The Pocket Canons

Not since Madonna first dangled a crucifix over her navel has religion looked so sexy. Last year, when Canongate launched their series of mini books of the Bible, the combination of manageable chunks, gorgeous design and introductions by an array of cultural figures struck critical and commercial chords alike. Now it’s time for the second coming. Unlikely bedfellows include Bono on ’Psalms’, Joanna Trollope on ’Ruth’ and Alasdair Gray on ’Jonah'. An intriguing prospect for both believers and atheists.

The Pocket Canons are published by Canongate, Mon 7 Nov, priced £7.50 each, £72.99 for the boxed set.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She’s been supernatural in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ditzy in / Know What You Did Last Summer, VICIOUS in Cruel intentions and gorgeous on the cover of The List. What can Sarah Michelle possibly do next? The answer is more slaying in a second series of Buffy, and a new mowe. Simply Irresistible is a romantic comedy co-starring Sean Patrick Flanery in which she plays a lonely chef. Heavy on the garlic, one hopes.

Simply Irresistible opens on Fri 22 Oct, see review page 30, Buffy The Vampire Slayer starts on BBC2, Thu 28 Oct, 6.45pm.

Concrete Butterfly

'We essentially want to present something new and innovative,’ explains proprietor and designer Alasdair Gall of his new shop Concrete Butterfly. Both a retail outlet and a workshop, Concrete Butterfly Will act as a showcase for his own home interiors collection as well as pieces sourced outwnh the shop. Everything from furniture and floor coverings to textiles and tableware Will be stocked. Pictured is the SH chair, part of a developing ’Straight Forward’ collection, priced from £150,

Concrete Butterfly is at 377 Cowgate, Edinburgh, 0737 558 7730.

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4 THE lIST 21 Oct—4 Nov 1999