v I saw you Pudding Boy #3 doing Frank Sinatra. Can I be Cleopatra and spread some custard on my rug? Box No U/371/40.

9 I saw you almost every day for the last four years, growing more beautiful every day. I am much taller than Prince. Box No U/371/41.

0 I saw you Kylie from the Carwash, how about some 705 tiger movement sometime. Do I make you horny? Box No U/37l/42.

Q I saw you Darren, pre-Polo, you are gorgeous and changed the way I view the world. Call me soon. Box No U/371/43.

O I saw you my cliche at Camel Beats. Harvest Moon, go down easy - we can. l’ve travelled miles and miles. But you’ve given me the world. Yours always. Jxx. Box No U/372/44.

O I saw you Mr Eyebrows in your red car eyeballing the chicks in Tinderbox. We waved but you were gone forever. Come back and show us your big end. Box No U/371/45.

O I saw you in Iguana, pale blue jumper. How cute are you you smiled as you walked upstairs then left. You remember? Thu 9 Sep. Let’s get it on. . . Box No U/371/46.

O I saw your bum in the window and it wasn’t a bakery. To Button, Love always from the puppies. Box No U/371/47. O I saw you the Border Cafe heart-throb, strutting your funky stuff in the Garage! Mama Mia, here I go again . . . Box No U/371/48.

O I saw you Judas lscariot (SB), Fri 21 Aug. Are you really that bad? (Were you reciprocating?) Gary, Manchester. Box No U/371/49.

98 TIIE U81 7—2! Oct 1999

Q I saw you Justy, if 1 look at your comic collection with you can I be your Lois Lane. Love Stan. Box No U/37l/50.

9 I saw you and you were demanding, fussy, childish, and completely and utterly nude “1 mean rude”. Box No U/371/51.


O I saw you outside the Tinderbox, Fri 17th. Long hair, roughly shaved, dark jeans. Broad shoulders, a real mans’ man. Please write. Box No U/371/52.

V I saw you in Oblomov on 11 Sep and indulged in your chocolate brownies and dreamy eyes. Maybe we should get together and share some passion cake? Box No U/37l/53.

v I saw you little girl with the blue hat on in Tinderbox. You looked like a little devil (Stephen aged 8). Box No U/371/54.


O I saw you with your funky hairstyle, reading the newspaper in a pizzeria. You’re so cool! Box No U/371/55.

O I saw you Grassroots Cafe, evening of Sat 11 Sep. You were reading, drinking red wine and eating sushi. I was the tall, dark- haired lady staring from behind my flatmates. You’re good. Box No U/371/56.

0 I saw you teddy boy with no undies on. You came out of the blue after two years and then fell asleep at the wheel. I’ve a tickle for you, do you want it? Box No U/37l/S7.

U I saw you spikey barman at Air Organic, 24/9. Just to say you are cute. Box No U/371/58.

O I saw you Mr Curly and four blondes at the Tron bar, Sat 19/9/99, 9pm. 1 have heard of lucky but that’s ridiculous. Can I borrow your wig? Box No U/371/59.

O I saw you GFT, long blonde hair, nice legs, lovely bum. Your name is Karen. Please get in touch. Box No U/37l/60.

O I saw you at Langside college on Monday when you got your eyebrow pierced. You wore a leather coat and were called Grant. I love you. Box No U/371/61.

O I saw you at Alaska, Fri 3/9, prancing round in yer white top. I think you were the DJ. 1 know you were an "‘”‘". Box No U/37l/62.

O I saw you Raymond at the Lime (June, July). We kissed, you made my tummy go all funny. 1 was the tall, voluptuous chick with short, dark hair. I’ll keep looking. Box No U/371/63.

O I saw you at Ruth’s bye bye do! Polo Lounge, 11/9/99. Strutting your funky getting the goss from Trisha, she’s got my number . . . Box No U/371/64.

O I saw you at the Tron bar, wearing a white T-shirt and longish hair, also on the 61 at 5.30pm approx on 16/9/99. Phwoar, me, pink hair, pierced lip and eyebow, call me! Box No U/371/65.

O I saw you Tron bar. You cute dark haired guy with blue tints. Me, tall guy with specs. Box No U/371/66.

O I saw you tubby, with your flashy grey gear, in the Tron Theatre bar on Saturday 18th, 9pm. Box No U/371/67.

V I saw you Charles Bronson dude, at the Tron Bar, Sat 19, 9pm. Me, dressed to the nines, drop dead gorgeous beardo at the bar. Box No U/37l/68.

O I saw you guy with mad scarecrow hair and farmer’s shirt. Me, gay guy with sexy red-head girl at the Tron bar. Box No U/371/69.

O I saw you 17 Sep. Three struggling babes in Borders Cafe. Shouldn’t you have more babes working on a Friday night? Box No U/37l/70.

O I saw you Rick in your swimming trunks at Calder St. Will we ever strike up a conversation? I’m still hopeful. Box No U/371/71.

O I saw you the 19 Sep. You SCH with a leather jacket. Me, the guy with a chocolate voice. Let’s meet again at the Buddha. Box No U/37l/72.

O I saw you in Delmonica’s pub, wearing a blue dragon print shirt and dark jeans, about nineteen years old. Box No U/371/73.

O I saw you running naked down Argyle Street, Glasgow. 1 would love to see that birth mark again. Box No U/37l/74. v I saw you with bleached blonde hair, stripping drawers at Domoch St. Wish you had been stripping mine! I was girl with horn in blue Ford Ka. Box No U/371/75.

O I saw you Megan, in Tinderbox, 26 Sep. You were cracking. Love Thomas. Box No U/371/76.

O I saw you monkey love, under John Lewis. I was the tripping horse with electric cod stories. Box No U/371/77.

Q I saw you you, ravishing, red-haired Madonna! Sorted me out for Cox —just let me do the same for you at Funct. Box No U/371/78.

O I saw you working @ Canadian Muffin Co. on Fri 17 Sep, between 2—3pm. You, behatted, slim of luscious lip type. Me, fabulous, eating

. chicken. Be my little love

muffin! Lesi.XX Box No U/37l/79.

O I saw you pigtails and cycling shorts in Tinderbox drinking vanilla latte mmm, yummy! Friends forever. Box No U/371/80.

O I saw you Mister Starbucks, George Street. Thanks for my Frappacino,but where are you now? Box No U/371/81.

O I saw you Viva Mexico, Mon 13 Sep. You looked sexy and sophisticated. Why did you make eyes at Iain Banks? Can I nurse your cough? Box No U/370/ 1.

O I saw you Martin, Waterloo Bar, 9/9/99. Never run after anyone before and don’t make a habit of upsetting them first either. Second chance to say sorry? Leap of faith, I know. A. Box No U/370/2.

0 I saw you Craig (electrician), outside the Polo, Fri 27. The river’s nice at night (ha ha). Where were you last Saturday? Let’s try agian! Robert. Box No U/370/3.

O I saw you ‘Ricky Martin’ @ The Subway, Cowgate on Sat 21 Aug. Me: smiley, guttered, pink and silver. You: very handsome. Want to live la vida loca? Box No U/370/4.

v I saw you you’re right -I was looking! That was sweet of you. Thanks for making me smile all day. Joanne. Box No U/370/5.

v I saw you working at Oblomov in the west end, 3 Sep, around 6pm. You - very handsome with dark hair and a good taste goatee. Mmmmm . . . gimme a call . . . Box No U/370/6.

O I saw you at the cul-de-sac on Sat 4, whilst at the bar you passed me ‘I saw you Card’ Me: tall, blond mess - You: dark eyed lady. Let’s rock. Box No U/370/7.

O I saw you at Traverse Theatre end of Festival party and like most of the people placing an advert in 1 Saw You I was just too shy to talk to you that night. You have been there with two friends (one had red bag, other had blond hair and left early). You were the nice looking girl with short, black hair. I was the black dressed boy with short, black hair who looked up to you before you left. Would like to see you again! See you at the Hogmanay Street Party 2000? Box No U/370/8.