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The Last Days

As World War II drew to its close, Hitler could have ploughed his dwindling resources into strengthening the Nazi campaign against the Allies. Instead, he concentrated upon the ’Final Solution’, his obsession with exterminating European Jewry having eclipsed his desire to win the war. The subjects of James Moll’s harrowing documentary (executiver produced by Steven Spielberg) are Hungarian Jews, who were among the last to be taken to the concentration camps. The film explores their stories through interviews with survivors and original footage. The Last Days is on selected release from Fri 8 Oct. See review, page 22.

4 THE LIST 7—21 Oct 1999



Eurythmics’ new single is called ’I Saved The World Today', evidently because after two long decades, Annie has finally done us all a favour and cut off Dave’s pompous head. This startling act of violence witnessed by the legendary photographer Richard Avedon may seem to run counter to the theme of the duo’s new album Peace and their upcoming ’Peace Tour’ in aid of Amnesty International and Greenpeace. But give the woman a break. She’s put up with him for twenty years.

Peace is released by RCA on Mon 18 Oct,“ Eurythmics play SECC, Glasgow on Mon 29 Nov.

The New Rocky Horror Show '-

Serial ladylover Darren Day has just had his heart trampled by flame-haired Shannon off Home And Away; and look how the strain is showing. Where once there was a cheery post-Cliff quiff, there is a Joan Crawford wig; pleasant daytime TV slacks have given way to tattered fishnets. Actually, like Tim Curry and Jason Donovan before him, Day is blundering into the career- scuppering role of Frank N Furter. Have your irritating ’audience participation’ and your racy fancy dress at the ready.

The New Rocky Horror Show is at Glasgow King’s, Mon 77—5at 76 Oct and Edinburgh King’s, Mon 78—Sat 23 Oct. See preview, page 57.