Date: Thu 8 Oct

Place: Offrce London openrng, 54—56 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

we saw yea

Snapshots of City life

Name: Caroline. Name: Dawn. Name: Wendy,

Occupation: Press OiiICOI' for Theatre Royal. Occupation: I work for Offrce Occupation; Manager of 0mm London What were the best shoes you ever What were the best shoes you ever What were the best shoes you ever owned Because we’re here tonrght, my owned? A parr of Le SrIIa They’re the owned? Anymmg Ultlmy (hm

OiiICG sandals. rnost expensrve shoes l have ever bought,


Name: Frrth. Name: Grllran. Name: Gordon

Occupation: Supervrsor. Occupation: | Just graduated Occupation: Fish fryer.

What were the best shoes you ever What were the best shoes you ever What were the best shoes you ever owned? A parr of Reebok Interpumps, I owned? A parr of Chrnese slrppers that I owned? DOC Martens

strll have them. bought two years ago.

Name: Jo. Name: Roz. Name: Carol. Occupation: Studem~ Occupation: Women's edrtor at the Daily Occupation: Admrnrstrator at What were the best shoes you ever ROCOrd- Slmlhdyde U”- owned? Srmple trarners, but they're What were the best shoes you ever What were the best shoes you ever qurte battered now, owned? A parr of Krrk Gerger’s. owned? My Dune boots.


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