0 I saw you walking down Byres Rd with a guitar, Sunday lunchtime, long blonde hair, leather jacket, hungover but beautiful. Play me a song some- time? Box No U/373/32.

O I saw you absolutely gor- geous woman - ‘Anne Marie’? You’re in my heart forever, love Kerry. PS Get in touch! Box No U/373/33

O I saw you Maggie, my Sunday Brunch partner. I can’t wait to see you in that dress and even more so to see you out of it! Box No U/373/34.

O I saw you beautiful blue-eyed girl with a green duffle coat in Tinderbox. Let me love you for the rest of your life. Box No U/373/35.

O I saw you in Brel. you in your grey cardigan (nice), me in my pink star trek top (naughty). You were so cruer ripped from our passionate embrace. 1 never had a chance to say goodbye! Box No U/373/36.

. I saw you in the Garage and in your teacher’s car. A shift isn’t the same without you. Feel like I haven’t seen you in ages. Haven’t seen much of Boabie recently either! Box No U/373/37.

O I saw you two years, two months and eight days ago whilst working in Negociants. You sat at table three and stared at me till five in the morning. X. Box No U/373/38.

O I saw you Jeffro Miedi, 23/10/99, drinking Lagavulin in the Illicit Still. You looked gor- geous, I love being inside you (meaning your name of course!) Keabe. Box No U/373/39.

O I saw you in Concrete Butterfly, you shaggy man, scrappy VW van. Me, Mere 8.30 most mornings, you can see some real German bodywork (and I don’t mean carsl). Box No U/373/40.

104'I'IIELI8'I’4-18 Nov 1999

O I saw you 4.00 on Saturday morning, with me in the door- way next to General George in Lothian Road. Are you still looking, I wonder? Hope you’re doing OK. ‘Don’t leave me this way’ and come back again soon! Box No U/373/41.

O I saw you for three years, working our audiences in bar. mony. Chemistry overflowing. I’ve resisted. Now I’m falling. Once you helped as I fell bro- ken, catch me this time . . . Don’t deny the chemistry. Box No U/373/42.

0 I saw you on Pollokshields to Central train, you tall, tanned, good-looking waring denim jacket. Me, tall in suit, always standing by door, what team do you play for? Gay/straight? Box No U/373/43.

0 I saw you Noon, Sat 23/10, crossing University Ave, you beautiful blonde in black with

cheeky smile. Me, gullible fool in blue, would you get in touch and smile at me again! Box No U/373/44.

O I saw you Foxy Field, can I bounce in your bunkbed again? Box U/373/45

U I saw you BUBL Me: Forever blowing You: bursting everywhere let’s meet soon for soup in bread, love BRUFFLE. Box U/373/46

9 I saw you in the City Cafe - you wore NHS frames & a headscarf, I had a George Michael beard. I love you. Box U/373/47

Q I saw you we talked, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t meant to turn out like this. Rest easy my love. Box U/373/48 O I saw you at the frozen turkey counter @ Iceland. Bet your turkey isn’t frozen. From the ginger boy. Box U/373/49

v I saw you at the City Cafe. I ordered Nachos - you gave me Sour Cream - I wanted your cream! Box U/373/50

O I saw you at Stirling University. You had long dark hair - I was bowled over ‘Box U/373/451

O I saw you short, blonde hair. I saw you at Sublime, Mother Funk’s birthday and Bukem. Know that you have connections with sublime - call me. Box U/373/52

O I saw you when you were still a virgin. Gayle C. Now you’re back from far horizons but I can’t find you. Call Me. John F. Box U/373/53

Q I saw you at the City Cafe on (Wed) 28th October you were sitting at the bar, brown shirt, grey trousers, 4pm G/A/B. Box U/373/54

O I saw you standing there one moist night in the City Cafe. You said your name was Jo and you lived in Marchmont. If this is you give me a call. All my love baby. Sam xxx Box U/373/55

O I saw you walking the Cat- Walk-Mohican stylee, or in wig. You evil laughing, dodgy wee punter. Na ah ah ah ah ah. Box U/373/56

O I saw youpootle burger. Your thieving wife awaits - but where is the piano, the anvil and the safe these days? It’s all been crabbies in the pants lately, and for that - Mmmy Somry! You know you’re my special little guy - here’s to forever. xxx Box U/373/57

Q I saw you cool grey cut-off top & combats - GREAT pool player and only about six years old! Do you always hang out at City Cafe? Box U/373/58

O I saw you get a “SNE- HASSE” Du Madde skitdaligt. Jag bjod pa roka...vill tyka ihop med dej snarast mojligt! / din polare eldin Box U/373/59

O I saw you with your nickers on your head down’n a pint of cookies piss & gooseberry juice & I still snogged you in the mornin’ Box U/373/60

O I saw you Joe - “Girls Aren’t Camels" mine’s a vodka & coke. Chris “Soft cock”. Box U/373/61

. I saw you. With that leather jacket wrapped round your arm and thought soft cola - no way! You haven’t lived yet - you need a fair bit of hurl, oh yes! Box U/373/6

v I saw you City Cafe ban man, why don’t you feild me up buttercup. I want to wallow in your soft meadow. Box U/373/63

O I saw you writing postcards in the City Cafe dark hair, span- ish look, lovely eyes. Don’t leave it too long! Box U/373/64 O I saw you in your little black number. I’ll drink from the gob- let anytime I’m was hairy you were not scary. Box U/373/65 O I saw you sexy, Asian man with lucious long black beard at the “Ed Rush” night (Manga)

Hope to see you soon. Candy Girl. Box U/373/66

v I saw you Carla, in the City Cafe 13/10 drinking Jack Daniels. We spoke, we danced, you’re a classy bird. Will you be my dancing partner Get in touch soon. From your dancing king. Box U/373/67

Q I saw you you randy taste of the North!! All exotic. American Birds with cute asses are you seeing someone? Let’s hook up - over and out. Love chuffins xxx Box U/373/68

O I saw you in the City Cafe (Friday Night) Out of 2 I’d almost certainly give U 1!!! Box U/373/69

O I saw you Field Carr. @ the City Cafe workin’ your ass but- tercup. I’m in Milton Keynes now but I’ll never forget ya. Dude Box U/373/7O

O I saw you fast fast asleep. I called your name but you didn’t wake up. So I sat down with you until my ass went numb and I had to go home. Love the Doctor. X Box No U/373/71

O I saw you in your yellow dragon shirt. I’ll miss you sooo much. I hope you stay in touch from acting team leader. Box No U/373/72

v I saw you in the Peppermint Lounge on the opening night. You firey red head behind the bar, me dancing, really dancing. You drive me wild I’ll be back for more. Box No U/373/73

O I saw you at the bus stop at the foot of Leith Walk. Tall,

black hair, cherry red lipstick - Inga?! Meet me, Fridays 9pm Bar 38. Box No U/373/74

O I saw you, all piercing blue eyes and blonde locks, looking DANGEROUS. Let me your constance, mullet boy. Box No U/373/75

O I saw you old, greying leggy babe, you cocked a snook and l snooked a...whoops! C U in Bed (ford) !! Box No U/373/76

Q I saw you today Linda Keys, as I do every day and I love you. Only a matter of times until it‘s a permanent thing xxx Joseph. Box No U/373/77

0 I saw you Rubik Boy in bed with the district nurse. Hold me like you hold your cube - avoid vaseling and keep your big one stiff. Solve me! Box No U/373/78

O I saw you Eilidh, with your projectile poo, you gave a whole new meaning to having the painters and decorators in. Welcome to our world, from everyone you’ve met so far. XX. Box No U/372/00.

O I saw you Amelie, running around town with your secret admirer. Why don’t you come out into the forest with me and I’ll show you what a real man can do. Box No U/372/l.

O I saw you Julie, in the sunset, sitting on the fence. We’ve shared such lovely times since. Let’s keep sharing them. Don’t put your contacts in tap water for anyone else. Love Andy. XXX Box No U/372/2. v I saw you Neil (ex-Levi boy) on Princes St, Sat 18 Sep. You, blue shirt. Me: tall, bright red ruck sack! We smiled, not seen you ages. Box No U/372/3. O I saw you in passing, on the Mound, Sat 2/10, 6pm. You, strolling downhill, tall, brown hair, blue (denim) jacket. Me: blond hair, cream scarf, brown jacket, struggling uphill until you caught my eye. You smiled and l floated the rest of the way homexAmazing. Unexplainable. Could be nothing . . . could be the best thing you’ve ever done . . . Please make me smile again. Box No U/372/4.