rock & pop MUSIC

I Hangnail and One Route The I Remedy The Wharf, Yoker Ferry

Cathouse, Union Street, 248 6606. 8pm. Road, 959 2016. 9pm. Free.

£5.50 plus booking fee. No age I Rhythm Rogues Samuel Dow’s,

restriction on this show. Nithsdale Road, 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.

I The Amphetameanies and Vanity I Live Musrc Cafe Cossachok, King

Witch Hunt The Bedsit, Park Drive, 330 Street, 553 0733. 9.30pm. Free. Paul

0432. 9pm. £4 (advance), £5 (door). A Ranter on guitar and Dave McGowan on

Big Issue benefit night, open to non- mandolin play a selection of American

students, and featuring the ska punk folk and country material. Part ofthe

sounds of The Amphetameani|es. King Street festival. ~

I David Toopand Max East ey ,

RSAMD, Renfrew Street. 7.30pm. £3.50 Edlnlllll‘gl'l WW" A “Th F “F

(£2.50). Call 564 3008 for details. I SWIrler Jazz Joint, 8 Morrison Street, '

Electronic and ambient guru Toop is 221 1288. 10pm—3am. £6/£5. Kevin . I .

rapidly becoming the Brian Eno of his Mackenzie’s funky jazz extravaganza. 121" 0009'“ be? A B E R D E E N 11 S l C H all

day in his capacity as composer and I The Saw Doctors The Liquid Room, Tivkvt- from 01224 641 122

music curator. Part of the Drift mini-fest. 9c Victoria Street, 225 2564. 7.30 m. , _ y

I Workshy and Soundbuggy £12.50 plus booking fee from Ripging Lilli, l‘llll & lath December Royal Concert 11“ Nice’n’Sleazy, Sauchiehall Street, 333 Records gr Vargin. Tickets from 0141 287 551 l CLYDE 9637. 9pm. Sharp indie pop cookies I Great ea Briggs and The Grease . . I Soundbuggy promote the release of their Monkeys Tap O’Lauriston, 80 Lauriston 2 3 1"] “000m [101' E D I N B U R G H a 110 U S C

debut single. Place, 229 4041. 9pm. Free. A degenerate Tickets from 0131 557 25' 90

I The Radio Sweethearts (tbc) The rock ’n’ roll party with garage punk and w _ _

13th Note Cafe, King Street, 553 1638. psychedelia. . "w 'f’f’o""8b‘“'l°"c°"“ 4.304.30pm. Frcc_ Part oft/w King mummy um. Ml}; “sumousur Auruuvric DAILYTILu-LCRAPII ,

I Chop Shop! The 13th Note Cafe,

King Street, 553 1638. 9pm. Free. Glasgow 'N CONCERT

Electronic soundscapes from Apeman. I Alexander O'Neal Pavilion Theatre, '

Part of the King Street festival. Renfield Street, 332 1846. 7.30pm.

I leg and The Waltzers The Bubble £13.50/£12.50. Ladies! Need some S

Lounge, Strathclyde Univeristy Union, smooth lovin’? Forget Chef from South

John Street, 567 5000. 9pm. Free. Park and go for the real thing. O’Neal

Students and guests. may not be as svelte as he used to be and

I Baton Rouge Grand Ole Opry, he does have a tendency to sweat more O Paisley Road Toll, 429 5396. 7.30pm. than Barry White and BB King put

£25.? (.3: .5(:‘members). Country. together, but it’s all in the pursuit of WW I

I T e an attans Bourbon Street, making you feels ecial. Yeuch. 5

George Street, 5520141. 7pm. £5 I Taj Mahal and ‘ioumani Diabate Old N £16.50 with dinner). Fruitmarket, Albion Street, 287 5511.

(IThe Counterfeit Clash McChuills 8pm. £16 (£14). Bound to be a popular

Way Out West, Kelvinhaugh Street, 221 gi , given the warm rece tion this duo’s

55(69. 9.33pm. Free. KEIanjan album collaboration received.

I pen tage The Hall Bar, Woodlands America’s Taj Mahal combines the blues . Road, 564 1527. 4—8pm. Free. with an interest in African heritage while TUESDAY 7m DEC 99 “was no a “8'50 I The Cunning Linguists (tbc) The Halt Mali’s Toumani Diabate is regarded as CREW CARDS ° 0370 523 2054 24’" "al'ona' 'O'Ca” Vale Bar, Woodlands Road, 564 1527. 9pm. the greatest living exponent of the kora, 0141 287 5511 WAY AHEAD 0115 912 9000 Free. an African harp-lute. AND USUAL AGENTS

I Vagabonds Waxys, Candleriggs, 552 'Subjecl to booking tee and Promoters Terms and

8717. 9pm. Free. Continued over page conditions details oi which are available on request

‘— it up tiling and inspirational perinmiance of pgyerlul rhythms. dynamic movement and raw energy

M '”"

ncert Halls 8pm £8.50/ £7 Sauchiehall St. 0141 287 5511

4‘ N

Because they’re worth it: Napalm Death 4-18 Nov 1999 TIIE U8T53