Diana Ross

Drvas come and drvas go (where are you now, Grna G7), but Drana Ross has been a l'(.‘lldb|(? purveyor of camp excess for over 30 years now. A multr-medra megalomanrac and mother of frve who strll frnds the tune for controversral arrport breast-groprng mcrclents, she's an eccentrrc superstar rn the Joan Crawford mould. The latest look rs kmd of Mrchael Jackson meets Mortrcra Addams Ill a poodle parlour; the latest album rs packed wrth cheesy optrmrsm and sloppy words of lurve.

Every Day ls A New Day is released by EM/ on Mon 75 Nov. See Sing/es review, page 47.


Want to know where we really came from and where we may be endrng up? Thrs four-part Journey through the hrstory of planet earth rs a srmulated sensatron akrn to a cosmologrst’s wet dream. Gaze starry-eyed as the latest computer- generated graphrcs and new photos taken from the Hubble's telescope tell the story of 12 brllron years rn a mere 360 minutes. Ladres and gentlemen, you wrll be floating rn space and trme.

Universe starts on Channel 4, Mon 75 Nov, 9pm.

Victim Of Geography

From the edge of darkness (war-torn Sarajevo) to the trp of a natron (Cape Wrath, the most northerly pornt of Scotland), Victim Of Geography rs nothrng less than a postcard from the abyss. The Prctorlal Heroes production team took frve years pullrng thrs drgrtal feature frlm together and the result rs a powerful camcorder diary. The Arches frlm/club event celebrates drrector Doug Aubrey's vrsron whrch grves a vorce to Europe's voiceless from strrppers and squatters, mercenaries and migrants, and hookers to hackers.

Victim Of Geography is launched at The Arches, Glasgow on Thu 7 7 Nov. See Club listings, page 7 7.