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Drivem to crime: GTA2

For anyone desperate to get their hands on the next generation GTA a stunning piece of inventive software that pushes back the boundaries of both gameplay and social acceptability then keep on looking. However, anyone wanting GTA with bells on, step right up, you are the winner. GTA2 is the same top-down orgy of crime with guns, drugs and joyriding which quickly becomes a way of life. For those that are interested, here are the differences.

Immediately GTA2 looks a lot slicker, with the vehicles, buildings and pedestrians all receiving a touch up by the artist's brush. Strangely, this has resulted in a much more cartoon knockabout feel and steals away some of the game's edge. To replace it, the cities are now in the bloody throws of a gang war. This means that not only is there no such thing as victimless crime, no felony goes unnoticed by the gangs. Work for one mob and the others will begin to pick you out for special treatment.

However, fail to complete some jobs and the mob will not be happy to see you. This constant fluctuation in gang respect can alter the game drastically and it is not unusual to wander in one territory trying to randomly execute enemy gang members to gain that extra bit of trust.

To make this system of respect work, the inhabitants of the city are endowed with some intelligent autonomy. The gangs fight each other, with or without your help; cars are hijacked, pedestrians are shot, all without your input. There are even pickpockets who will gladly lighten your wallet if you are not paying attention. The city has a bustling life all of its own that can be very entertaining to watch.

Will GTA2 capture the public imagination in the same way as its predecessor? Probably not. And with only a little gameplay twist separating the two, there is no real reason to buy GTA2. Unless, that is, you want more quality smash 'n’ grab, drive-by, drug trafficking, pistol-packing, hotrod hot-wiring action. (Iain Davidson)

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History Of The Internet


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The Virtual Frog Dissection Page

I feel a brt cheated from my schooldays; the only thrng I ever got to drssect was lrterature. Whrle thor0ugh|y rnterestrng, rt never had the appeal of cuttrng up somethrng that was ex-alrve, Wrth thrs srte you can take a frog apart and see how rt works. All wrthout any 900 (Steve Blarr)

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