PLAYSTATION/PC PREVIEW Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Lara goes fourth: Tomb Raider The Last Revelation

It has been said that the second and third instalments of the Lara Croft saga lacked the spark of the first. Relying, as they did, on graphical trickery, increased combat and the universal appeal of the main character, they never quite reached the same heights of playability that Tomb Raider scaled at its first attempt. Whether developers Core or publishers Eidos have taken heed of this talk is debatable, but what is certain is that TR4, named The Last Revelation, will be a return to the original tomb raiding


Based entirely in Egypt, The Last Revelation will follow Lara's quest to save the world from a terrible prophecy involving the god Set and his plans for Armageddon. Obviously, the use of familiar Egyptian mythology immediately makes the player feel at home, as well as offering a huge potential for vast underground caverns, tight crawl spaces and everything in between. Exploration and puzzle solving become the main emphasis rather than mindless combat and a new inventory system - yes, the spinning items are gone has been developed to allow the manipulation of items. This has greatly increased the brain-teasing aspect of the game beyond simple switch-pulling and key-finding.

Lara herself has been touched up, if you‘ll excuse the expression, with her look, her movement and her range of moves all receiving attention. The graphic engine has also had a little overhaul, so it looks cleaner and smoother than before. New creatures abound and, with so much mythological background to play with, the story should prove engaging.

However, what will really affect the game is the level design. Tomb Raider still stands as the only game to induce vertigo in a player, and if Core can recapture that degree of immersion, with subtle challenges and believable environments, The Last Revelation will be an absolute mouth-watering proposal. And, as the name suggests, will this be Lara's last ever game? Why, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? (lain Davidson)

Tomb Raider; The Last Revelation will be available on 26 Nov, priced around [40.

system and a huge statistical database ensures that you Will come back again and again to jOITi your teammates in battle.

Constituting a step-up in on-line gaming, Fireteam grants a totally different experience for the player. Dial up now. (ID)

PLAYSTATION Sled Storm (Electronic Arts) £39.99 i ~t— .v

Games companies are quickly running out of powered vehicles to Simulate. The snowmobile, for example, is a utility vehicle for crossing open snovvscapes faster than by ski. It is not, however, designed to leap from cliffs, smash through ice walls and powerslide over frozen lakes. Therefore EA’s Sled Storm, With its pretensions of spectacular racing and stunting, is actually a rather dull affair.

After choosrng your rider, you race over a variety of snowbound tracks, pull stunts over every bump and collect money to upgrade your machine. The

courses look fantastic, With hillsides, ravrnes and purpose-burlt circuits all neatly presented. Your opponents are troublesome and the ability to upgrade keeps you attempting tricks to gain money.

And yet undermining everything are the snowmobiles themselves. Approach an incline at less than top speed or at an acute angle, and you Will stutter to a stop before the summit. Drrvrng through powder feels like dredging porridge. Fancy attempting a turn? Check your diary first to make sure y0u have the time. A little artistic license With the game's physics could have made all the difference. Sled Storm won’t make you trade in your board. (ID)



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