The old showbiz adage insists that you should never work With them, but put one looking scary on your publicity shots and watch those box office numbers tot up. Not that boilerhouse need to stick crazy kids into the public psyche to get a hit; they have one of the strongest track records in Innovative and challenging Scottish theatre behind them. Seizer, Bleach and Headstate are among the productions which have divided critics and audiences alike. Circus will undoubtedly do the same with its less than complimentary take on the state of Cool Britannia. Circus is at Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, Wed l7-Fri 79 Nov; Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 24—Sat 27 Nov. See preview, page 60.


What you can’t afford to miss in the weeks ahead

Music: Pavement One of the "‘ost ;.e'". a t‘a'tos a' the k‘rOs 'teao eat 0" s “admit/cit: to he t"e' as: eter tou' See ;"e‘.'e.'., page-L1 Glasgow 5a”o.‘.iarid, Trio 78 NHL

Clubs: Colours A f"‘r‘-L.p so org, '1 s like a Hit? Loud D't‘d"? TOW” BU. GUM-'(lt‘, ATS, Date Sea'te, {7, Ca" a'to the "rst L's”. to St atatr: rn fine \‘t‘ti'S hr, Masters -\t Work Gringo; Arches. Sat 73 Nov

Music: Eminem tint: out what’s l)eh;r‘.(t the 'iype as hip hop s erit’arit terribie makes his first vrst to Britair‘ See feature, page 8 (i/ngOH’ Barrow/and, Wed 70 Nov

Film: East Is East Salfoid in the 1970s is the setting for this hilarious crowd-pleaser about a Pakistani-English family suffering under their tyrannical father See prevretx and review, pages 23 and 26 Selected release from Fri 5 Nov

Opera: Friend Of The People This brand new opera, with music by Davrd Horne and a libretto by Robert Mac lennan commemorates the little- known Scottish actiVist, Thomas Muir See pieView page 43 Glasgow Theatre Royal, Sat 6 .Nov Edinburgh Fest/val Theatre Tue 7 7 Nov

Film: Ratcatcher Lynne Ramsay's beautiful ‘irst feature filters a gritty depiction of Glasgow through the eyes of a young boy. See feature and revrew, pages 1 l and 27 Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Cameo from Fri 12 Nov

Books: On Bullfighting AL Kennedy notches up another inCrsive hit wrth her first hand account of the pain in Spain. Brutal, brittle and brilliant See revrew, page 105 Out now, published by Yellow Jersey

TV: How Do You Want Me? Dylan Moran, Charlotte Coleman and Frank Finlay return in Simon Men Behavrng Bad/y Nye's superior comedy drama which tackles the struggle between rural and urban psyches See preview, page 117 88C2, Wed 70 Nov

4—18 Nov 1999 THE LIST 5