[Tank] Design limited

Where: Stewart House, 123 Elderslie Street, Glasgow, 0141 567 8037. Formed: 1995.

Why should I know them: Scot/and on Sunday’s magazine Spectrum, Linn Hi- Fi, The Lighthouse, Glasgow 1999 UK City of Architecture and Design brochure, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Reebok UK.

Current/future projects: London installation for 'Open Urban Picnic', The Lighthouse 7x5m sliding glass screen, The Burrell Company ’Homes For The Future’ housing development, Belinda Robertson’s haute couture cashmere company.

Awards: Paper Focus Creative Awards: Most Creative Use of an Envelope in a Direct Mail Piece, Creative Design and Print on Cover Paper/Board, 1999; The Lighthouse International Design/Art competition, 1999; Scottish Design Awards: Best Promotional Literature, 1999; Scottish Design Awards: Best Use of Photography, 1999; Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year: peer poll, client poH,1998.

Their identity: 'Scott McCubbin ex-director of The Drum described [Tank] as "the Panzer Division" of Scottish graphic design. One of our Scottish design contemporaries also said that [Tank] were "off the wall but on the ball". [Tank] are generally perceived as being at the cutting edge of Scottish graphic design, having a reputation for producing innovative and challenging design ideas.’

112 THE “81’ 7—2] Oct 1999

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Pure Design Consultants limited

Where: 8 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, 0131 220 5522.

Formed: 1992.

Why should I know them: Fruitmarket Gallery, Health Education Board for Scotland, Scottish Arts Council/The British Council, Lauder College. Current/future projects: Glasgow 1999 City of Architecture and Design, Edinburgh & Lothians Tourist Board, Knockhill Racmg Circun, Charlie Miller Hairdressing, Standard Life.

Awards: Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year, first place, 1999; Scottish Design Awards: Best Annual Report, commendation, 1999; Winners at the Web 2: Judges special commendation, 1999; European Design Annual: certificate of excellence, 1999; Scottish Design Consultancy of the year, second place, 1998; Scottish Designer of the Year (Mick Dean), 1998.

Their identity: ’Highly creative solutions and a professional project management service have ensured that clients of all sizes, operating across a wide variety of business sectors, have repeatedly chosen to work with Pure Design. The client relationships have, in turn, provided the platform from which Pure has been able to produce consistently effective and award winning work.’