The Gaucho Grill

All too often these days, dining out involves indulging a chef's desire to prove his Skills, With coulis and JUS littering the plate and confusing the palate. The Gaucho Grill, on the other hand, takes the opposite tack and selects high quality ingredients, then leaves well alone a policy that has proved popular vvith Glasgow’s gourmands.

Put simply, the restaurant is all about meat. Fresh from the farm, sides of Argentine beef are flown over daily and remain untouched until a patron places their order, when they are butchered on the premises. This means that you can stick to the steaks offered on the menu, or select something more substantial With greedier customers plumping for 1200 gram steaks. The fillets are then cooked on an adapted form of the traditional assado grill, which is designed to retain as much of the meat’s fats and flavours as pOSSible, keeping interference to a minimum. What's more, if a customer so desires, they can follow the whole process from butchers’ block to plate, thanks to a fully open kitchen.

The remainder of the menu takes its cue from this near-reverential attitude to ingredients and, aside from a lonely Vegetable Cous Cous, caters for the meat eater and seafood fan featuring dishes such as Calf's Liver and Lomo & Lobster Tail ~ all prepared on the assado.

With such commitment to the

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carniverous, one might expect the restaurant to follow sun with its decor and feature butch wood panelling and over-stuffed Chesterfields. Fortunately, the interior manages to seamlessly combine the traditional and contemporary. The ubiquitous exposed heating ducts and sheet metal look is

MEXICAN RESTAURANT Now Open All Day Friday and Saturday

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warmed up With animal hide upholstery, terracotta pots complete With giant cacti and a smattering of dark wood.

The Gaucho Grill, the first outlet in a pan—European chain to open in Scotland, is a welcome addition to Glasgow's increasingly diverse selection

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Raising the steaks: The Gaucho Club

of restaurants and, while £1750 for an unadorned fillet of beef might seem a touch steep, the quality of the ingredients and pleasant Surroundings makes the Gaucho an essential stop for the meat lover, (Jack lvlottram)

l 733 West George Street, Glasgow, 204 527 7,

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6’ 0 ' 50 HOW Street, Gllsgow. Tel: 0141 248 44 6

4—18 Nov 1999 THE "ST 115