0 I saw you Eilidh, with your projectile poo, you gave a whole new meaning to having the painters and decorators in. Welcome to our world, from everyone you’ve met so far. XX. Box No U/372/00.

O I saw you Amélie, running around town with your secret admirer. Why don’t you come out into the forest with me and I’ll show you what a real man can do. K.Kxxx. Box No U/372/1.

Q I saw you Julie, in the sunset, sitting on the fence. We’ve shared such lovely times since. Let’s keep sharing them. Don’t put your contacts in tap water for anyone else. Love Andy. XXX Box No U/372/2. v I saw you Neil (ex-Levi boy) on Princes St, Sat 18 Sep. You, blue shirt. Me: tall, bright red ruck sack! We smiled, not seen you ages. Box No U/372/3. O I saw you in passing, on the Mound, Sat 2/10, 6pm. You, strolling downhill, tall, brown hair, blue (denim) jacket. Me: blond hair, cream scarf, brown jacket, struggling uphill until you caught my eye. You smiled and I floated the rest of the way home. Amazing. Unexplainable. Could be nothing . . . could be the best thing you’ve ever done . . . Please make me smile again. Box No U/372/4.

v I saw you Alyson at Borders, and I liked what I saw! Will I ever get you alone? I’ll make it worth your while, I promise. Box No U/372/5.

9 I saw you in Princes St gardens. You were with your friends. I was sitting on a bench with a bag on my head. You laughed. Get in touch. Box No U/372/6.

O I saw you were ya washing the lippy out of your new jacket Linda, instead of meeting your Edinburgh Granny at Sauchie St, M+S on Sun 3. You musta had a rough night draggin around a graveyard, madness! Still up for fun ‘n frolicks sexy babe! Box No U/372/7.

O I saw you Sun 8 Oct, 4pm ish, Polo Lounge. You handsome, floppy blond hair sat opposite me. Me: blue sweater, drinking wine, reading book. We smiled. Let’s meet. N. U/372/8. O I saw you in Sadie, 4/10/99. You: smart suit, blue folder. You thought I was cold, why don’t you heat me up? Box No U/372/9.

O I saw you Maison Hector, 30/9. YOu: having dinner with lots of women and boss. Us: smiling from a distance. How about same table next time? Box No U/372/10.

O I saw you at the Virgin Megastore, Princes St, Sat 2 Oct between 2 and 2.30pm, browsing through the CDalbums, beautiful dark-haired girl, ponytail, gold necklace, knee length grey/blue ‘shiny’ jacket and Bally style moccasin shoes. I was wearing a light blue waist length jacket, light brown shirt, blue jeans and short brown hair, blue jeans and short brown hair, 5’11”. My courage appeared as you disappeared!

Please get in touch. Box No U/372/11.

INTIIEUSTZI Oct- 4 Nov 1999

O I saw you Alison M at Borders. I liked what I saw. I want you all to myself. WI" 1 ever get you alone? I’ll make it worth your while, I promise. Don’t try to reply to me through this ad - I’d much rather you did it in the flesh. Box No U/372/12.

O I saw you Radio Babylon, Friday 8 Oct. Georgeous girl with short dark hair, we made eye contact all evening, 1 (short blond hair, blue top) got you water. You then waved goodbye and left with your ‘sister’. Fancy tuning in to a different station? Box No U/372/13.

O I saw you gorgeous, curly blond-haired girl at Pizza Express, Glasgow 8/10/99. I loved your big smile when you left. Try my spicy topping! Purple Tie Guy. Box No U/372/14.

O I saw you multimedia l by the light of our enormous firework and the mischievous moon, India Street, 1/10/99. Would love to hear your beautiful voice again. More fireworks? J. Box No U/372/15. v I saw you Finlay on the Thanksgiving train home from Loch Awe. Thankyou for a lovely afternoon. I’ll be in Glasgow in a couple of weeks. Would you care to go for a hot choc? Ailsa. Box No U/372/l6. 9 I saw you Waterstone’s, Glasgow, Sun, 10/10/99. You had trouble ringing up my ‘List’. Fancy ringing up more than just a magazine? Box No U/372/17. O I saw you you came out of Queen Margaret College, Leith around 8.45pm with two friends. You were carrying your guitar, and your long blonde hair caught my eye! You set my heart on fire! I was the tall guy wiht guitar, and we crossed the road together, then went our separate ways. I want to jam with you and be with you. Box No U/372/l8.

O I saw you Sarah, you applied to personal ad, but didn’t leave your address. Quirky inituitive Edinburgh male, alternative interests. Please write again. Box No U/372/19.

O I saw you Jeremy, putting on a lovely spread in the Traverse Bar on the 8 Oct. 1 wish I could have talked to you instead of the moneymen and I’m sorry for rearranging you furniture. I was the one with the calculator. Box No U/372/20.

O I saw you Ronan, Tues 21 Sep, University Avenue, getting on a bus. Don’t have your number cause you’ve moved. Used to work with you. Let’s meet again. Kirsty. Box No U/372/21.

O I saw you our eyes met, you bumped your blue Fiat. I felt bad for you, your sultry, thunderous look knocked me over. I would love to communicate. Answer me or use this page if you saw me. Box No U/372/22.

O I saw you at Kelvingrove Gallery, Sun 26/9, leggy woman in neat ankle boots, making notes on pictures while the guitarist played. Me: Chap with glasses, grey jacket. Box No U/372/23.

O I saw you most mornings, 8.35am train Queens Park to central. you - foru Albert Ave, dark framed glasses. Me - long, dark hair, glasses, waterproof. Now in Yorkhill. Too shy to speak. Contact me. Box No U/372/24.

O I saw you girl on Gt Western Rd, Sun 5.30pm, 10/10/99. Feel I should know you. If I do forgive me. If not, I’d like to. Box No U/372/25.

Q I saw you large cappuccino. Man at Borders, why don’t you talk to me? Why don’t you smile? Why don’t you lay me down and make me squirm all night. My place anytime. Box No U/372/26.

O I saw you ‘Chubbs’ at Prohibition in Assembly Halls looking uncomfortable. Where you alone, sexy? Box No U/372/27.

Q I saw you Tony, dithering, don’t do the dither ‘n’ delay anymore, Monique wants that call. Love you both, the gang (T oonspeak). Box No U/372/28. O I saw you in P.L. to the blue eyed dog handler - You can handle my dog anytime! from Martini. Box No U/372/29.

O I saw you tall, skinny Jack, looking clinical at Divine. I like your dancing style. Box No U/372/30.

O I saw you and I want to chew on you. Love Lizzi. Box No U/372/31.

O I saw you and you saw me. Travis at the Barrowlands. You tall and dreadlocked, me, tall and - you said - beautiful. Let’s talk more. Box No U/372/32. Q I saw you one blue, one green eye, at Tinderbox. Masculine, smooth voice. Blue top. I had a hangover, phone me. Box No U/372/33.

V I saw you brass rubbing in Edinburgh. Do yo like working wiht old things? Fancy a bit of crumpet in Moffat? Box No U/372/34.

O I saw you 13th'Note, 2/10/99. You: tall slim, short, red hair with sensational backless dress. Me: Hip-hop dancing, bespectacled ‘your just jealous’ t-shirt. Fancy another boogie with Dougie? Box No U/372/35.

v I saw you at Drum and Monkey recovering from a hangover, Kelvin Walkway. You spoke, l smirked. Let’s do the Botanics next. Box No U/372/36.

O I saw you in Cafe L’etoile last year. You, student at Strathclyde. You came into Starbucks month later. Didn’t think I’d see you again James. Like another coffee? Box No 372/37.

0 I saw you sitting amongst a mess of ground-in pasta and dirty clothes. Stop eating bugs and clean up the flat otherwise I won’t be coming home! Love Graeme. Box No U/372/38.

O I saw you burgundy-haired beast. That tall thin pose with the roman nose. You spoke to me across the steaming coffee at Tinderbox. Let me make you another Americano. Box No U/372/39.

O I saw you at Terry’s tattoo’s. You had the panther drawing blood on your forearm. You tugged my nipple rings. Get in touch! Box No U/372/40.

v I saw you we both did, looking rosy at Charles St, strutting round in yer leather breeks. You can launch us anytime - we’ll thank you! Box No U/372/41.

O I saw you in Brel, chubby poo pants. You honed in on the like a vulture. I want your razor sharp tongue soon. Box No U/372/42.

O I saw you tall, blonde-haired woman on the underground, you get off at Sheilds Road subway, you were standing at the door, you had been shopping (Saturday, 2 October). Box No U/372/43.

v I saw you pudding boy. Be my dessert and we can S club party for the rest of our lives. Citrus tart. Box No U/372/44. O I saw you sitting rubbing Vaseline on another mans nose. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Box No U/372/45.

O I saw you at the Blue Lagoon eating stew pies and drinking brew. l was wearing an eye patch. Box No U/372/46. v I saw you I walk to wash you out. I walk through the storm to repair myself but find I am here, drenched, at the rainbow’s fingertip, at your door. Box No U/372/47.

0 I saw you Richard in the Tron. I am a pierced beerserver with a serious horn for you, baby! Box No U/372/48.

O I saw you Robert, have the seagulls landed yet? Up to no good as usual? Box No U/372/49.

V I saw you in Garage, 25 Sep, you flat Eric lovin’ black-haired raven. Let’s sta-prest at the law library. Box No U/372/50.

O I saw you in Borders Cafe, I asked your name. Katie, 1 think you rock! You deserve a better job. Come run away with me and I’ll pay for you to be you! Box No U/372/51.

O I saw you reading taking a break in Borders cafe after a long Saturday making a latte with love, tell me your gay - please. Box No U/372/52.

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