmalion Citizens Main Books or Blood Books or Blood Books or Blood - Books or Blood Books or Blood Books or Blood Citizens Cirde Filth Filth Filth - - Filth 'Fiml Filth Citizens Sta"; ,_ Caesar Caesar Caesar - - Rumours Rumours Rumours Cottier Th - - .. .. - Oeritol Follies Shang-A-Lang Shang-A-Laag King's mamnslaswmg mum'sng lvlrsamn'smwlg Paul Daniels mmsmwg lvusaown'slaamg Mrsmsmwmg Mrsflown'slmmg Pavi|ion Giselle alselle Giselle .. ~ .. ' - SeeClassiml Theatre Royal Best or. .. Besl or. .. - - - - Tramway Irreparable Dolphins Irreparable Dolphins lrreparable Dolphins -- ' l ' ' - - ' ‘* " Tron / Travels With My Aunt Travels With My Aunt Travels \Vlth My Aunt - Travels Mth My Aunt Travels With My Aunt Travels With My Aunt Travels With My Aunt succession I - Sec causal - ~ ' ~ A ~ - Festival Importance or Earnest Importance or Earnest Importance or Earnest - - See Classical See Classical See Classical King's Eggzerox Nightmaresl Eggzerox Nightmares: Eggzemx Nightinueal A c ' i: " : -A ,7 3 l l e--.. I ._ 3' I, Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of'Ihe Opera Phantom Of The Opera - Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of The Opera Playhouse we“ Love“ Love” . . .g.’ _. i. g, . I, f / Y, . ‘, . ;, a, 9-]. Royal :1: - - - - - - - Sandie Hoose Th Workshol 9.. “mm-mm! . .». . ,. . .. -~. -,,-- ,. , <€;:;~.f- 2’: '91:?3 :. '- L D, Traversé

23 Sep—7 Oct 1999 TIIEIJGTCT