Museum Magogo

Graham Ramsay and John Beagles are the art world’s answer to Morecambe And Wise. Artists and curators, the Glasgow duo who once performed a ’dead-in' inside two coffins, have now reproduced their likeness in budget range sex dolls, for their latest venture Museum Magogo. Not ones to spurn the ambitious, the show brings together work by 200 artists including heroes Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys along With artists alive and kicking in Scotland. As for the dolls, catch them before the Christmas rush begins. Museum Magogo is at G/asgow Project Room, Sat 2—Sat 30 Oct.

Dot Allison

Attempts to mix and match disparate musical elements too often end in disaster. The names Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page immediately spring to mind. GOing wonderfully against the grain is the peculiar coming together of those miserablist Central Belters, Arab Strap, and the honey-tipped vocals of Dot Allison. ’There was something of a mutual appreCIation thing gorng on,’ explains the former One Dover. 'They needed a support act. I wanted to tour. It Just made sense.’ An interesting pair of nights for all concerned then.

Dot Allison supports Arab Strap at Edinburgh ’5 Liqurd Room on Tue 28 Sep and Glasgow’s Mitche/l Theatre on Wed 29 Sep.


The debate over the finest ever screen Dracula will, like the subject himself, probably never die. Christopher

Lee, Gary Oldman, Jack Palance

and Max Schreck would all be able to count up lots of votes. Sweet Jesus, even George Hamilton has his followers. But many of the saner electorate still plump for Bela Lugosi’s 1931 stake- avoider as the definitive tenant of Transylvania. A new video release only adds to the legend with a new composition by Philip Glass played by the all too suitably named Kronos Quartet. Hunt this one down. Dracu/a is released by Universal on Mon 27 Sep, priced f 9.99.


8 THE “ST 23 Sep—7 Oct 1999