v I saw you in Manumission, then on the delayed flight home to Glasgow (4/9). You - curly hair, pink T-shirt, ‘A’ Trainers. Me - Opposite aisle, Black T- Shirt, Tracksuit Bottoms. Beautiful Stranger? Box No U/372/60

O I saw you first demonstrating your international skills -afro syle. I’ve admired you from afar, perhaps you could take a closer look at an x-ray of my heart. How’s about “potting” a blonde?! Apply for more... Box No U/372/61

O I saw you in the ‘Earl’. Shame about the new decor, but some things never change as you are always there! Box No/372/62

Q I saw you ginger ferret - up my trouser leg. Love from your evil rat wife and Dr. Key (evil accomplice). Box No U/372/63 v I saw you JG, I wish we could have gone down under together before you went down under. Morrisey Consumer Monkey. Box No U/372/64

0 I saw you Rhona C being dead funny in Cambridge. I never wanted a shag so next time don’t flatter yourself honey. Love the tipsy dyke. Box No U/372/65

O I saw you hands on me and hands on you. Feet together never to part. But tell me what the hell happened to heart? Box No U/372/66

Q I saw you Pistol Peter. I don’t think you are shallow enough to be a model either babyll Box No U/372/67

Q I saw you and you made me feel alive, Love bug. I hope it all works out and I love you: Hound xxx Box No U/372/68

. I saw you Catherine Charnley at Iguana in Edinburgh. You sexy wilder- beast. You are 3 BABE!! I Love You, Duncan xxx. Box No U/372/69

O I saw you back in Iguana after being away for 2 years Sunday mornings have not been the same without you. Jamie, this time we wifl get it on and you’ll never leave again. Box No U/372/70

v I saw you 30 September. Came in late, long black leather jacket, too shy to speak, we made eye contact at the bar. I’m here every month (on the 30th) Box No U/372/71

O I saw you saucy Brian, I’m sorry things aren’t working out between you and your lady in Iguana. Maybe we can take advantage? Box No U/372/72 O I saw you hardly ever Mr Ben Ross Chevy Chase lover show us yer Suzanna Fam-ham. Love Key & Scoots. Box No U/372/74

Q I saw you Iguana on 1 October. 36DD - 24 - 32. Blonde. Hey, give me a chance. I think your name was Diane. Box No U/372/75

v I saw you Fluffy. No body eats quite like you do. You Send Me. Box No U/372/76

v I saw you tall, blonde sexy thing working in the kitchen at Blue. Iwant you! Box No U/372/77

V I saw you glamourous, Hungarian; since then I can’t stop dreaming of you. It’s love! I want my champagne back. Nicole. Box No U/372/78

O I saw you in handcuffs, strik- ing your expendable baton after training near the Pleasance. You and your PC attitude to the fore. Box No U/372/79

O I saw you Oh Maggie C, of my dreams. I look forward to our special nights out together.

I want to see your negligee, Bindu, baby. Love the G-Man. Box No U/372/80

O I saw you Eilidh the girl with the projectile poo. You gave a whole new meaning to having the painters and decorators in. You were worth it. Welcome to our world. Xxx. From everyone you’ve met so far. Box No U/372/81

. I saw you Saturday 23.10.99 main train Edinburgh to Glasgow. Our eyes met. Me: girl sitting beside you, grey t-shirt, turtle on my ruck sack. U/373/1 O I saw you getting off the late train at Queen St, 27/10: tall, bearded, long hair...amazing. This filthy mountain biker scrubs up nicely if you want a date. U/373/2

O I saw you Bonny wee Jeannie McColl, skipping home through the dark streets of Edinburgh, be good in Goa, your new neighbour, Fi Fi La Belle. U/373/3

9 I saw you at C.C.Blooms on the night of Pride. Your name was Lindsay, our friends made us talk and I really like you. Remember? U/373/4

0 I saw you I used to see you Mandy, at the Polo. You are the hottest babe on the face of the planet. I hope you haven’t dis- appeared because you’ve found someone new. I’ve been miss- ing you, I should be kissing you. U/373/5

O I saw you (Gary?) serving me in Gap Glasgow. I was your last customer on Friday lst October. Get in touch. U/373/6 O I saw you yet again at the Bongo Club 22 October, tall beautiful light haired girl dis- playing your navel in your blue top and genes. Seen you at the Edin HEADZ nights for a year +, but we never seemed to say ‘hi’ when we danced next to each other at Manga. I’ll look out for your yellow anorak and woolly hat! U/373/7

O I saw you “incredibly cute” guy at The Charlatans at the Barrowlands. You, dark hair, furry collar, me, black top and long skirt. Remember me? Hope we didn’t make you para- noid by staring, but you did look very foxy and I had to come over and tell you so! U/373/8

v I saw you Jen, in Divas, 31/10/98. Our eyes met across a crowded room, we fell in love...Thank you for making the past year the happiest of my life. I love you always, Ali. U/373/9 0 I saw you goatee, muscles, in the kite shop, Grassmarket. You sold me the toy, wanna play with the boy? U/373/10

O I saw you Andy, Kiwi, lguana,, 25/09, hens, dancing, club. No pen, no number. Another Slammer? U/373/11

v I saw you JJ do you get it now? I love you, I want to marry you and want to have your babies. Don’t let anyone else sniff your bum but'me. A xxx U/373/ 12

v I saw you Nutella Girl, in San Siras. I looked for you never mind Waking Ned, let’s keep each other awake. Battenburg Boy. U/373/ 13

O I saw you Ellis, at Prohibition in Assembly Rooms - since found out your name! You looked positively miserable - but sexy none the less, so - were you alone? U/373/ 14

Q I saw you Luke then I sent you away and now I’m gutted and it’s pants. C. U/373/15

O I saw you at Bar Ce Lona, Devina McCall launch. Delicious dark haired babe with checked (?) shirt. You work in Dillons? Missed my chance for Devina to do her thing (does dykes?). Fancy a second? U/373/ 16

0 I saw you in the back stalls(!), ‘Katya’ premiere, Weds, 22/9, dark-haired woman looking lovely in green top, black suit (with similarity - dressed friend). Me chap in black jacket. No chance of talk- ing then but now? Box No U/373/ 18.

O I saw you in the outlet by the light switch Liz. Not to put too fine a point on it, say I’m the only bee in your bonnet. Make a little birdhouse in your soul! Love Graeme. Box No U/373/19.

O I saw you girl with pigtails known as John. You were serv- ing behind the coffee machine. You are my mocha angel. Box No U/373/20.

O I saw you Robert at Archaos, you snogged my face off and I gave you my phone number and never heard from you again until Papars! Love ‘Scary Spice’. Box No U/373/21.

O I saw you on 15 Oct, tanned windsurfer hunk in Borders Bookshop. You ruffled the wind in my sails, blow my way. Box No U/373/22.


O I saw you Neil in the 8.0.5. looking v.v. attractive (at a jaun- ty angle!) fancy some sexual semtex? Box No U/373/23.

O I saw you in the Polo Lounge. Couldn’t see much else, not even Vic Godard. You are lovely - thank you for sparkling my way. Box No U/373/24.

O I saw you outside Terry’s Tattoos birthday boy. Want till you’re 64. We’ll get you then chuck Vera & Dave. Box No U/373/25.

v I saw you boy with two zips that I still love. Box No U/373/26.

O I saw you girl in a long leather jacket. You smiled and laughed in the Tron bar then walked away. Box No U/373/27. O I saw you L.E., at Tron, Fri 15/10, after Cosmo - I know you’re loved up, but I think you’re delicious - there you go! Box No U/373/28.

. I saw you at Tron, Fri 15/10, after show in light grey suit (I think). You’re super-glued to a lovely woman (and deservedly so) (she can cook!). But we kept catching eyes and I wanted to say ‘hello’. Box No U/373/29. O I saw you dream No 3498 eceaahch! (horsey sound) eeaach! (more horsey sounds!) lots of wild oats please lvoe you, Boo! Box No U/373/30. O I saw you in your grey 205 on Broomhill Drive - I thought you looked stunning, and I’d love to meet up. Box No U/373/31.

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