Magna Brava

Magnum is often considered a testosterone stronghold. Founded in 1947, the photographic agency is well known for its legion of men who braved the world to record some of the century’s most bloody and momentous moments. But let us not forget the Magnum women: Eve Arnold, Marilyn Silverstone, Inge Morath, Martine Franck and Susan Meiselas (whose I970s work in Nicaragua is shown here) have all travelled the world often snapping the equally revealing scenes of life and death beyond the frontline.

This exhibition of over 200 photographs justly asserts the female eye.

Magna Brava is at the National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh, Fri 5 Nov—Sun 30 Jan.

Angel Tech

Angel Tech write songs about lunatics on the London Underground, the experience of drowning and Icarus and Einstein. They want you to listen to their records while looking at the stars but their attempts to have Karen Carpenter singing for them proved unsuccessful. In previous incarnations, their number have been life models, aid workers and bin men. Despite the trio's names being Tim, Doug and Neil, you

Bay City Rollers

Woody, Les, Alan, Derek and Eric. Names to chill the blood of any music fan over the age of

3S. Journalist Caroline Sullivan is Just that and she has written of her love affair With the Bay City Rollers. Tragic is the key word here. Sullivan's tale is one of painful embarrassment as she recalls her Virtual stalking of the Edinburgh quintet while the fates that befell the members as their careers plummeted are too gruesome to ponder. Bye Bye Baby: My Tragic Love

Affair With The Bay City Rollers by Caroline Sullivan is published by Bloomsbury, Thu 27 Oct, priced £70.99. See Book events, page 7 78.

can't help coming to the conclusion that they may well not be of this world.

Angel Tech p/ay King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 29 Oct; The Attic, Edinburgh, Sat 30 Oct.


6 THE lIST 21 Oct—4 Nov 1999


Maturity, like debt and dandruff, comes to us all lnevrtable as declarations of love from a drunken man, it squats by the clock of your life, waiting for you to straggle in from the long night out that is yOur mid-twenties It is as insurmountable as the door policy at Barba/a and mice as depressing

When the fleet-footed spectre has you in her sights (i‘espoi'isibility is as feminine as childbirth and hormonal purchasing) no amount of creative truth or Red Bull Will give you the Wings wrth which

decides to grow up


getting messy

Problems that I had blithely ignored \‘.’Iiil the aid of a couple of laughs and Aftershock chasers now seem more pervasive than Carol Vordeiman The years spent developing a hundred different ways of saying sorry now seem wasted, as people no longer give you the leeway of the emotionally immature Cavorting around the hunting section of Croc ketts is not endearing or subversive, Just plain silly

The possibility of regret enters the equation, and actions begin to have implications that you, and only you, can answer for All around Glasgow, couples huddle and thrash the very life out of their dying relationships as the stark reality hits them

Cavorting around the hunting section of Crocketts is not endearing or subversive,

just plain silly.

to escape her. She Will hunt you down like a dog and remove every last shred of self- respect yOu had remaining after being banned from Abrakebabra

As yOu wake up for the fifth consecutive morning under a roundabout, chilli sauce in yOur ears and a distant memory of a bOyfriend in your brain, the cruel harpie wrll descend upon your addled carcass and gorge on your guilt A sudden awareness of your tenuous hold on the adult world seeps into your bones like battery acid and instils an almost rabid desire to engage in this thing called grown-up life.

When we were kids the first step to maturity being the past tense ~ adulthood was considered glamorous, a dangerous terrain filled With lease agreements, late nights and love. By the age of seventeen, I was all grown up. By eighteen, I had sustained my first battle wounds and encountered the concept of fear. By nineteen, I had retired. Coming round after a seven- year sabbatical, mature and responsible actions beckon With a Joyless finger and an age dawns where things happen before lunch and bills cease to pay themselves, While my friends drive around in what should be their tax bill, lam weighed down With the saddlebags of sense, And it's

that this could be the last chance they have of hooking up With somebody in full receipt of their own skin and teeth.

Luckily I have never been one for martyrdom. If a Job's too hard, don't do it, we’re not here to Win any prizes after all With the knowledge of imminent maturity comes moderation and discretion It's OK to drink: JUSI line yOur stomach With a burger, take fresh orange With your vodka, leave your keys With a friend in the same city and write yOur address on your hand.

With age comes knowledge, and forewarned is forearmed. Treat yOur rob like a career and your friends With respect. Take meetings in your Jim-Jams and Absinthe in yOur bedroom. Health can consist of wearing a suit and drinking water. The key to this maturity thing lies in being aware of yOur responsibilities, but not necessarily acting on them RIGHT NOW. Salvation hangs on this duality: you can be ’child-Iike’ Without being ’child- ish’, Anyone for swrngball.7

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