Ice-cream, the Old Firm, pasta and pizza. The influence of Latin culture in this country is vast but as the ITALIAN FESTIVAL comes north, those links are going much deeper. Words: Hannah McGiII


Furthermore. as the Nardini dynasty would testify. the connection is obvious to anyone with a taste for ice- cream. As festival organiser Martin Campbell-White notes: ‘Edinburgh has the highest proportion of Italian restaurants and coffee shops per head in the UK. with Glasgow not far behind.‘ But the connection goes further than that.

During the Scottish Enlightenment. the Old Pretender James Edward Stuart was invited by the Pope to live in Rome. He set up his court there. and the Eternal City became a mecca for entrepreneurial Scots seeking to cash in on the fad

The cream of the fest

Luigi Ghirri: The Outline Of Clouds Acclaimed worldWide as Italy's greatest landscape photographer, the late Ghirri had an unerring eye for detail that transformed mundane scenes into deeply poignant and resonant imagery. Edinburgh: College Of Art, 227 6032, until Thu 27 Oct. Free.

Glasgow International Festival of Design: Italian Day A highlight in both Festivals' programmes, with talks by internationally renowned Italian designers Vico Magistretti, Piero Lissoni,

18 THE lIST 7—21 Oct 1999

Giorgietto Giugiaro and Alberto Alessr. Glasgow: The Briggait Centre, 287 7999, Sat 76 Oct, lpm. £25 (£75).

A Festival Of Italian Poetry: The Scottish Connection Five Italian and five Scottish poets (including Edwin Morgan and Christopher Whyte) translate and perform each other’s recent work. With a special appearance by Chinese poet Yang Lian. Glasgow: Tron Theatre, 552 4267, Thu 27 Oct, 8pm. £5 ([3), Edinburgh: Scottish Poetry Library, 557 2876, Fri 22 Oct, 8pm. Free. Morandi And His Time: Paintings From The Giovanardi Collection A collection of works by one of

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THE 1999 ITALIAN FESTIVAL is a celebration of Italian culture in all its forms. from art to food and cinema. Events will take place all over Britain: but there‘s a special resonance to the Scottish leg of the festival. which highlights a particular bond between Scotland and Italy. Italian names come second only to Mcs and Macs in the Scottish celebrity Who’s Who; to cite Spiteri. Capaldi. Paolozzi. Conti. Nardini and Lulu would be to name but a

Italy's best loved modern artists, and some of his contemporaries. Morandi’s still lives and landscapes bear the Cubist influence of Picasso and Braque. Edinburgh: The Dean Gallery, 624 6200, Sat 23 Oct—Sun 5 Dec. £7.50 ([7). Rossano Maniscalchi: Historic Football Of Florence An exhibition comciding with the inauguration of the Glasgow Football Museum of 100 photographs celebrating ’football in Livrea', a forerunner of the modern game played in Florence from ancient times to the present. Edinburgh: Italian Cultural

~ Institute, 668 2232, Wed 27

Oct-Fri 79 Nov Free.

for all things Classical. Bonnie Prince Charlie was born there. and it was (It’ rigeur for Scottish writers and painters pilgrimages there throughout the 18th century.

The spectacular interior of Glasgow‘s City Hall was built by Italian workmen from their native marble. Campbell-White elabo- rates: ‘Links between Scotland and the Italian cities stretch back over the centuries. Of course. Edinburgh is twinned with the great city of Florence: and over more recent years there have been so many great visits by Italian artists and companies to the Edinburgh International Festival. With all of these links. and with the Italian Institute in Edinburgh. it made sense for some of our projects to be brought up to Scotland. We want the Italian Festival to have a residence beyond the metropolis

to make their

of London.‘




From top, clockwise:

Peter Capaldi, Daniela Nardini, Eduardo Paolozzi and Sharleen Spiteri

The roster of Scottish events is certainly colourful and .extensive, encompassing poetry. photography design. as well as the music and art one instantly associates with Italy. As winter descends. these events might not quite equal a spell in the Mediterranean sun; but the diverse bill is a fitting testament to a long-established productive connection. In the interests of maintaining it. don‘t mention the deep-fried pizza.



L'Astree Ensemble: Music by Giardini, Pugnani and Besozzi Founded in 1991, this ensemble specialise in Piedmontese composers of the 18th century. Edinburgh: St Cecilia Hall, 668 2232, Fri 5 Nov, 7pm. Free.

Concentus Romae: Music by Vivaldi, Bononcini, Leonarda and Corelli Four-piece chamber ensemble with a programme that includes work by the neglected 18th century composer Isabella Leonarda. Edinburgh: St Cecilia’s Hall, 668 2232, Fri 72 Nov, 7pm. Free.

Vittore Sermonti: Lectura Dantis Sermonti is a scholar, translator, writer, lecturer and

The Italian Festival runs until the end of Nov; info hotline 0171 400 1787.

actor. A expert on Dante, he is particularly interested in the relationship between writing and mice, and Will lecture on The Divine Comedy and the vocal energy latent in literary language. Edinburgh: City Art Centre, 529 3993, Thu 78 Nov, 5.30pm. Free.

The Ancient Mosaics Of Ravenna The basilicas and baptisteries of Ravenna hide the richest heritage of 5th and 6th century mosaics in the world. On display are faithful copies of the originals, plus embroidery in the Byzantine style inspired by them. Edinburgh: City Art Centre, 529 3993, Fri 79 Nov—Sat 8 Jan. Free.