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Edinburgh's Plus One recently achieved maximum kudos when he came a close second in the UK DMC comp and was asked to join London's hip hop super crew, the Scratch Perverts. And he's only eighteen.

Words: Catherine Bromley

Back in December ’98, The List highlighted the talents of Edinburgh turntablists DJ Extra and Plus One, aka The Dynamic Duo. Earmarked for stardom then Plus One has gone on to join London-based hip hop super crew the Scratch Perverts.

Neall Dailly’s the first to admit that ‘it’s jammy how it’s all turned out’. Damn right it is, considering Neall’s only recently reached the age to legally play at nightclubs. Still only eighteen, this local hero has been scratching and mixing since getting his decks for Christmas in 1995. His schoolmate Bryan Jones, better known as DJ Extra, got his decks at around the same time and the pair began ‘vibing off each other’ while going down at weekends to The Honeycomb’s hip hop club, Seen, to watch the pros at work. It was there that the duo got their first gigs - an arrangement that worked pretty well until The Honeycomb staff found out how old they were and barred them from the venue. This would only be a temporary stumbling block, however, as Neall had already met his future employer and arguably Britain’s finest battle DJ, Tony Vegas.

With Tony acting as ‘the biggest inspiration’, the boys moved to Henry’s Cellar Bar and hooked up with local MCs Nutty P and Nexus, to establish the infamous Dynamic Duo Show. The club became and continues to be the capital’s premiere hip hop talent night. During Neall’s time there he kept in contact with Tony and the two DJs went on to form a mutual appreciation. As Neall explains: ‘It was always clear that we thought along similar lines and even before this year’s UK DMC Championships in London, it was talked about that I should join the crew.’

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'Joining the Scratch Perverts was not only a good progression but also a total honour. I knew when I joined that this was something


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competition was the final test: ‘Tony thought I should have won. Me joining the Scratch Perverts was not only a good progression but also a total honour. I knew when I joined that this was something big.’

After joining and moving to London, life has been increasingly hectic for the young protege, who is also doing a foundation course at St Martin’s College of Art. On his busy lifestyle Neall says: ‘I like having more to do than just chilling, so London suits me really well. It’s a different vibe from Edinburgh though, where everything was a lot more laid back.’ Still acclimatising himself to playing down in London, he observes that it’s ‘more cut-throat there’s not so much of a homely feel.’ Searching for something to compare it to, he says that ‘it’s like going through to Glasgow.’

Gigging across Europe and soon to play in LA, Neall has also recently appeared on Mary Anne Hobbes’s Breezeblock show with Jonathan More from Coldcut. Only finding out an hour beforehand that he was doing the show, he went on to produce a blinding mix worthy of his new status as a Scratch Pervert. With battles remaining the most important aspect for the crew, Neall will be concentrating on the upcoming Vestax World Championships and the ITF (International Tumtablists Federation). The Dynamic Duo are also planning to release a 12in in the new year, evidence that Plus One still has close ties with the Scottish scene. ‘This doesn’t change what’s gone before. More doors are open for me now but I’m not going to forget or lose touch with what’s going on at home.’

Plus One plays with the Scratch Perverts at 92 on Sun 14 Nov.

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Club news

THE VAULTS WAS unexpectedly closed from Fri 29 Oct. meaning that 01s and punters showed up to shut doors. The word going round that weekend was that they failed to renew their late license, meaning that they couldn't stay open past 11pm. A licensing board spokesman from Edinburgh City Council said: 'They didn't apply to renew their regular late extension which enabled opening until 3am, and the earliest it can be reconsidered is at the next meeting of the licensing board in January.’ The Vaults manager Greg Thallon is hoping to open sooner rather than later, however. We'll keep you posted.

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