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Student Nights

Students, on the whole, enjoy nothing more than a tipple, a boogie and a snag. Indeed, freed as they are from parental tyranny, Freshers tend to do little else, aside from the occasional foray into being sick and contracting oral herpes. Fortunately for the kids, clubs saw the chance to make a bundle off the back of this temporary bender, and the student club was born.

Student nights in Glasgow fall into two camps - the traditional with bad music, cheap drink and a good chance of copping off; and the proper club nights that happen to also offer cheap booze. Of the former, Cheesy Pop (QMU, Fridays) is one of the best. As the name suggests, the music policy is strictly naff. For those who really can’t bear the thought of hugging a stranger to the tune of 'Puff The Magic Dragon', Rumble (The Garage, Thursdays) is probably a better bet, with charty house snuggling up to indie classics. Cop (Archaos, Thursdays) is of the second type, banishing kitschery to the back room to concentrate on decent dance anthems.

If it's cheap booze you’re after in Edinburgh, The Student Night (The Potterrow, Wednesdays) wins hands- down with 75p drinks (choice of two) all night long, resulting in the 1,300 capacity venue usually sold out. Both The Liquid Room (Mid-Week

Mayhem, Wednesdays) and The Ark (Crap, Mondays 8: Tuesdays; Hump, Saturdays) offer ‘all drinks £1 all night',

with the appropriate messiness.

In terms of music at student nights in Edinburgh, it’s generally predictable chart sounds, 70s and 805 kitsch across the board. If you like it loud, head to Lothian Road's monster club Revolution, with its serious sound system and podiums for the less retiring out there. Brand

Leaping and frolicking, it's a student thing



new club Gaia offers those crazy Cuban Brothers on Wednesdays and chart downstairs/lo-fi upstairs on

For a more genuine alternative, say 'Bonsoir' to an evening of pure student spirit on Wednesdays at La Belle Angele. Garth Cruikshank provides good music, cabaret, karaoke and big prizes. (Jack Mottram and Catherine


Alex Paterson

A blessed life, surely. To be the founding member of ambient housers the Orb, to have played a critical part in the evolution of dance music. To be in demand around the world for your inspirational and eclectic DJ sets . . .

72 THE UST 21 Oct—4 Nov l999

Alex Paterson

‘More importantly, England are playing Scotland in the play-offs,’ Alex Paterson immediately diverts. In a South London accent. 'My dad is Scottish so I’m with the Scots on this one,’ he explains, before listing the uncles that are his

namesakes (Duncan, Robert, Alexander).

With a little persuasion, however, we

move off the topic of unfair Euro 2000 draws.

Although the Orb were founded as a result of his DJing in the late 805, Alex Paterson isn't considered primarily to be a DJ, although this is what he does every week around the world. He holds a more varied bookings diary than most, however.

’I get into so many different situations when I’m DJing,’ agrees Alex Paterson. 'l was doing this gig recently in Tokyo back to back with Tibetan singers and they had given out prayer mats at the beginning of the gig; by the second number they were throwing the prayer mats up in the air. That was quite funny. It was in a hall that had speakers positioned on the walls, the floors and the ceiling and ljust panned the music around and sent the people completely bonkers.’ And how on earth did you get a gig like that? ’From being in a band called the Orb.’ Ladies and gentlemen, it's that simple. (Simone Baird) | Alex Paterson 015 at Nomad at Wilkie House, Fri 29 Oct

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Club news

THOSE NEW TO Edinburgh might be impressed by the various monthly clubs in residence at The Potterrow, but are decider unimpressed when they are knocked back at the door. Be aware that it is an Edinburgh University student union so they have to abide by licensing regulations (or the other venue managers tend to get upset). Basically, you need to be a student to get in, but every student can sign in two guests on the night. And note that they are under no obligation to let in students from other institutions, although they sometimes do. Make sure that you take your student card with you, you cannot blag your way in - we've seen resident DJs knocked back because their name wasn’t down.

A SAD GOODBYE to The Vaults’ venue manager Bobby Anderson, who leaves this issue for the somewhat warmer climes of Australia. He was responsible for bringing in the outstanding guests the venue has enjoyed of late and will be sorely missed (ya radge).

DAYBREAK, A FEATURE film which has just started shooting in Edinburgh, is looking for extras to take part in an integral club scene to be shot at The Potterrow on Wed 17 Nov. The 'stylish, contemporary and sexy' film is the first feature from Film Four Labs and features music from Derrick Carter, Dot Allison and Tom Middleton. Extras won't get any money for the shoot, but will get the chance to make their sceen debut on a film that will be shown at both the Edinburgh Film Festival and Cannes. To get your mug on the silver screen, call Sue on 0131 467 4507. Cameras will also be at Colours, same venue, Sat 6 Nov.

RUB A DUB Records (35 Howard Street) have a bit of a coup on Fri 29 Oct when the mighty Richie Hawtin drops by the shop at 4pm to spin some tunes for about an hour, before his set at Pressure that night. It's free, but the shop is wee so get down early. Check out Electronica at '7pm on Radio Scotland on Sun 31 Oct to hear an interview with the