Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

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I am the resurrection: Soul Reaver

It took its time coming. Scanner has been waiting for a reviewable copy of Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver since March and no amount of sweet talking could persuade Eidos to relinquish even a line of code. Now, six months later, the game has landed on our doormat, provoking a sprint to the nearest PlayStation. Was it worth the wait? Did the game itself scatter the cloud of indifference created by weeks of press releases and screenshots? When push came to shove, was it any good?

Well, kinda. First, the story. Raziel, one of the vampire warriors of Lord Kain, lets slip that he has a pair of mutant wings jutting from his shoulder blades. Kain, disgusted and envious of his subordinate's protuberances, casts Raziel into The Lake Of The Dead to burn for eternity. Millennia later, our fallen hero finds himself resurrected, free to seek revenge on both master and minions. Paradise Lost anyone?

Soul Reaver is an action adventure along the lines of Tomb Raider or Shadowman. Raziel is guided through level after level, challenge after challenge, gaining strength and skill along the way. Running, jumping, gliding and some great hand-to-hand combat are all utilised, as well as some dastardly little puzzles. The action takes place over two planes, the material world and the crazy, creepy land of the dead, and it is this transition which really makes Soul Reaver a cracking title.

Besides the impressive morphing animation that accompanies a plane shift, Raziel has different abilities in each world which must be utilised if progress is to be made. The landscape also changes, allowing access to a hitherto inaccessible area. The concentration required to keep two versions of the same level in one's head certainly keeps you on your toes.

Not everything is perfect. The control system could have been trimmed and tightened somewhat, and the huge delay in its release has really

tarnished its ‘wow' factor. However, if you are looking for a platform game that looks great, taxes the brain cells and feels that little bit different, then Soul Reaver might just fit the bill. (lain Davidson)

I Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver is out now.


animation retains that stilted, jerky motion that used to be so enduring, only now it appears lazy and unfinished. The list of niggles this dichotomy of freedom and restriction creates could cram a filing cabinet. Suffice to say that Prince Of Persia 30, while still retaining some great moments worthy of the Arabian Nights, is no Turkish delight. (ID)

Sinistar Unleashed (THQ) £29.99 at t at

In 1983, Williams released an arcade game that quickly became one of the all-time classics in the shoot-em-up genre. Sinistar was fast, furious and horrifically addictive and still is revered today for the brutality of its challenging gameplay.

Now, sixteen years later, a sequel has arrived on the PC. Does it live up to its ancient pedigree? Unfortunately, no.

5 Not that it’s a bad game, it just lacks that immediate kick in the guts you received from its predecessor. The

108 THE “ST 7—21 Oct 1999

object of this 3D blaster is to collect crystals, power your weapons and defeat the eponymous Sinistar. There IS

* a lot of hubris about livmg spacecraft

and other dimensions but this is, in essence, a very simple shoot-em-up. The controls are quick to pick up, though longer to master, and the ships and asteroids are all cleanly presented. Everything rattles along at a fair pace and while you are playing, it’s enjoyable enough. It's just that, when you stop, there is very little desire to go back. Sinistar Unleashed is for the most persistent of shoot-em~up fans. And for those who remember the original,

try visiting wwwarcadeorg for a trip , down memory lane. (ID)



*tit‘k Unmissable * it t * Very ood ; t t * Wort a shot t * Below average it You've been warned

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