THEATRE listings

THEATRE LISTINGS continued Beyond A Joke Fri 29-Sat 30 Oct.

7.45pm. £4.50 (£3). The Apex Players

~ = " ': PMWCW“°""“’“‘°“°°"‘°“" tstln s 98 Ingram St, Glasgow 9

CARNEGIE HALL 0 I 4 I 5 East Port, Dunfermline, 01383 314127. - P, H, wc, WA] eagulls Thu 4 Nov. 7.30pm. £4-£6. A NEW TALENT Russian theatre company rehearse ' Chekhov’s The Seagull under the threat TE|e3raph open October 25 - 30 7-30 ti.::':l:::.:'.'::.22:ar.l:a: “3": Ag"? F h ' E in urg : P easance, ri 22 Oct, t en I ' EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE touring. L I 01dC cvo’aeh Road, 01355 261000. [P, H, :6 clams to fame goblMoffat's m0? W , A amous son' is pro a y not one o Haunte I Thu 21 Oct. 8pm. £6 (£4). the most impressive; but Danny T H E G liftsng Preschmta smng “Slade Bhoy, stand-up comic and winner of a ac mcm t 3 goes yo" i c grave’ this year's Daily Telegraph Open Mic

starring Fiona Knowles. . . Award, ts fast making a name for D E T E I V E FALKIRK TOWN HALL himself. Don't let the impression of tivesitcBarlid e Strefi; 01324 506850. a stage persona fool you. though. 3' e oma ‘1 4 NOV- 230W“ & Danny Bhoy is a man who's grown 7'3Opm' £750 (£6'£6'50)‘ sec up with humour, a man who's been

Edinburgh anton Theatre' surrounded by jokes his whole life, GREENOCK ARTS GUILD not least because his real name is Campbell Street, 01475 723038. [H, WA] Danny Bhoy.

Meeting Gabriel Until Sat 23 Oct. A self.confessed class clown,

7.30pm. £6 (£4). Written by Taggart

writer and BAFI‘A nominee Danny Danny's relaxed Observation“

McCahon, this new comedy gives a humour has been enloxed by remorseful son the chance to spend some aUdienceS all over Bfitaln. He quality time with his recently departed doesn't make any great play on fame" style, mainly because he doesn't

Rock! Roll! Remember! Sat 30 Oct. 7.30pm. £9 (£7.50). With that many exclamation marks in the title, how could

need to. His appeal isn't based on a message or concept, as in all the

you help but have "a good time at this be“ Proponents 0f the fOVma “'5 m i musical extravaganza? based on simply being naturally .

funny. Open champion: Danny Bhoy mggggxilfisamfmzw 278381. He's making moves into comedy writing, being one of the current writers Sleeping Beauty Sm 23 Oct. 2.30pm & for Channel 4's 11 O’Clock Show, but stand-up remains his calling, and 5.30pm. £6 (£5; family ticket £20), see something he'd like to develop into a career. If his current form is anything Glasgow Pavilion Theatre. to go by, he has all the right ingredients for comedy success. You can catch 5"“‘95 G°ld " Fri 29 OCI- 7-30Pm- up on next year's new comedy talent now at the touring Open Mic slots,

£14.50. Hits from this 605 from The - ~ ' . ° Tremcloes, The Troggs, Dave Berry and which are ongorng throughout the year, With regular stop offs tn Glasgow

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky’ Mick and “ch. and Edinburgh. (Declan Lynch)

gnomenwcu. meme ivic Centre, Windmillhill Street, 01698 shows are listed b date, then b c' . _ 267515. [9, we, WA] y SATURDAY 23

, _ Performances will e listed, provide "all Caledonia Wed 27 Oct. 7.30pm. that details reach our offices at least Glasgow

£3 (£6). See Edinburgh Brunton eight days before publication. Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar, 148 Themfe- , Comedy listings compiled by Steve Holland Street, 332 2159. 9.30pm. £5 The Flsher King Thu 28 Oct. 8pm. £7 Cramer (£4). Gales of giggles as Gordon _ (£4) see Edinburgh St Bride’s Ccmfco Brunton, Bill Bruce and Lee Ness deliver Unapo/oget/ca/ly polem/c PALACE mama THURSDAY 21 the-888$ and W/Cked/y funny’ 9 Green Street, Kilmamock, 01563 Glasgow Edll‘lblll'gll msh T,‘mes 5233599 . , Comedian's Crack Uisge Beatha, 232 The Stand The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 "all Caledoma Fm 2968! 30 Oct. Woodlands Road, 564 1596. 8.45pm. 7272. 8.15pm. £7 (£4). See Fri 22 ~ Jane Sat8230éiin & 7.33pm]. £8+50 Free. Raising a laugh tonight are Jerry Mackay is the comp. . . ee as ow, ais e own ' . . November 2 _ 6 Hall. 3 Y Sggrg‘rank Quinn and comp Raymond East Kllbrlde ' Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar, 148 Vladimir McTavish East Kilbride Arts ROTHES HALLS Holland Street, 332 2159. 9.30pm. £4 Centre, Old Coach Road, 01355 261000. ROthS Square. 0160100188. 01592 (£3). Graeme Thomas and Eric Davidson 8pm. £6 (£4). Following successful 611,101- [P’.WC’ WA] join host Billy Bonkers for a cracking appearances in Bob Doolally’s Extra Trainspotting Wed 3—Sat 6 Nov. 8pm. comedy selection. Time, Mr McTavish takes centre stage.

£6 (£5). Rase Productions present the

F0 B stage adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s cult Edinburgh Paisley

novel. Johnny Vegas Gilded Balloon, 233 Joke Box Mister P’s, 42 Wellmeadow Dr Faustus Tue 26 Oct. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Cowgate, 226 2151. 8.30pm. The Street, 561 7117. 10pm. Free. Craig Tag Theatre Company perform Edwin larger-than-life comedian, known for r Crookston, Reg ‘Voodoo' Anderson and Morgan:s adaptation. of Marlowe’s his ways with clay and sharp put- musical mirthmaker Sandy Nelson join 0188816. In Wthh a gifted SChOlaf. downs, takes his northern humour on comp Janey Godley. desperate for power, sells his soul to the tour, BY devrl. The Stand The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 SUNDAY 24 7272.9 m. £4 (£3). Crai HiU, Brian

MACRQBERT . . Henniggn and Mark Bratghpiece crack Glasgow

UNVCYSIW 0f Stirling. 01786 461081- [R' the jokes in the company of comp Joon Johnny Vegas Tron Theatre, 63 H,.WC, WA] Broon. Trongate, 552 4267. 8.30pm. £10 (£8). Friendly Fire Thu 21 Oct. 7.45pm. £6 See Thu 21 support comes from the

(£3) S“ Glasgow Tron Theatre. FRIDAY 22 musically inclined Craig Hill. Oliver Wed 27—Fri 29 Oct. 7.30pm. £7 . Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. 148 (115). Youth group Centrescene take on Edinburgh Holland Street, 332 2159. 9pm. £5 (£4).

T‘ k E [Jone] Ball’s Popular mUSlcal- The Stand The Stand, 5 York Place, 558 Robert Knox and Lee Ness come up with K: elS 7 10 £1 . 7272. 8.15pm. £6 (£5). Jack Russell has the comedy goods in the company of A d B CENTRAL DANCE his day, with support from the guitar- compete Billy Bonkers. Va n C8 00 l n g strumming Sandy Nelson and John Flint. . T- k CARNEG'E "Au- Susan Morrison is yer compete. Edmburgh

IC et C e n 1 re East Port. 01383 314127. (P. H. wc. . . Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand,

WA] . surfing 5 York Place, 558 7272. 1-3pm. Free 01 41 ' l 1 swan" 03"“ meat“ 33‘ 23 Get Johnny Vegas MacRobert, University of with drinks or a meal. Inspired improv

7.30pm. £4-£6. See Edinburgh Dance, Stirling, 01786 461081. 8pm. £9 (£6). courtesy of Stand stalwarts Jack and Traverse Theatre. sec Thu 21, Paul,

70 THE LIST 21 Oct-4 Nov 1999