Look; even international pouting stadium sex goddesses bite their nails. What can Sharleen Spiteri, she of the billboard looks and silken vorce, possibly have. to worry about? Perhaps she's nervous about facmg the haying Glasgow crowd when she and her late-blooming Scottish success story Texas take to the SECC stage. Or maybe she can’t decrde on a Hallowe'en costume. Or perhaps she’s anxiously pondering exactly what to do With her big pots of money.

Texas play SECC, Glasgow, Sat 30 81 Sun 5’7 Ocfit

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What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead.

Film: The Blair Witch Project One of the few films that really is as It‘lllfyllHl as its hype suociests opens in Edinbuicih before the rest of the UK A testament to indie inventiveness and a DOfKO in the eye for Hollywood excess See feature and l'(‘\'|t‘\‘.', pacies 10 and 29 Edinburgh Cameo from Thu 2/ Oct General release from Fri 29 Oct

Music: The Charlatans FOHOUJIHQ the excellent Tel/in’ Stories \‘u'llfl the equally superb new album, Us (9 Us Only, Nor'thvtic h's finest continue to rise aciainst adversity live, fllll Buroess and co \.‘.||f be unstoppable See aibuiii reviev.‘, pacie 418 Glasgow Bd/‘l'OL‘J/(l/ltf, l'hu2/ (‘5' Fri 22 Oct Us Xv Us Orr/y is out noz'x

Comedy: Eddie Izzard 'l'alcinc;

his Circ/es show out on the road before Christmas, Eddie lx/ard talks riricis round the rest of the stand-up competition Leftfield philosophy and surreal ramblincis put him in a class of his own See feature, pacie l4 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Mon 1 Wed 3 Nov

Games: Fireteam On-line ciaminci is currently where it's at, and this fast and furious effort is a hucie step forward Slip on your headset and plan your attacks with teammates across the internet See revrew, pacie 122 Available now from Cryos for the PC Opera: Carmen Always certain to Win over audiences With its fiery Latin passion, Bi/et’s popular opera returns in a co- pr‘oduction betvieen Scottish Opera and Welsh National Opera Glasqoiz/ Theatre Royal Fri 22, Tue 26, Sat 30 Oc, t, Thu 4 Nov

Clubs: Richie Hawtin Following on from his Plastikman ciuise, the Canadian lcinc; of minimal techno adds a touch of experiiitentation to his live sets ‘.'.'|Ifl 'Dec l;s, EFX & 909' See feature, page 22 Glasgow The Arches, Fri 29 Oct Edinburgh The Vaults, Sat 30 Oct

Books: Lobster Moth V‘s/lift a beautiful and lyrical style, Niall Duthie's latest novel linlcs parallel stories of an injured soldier in WW2 and the actor

playinc} him Ill a film See revieisr, page l 15 Out now, pub/ishec/ by Fourth Estate

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