Q I saw you Ian at the wedding. Your turn next? Nice haircut, shame about the shirt. Box No U/371/1.

0 I saw you Tu m’as pris pour quelqu’un d’autre, c’etait au Filmhouse. Le vent t’a emporter . . . trop vite pour te dire ce que j’ai moi “a la place du coeur”. Box No U/371/2.

0 I saw you flapjack, you’re so hot like curry sauce and your bum is tickly when your tongue is in my ear I get so hot and sticky. Booo! Rentaghost! Love Stevie Boy. Box No U/371/3. I saw you Sainsbury’s car park, Blackhall on Sunday morning (19 Sep, 11.30). You - dark, slim, short hair, me - same. You looked back, twice! Third time lucky? Box No U/37l/4. v I saw you round my flat playing I’ictionary (Sun 19/9/99). You were very taken by my angel wings which, in turn, made me very taken by you. Box No U/371/5.

V I saw you in Common Grounds (I8/9), treating a handsome young man (your son?) to ice cream. Box No U/37l/6.

O I saw you Robbie, IT blokey drinking beer in Borders (heaven), Glasgow. I’m a curious lad who laughs at those questionable ABC prices. Fancy meeting by the Linux Shelves for a date? Scott. Box No U/371/7.

v I saw you Duncan at Joy, 18/9/99. Seeing you after two years has broken my heart. I will love you till the seas dry up and the last star burns out. George. Box No U/371/8.

O I saw you we spoke in the queue at Tunnel. Glasgow, Sat 21/8/99. You; dark jumper, blue eyes, light hair, alone, met your friend inside by video games. Me; English, dark hair, black dress with a friend. IOU a drink remember? Box No U/371/9.

O I saw you standing in the hall and asked you to join us. At first a group, later just the two of us, I still don’t like

Pimms, but you’ve certainly ‘surprised’ me. Box No U/37l/10.

9 I saw you P17 Mat, heading north, Friday 17 Sep. You silver, me blue, where were you going? Box No U/371/11.

O I saw you loudly calling me a “f“king spastic” as I struggled with a stiff tap in the Lizzard Lounge loos. You must be a lovely human being. Cheers. Box No U/371/12.


O I saw you Erik with a K on the 24/9 and I am keeping my promise. Sorry I had to leave so quickly, should we have a second chance to ‘danse’ together? Box No U/371/13. Q I saw you in the Erikkson tent at Homelands taking me to a level I thought I’d never see again. Thanks Katy Liam hat. From Dodgy Shirt. Passing ships or eternal soulmates. HJ. Box No U/371/l4.


0 I saw you Maurice, tall and very good-looking, at Babylon on the 25 Sep, and I would like to see you again. Box No U/371/15.

V I saw you in Spain. Train from Figueras 23/9/99. You sneaked away when the ticket inspector came! Me, guy with ripped shorts, vest and big ruck sack. Saw you again on bus to Edinburgh 27/9/99. Fancy a San Miguel?! Box No U/37l/18.


0 I saw you Barry & George from Penicuik. Kings of the queue for Mahler 2. Rob & Lucy wish to meet you for a meal, but who will cook? Box No U/371/l9.

O I saw you Rosie at the Beta Band. You didn’t make it to the 13th Note then; fancy another chance to toy with me? Box No U/371/20.

O I saw you blond girl, blue shirt, school tie. Sitting on steps at Dynamic Earth Centre. Me, love-struck fool gazing like a loon. You’re lovely. Come, join me in my circus 0’ love. Box No U/371/21.

O I saw you two elegant girls sitting near bar, Filmhouse, Saturday 18/9/99. One tall, dark; second less tall and blond. Furtive glances were exchanged when you left. Yours shyly, tall and less taller. Box No U/371/22.

. I saw you Do two ‘buds’. 'I\vo packs of smokey bacon make a ‘Rolling Rock?’ Take a chance on another bump and grind with me. Ya wee furry collar. Box No U/371/23.

O I saw you in the hot, steamy kitchens at Blue. With your sexy stubble you’re just the right height to give me much pleasure. I hear you like French! Howabout Dutch? I’ll even let you lick my shoes. Box No U/371/24.

v I saw you Monsieur Chris from media at EIFF. I miss you lots! Here’s to 2000! Love Rxxx (from London). Box No U/371/25.

O I saw you tall, blonde chef working in blue bar cafe looking very saucy. Maybe we could meet and discuss the finer points of sausages. Box No U/37l/26. O I saw you kickin’ up a stink in Darwin airport. Oh, what a temper - take a chill pill you fox, lady of the night. Box No U/371/27.

Q I saw you you torn star, I'll have you any day over the bar. Older women are the key, what’s up in love with an arab and too blind to see? Box No U/371/28.

O I saw you leaving Lara. You were the disco king and you knew how to shake your thang. You can press my buttons and make me move my spaceship baby! Box No U/371/29.

O I saw you tiger, but you were too hungover! Sorry about sailing and France, I’ll be thinking of you love Manfa. Box No U/37l/30.

9 I saw you at Pure, loverlips! I love you long time the closet afro chick. Box No U/37l/3l.

O I saw you Jenny, flat hunting in Byres Rd. You were the artist from over the Pharmacy. I was the book hoarder with the fetish for washing dishes. Do you exhibit collaboratively? Box No U/371/32.

O I saw you Downstairs at Polo Lounge, you were working and l was waiting for you to notice me. We were introduced just before I left. Speak to me, please. An admirer. Box No U/371/33.

O I saw you at the Tinderbox on 22/8/99. You were 6ft (ish), brown hair and yummy! I’m 5’9” dark brown hair and eyes and slim. Box No U/37l/34.


O I saw you your name ‘Souness’, I think, whose buns were bouncing, I’ve got an oven, put them in and watch them rise. Box No U/371/35. O I saw you Spanish looking guy! You and your lovely tresor 96 t-shirt . . . I can’t wait to see you get in touch, please! Box No U/371/36.

v I saw you the bionic cucumber at the eclipse in Cornwall. Let’s make up a new alphabet together. Fakirs United. Box No U/371/37.

O I saw you lovely sweet boy with your pez gallery! When will you recognise me? Get in touch I’m waiting. Box No U/37l/38.

O I saw you at King Tut’s on Sat 21. Skanking with the Amphetameanies. You had a big nose and a perfect flat top. You can be my scout-leader anytime! Box No U/371/39.

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